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  1. This is looking great guys, thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to the end result :D
  2. Sounds like a hugely ambitious project, good luck mate :D By the way, have you tried Namalsk Island? It's also (EDIT: heavily) inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and really captures the atmosphere brilliantly (it uses filters to make everything look grey and barren I believe). It also features the only underground bunker I can remember having seen in Arma 2 (called AII), by cleverly placing the bunker object/s in a hole in the ground and creating a fake floor above using more objects: it works surprisingly well, although the bunker seems to confuse the bejesus out of the AI :)
  3. I should be okay mate, I used regedit to change every registry destination relating to Arma from the C drive to the F drive when I first moved Arma onto the F drive. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you mate- the answer is that both Arma 2 and OA need patching. The exact error message was 'this product requires Arma 2 Version 1.11 to be installed first…' Not realizing that Arma 2 and OA (can) have different versions even when merged, I loaded Combined Operations and saw that it was version '1.59', so I presumed the error message must mean that ACR's installer couldn't find Arma 2 at all. Confusion sorted, thanks again. Will do, thanks.
  5. Sorry I didn't make that clear: I have Combined Operations installed (with all DLCs), so the whole Arma 2 directory is in the F drive.
  6. I have Arma 2 OA (EDIT: Combined Operations) installed on my F drive (a SSD) rather than my main drive. I have downloaded ACR's setup but it keeps telling me that Arma 2 is not installed. I have tried running the setup from the F drive but still no luck. Anyone got any ideas? Many thanks.
  7. Only 10 minutes in, the learning curve is quite steep (the manual in the installation folder is useful) and there is cleary a fair bit more work to go, but my initial impressions are really very positive :bounce3:, I love what BIS have done so far. The atmosphere is fantastic and the gameplay is very enjoyable. This game has a lot of potential, if BIS keep doing what they're doing Carrier Command is going to be one heck of a good game :D BTW I've also found the mouse action to be oddly weighted in the main menu- the menu is still perfectly usable however, so no biggie.
  8. Now downloading 1286MB 350KB/s 1 hour to go...
  9. Thank you- I was worried it was just me not able to download, but evidently not. Guess I'll have to join the F5 club... :)
  10. Has anyone managed to download it yet? My CD key has now appeared but I'm still getting this message when I attempt to download the beta:
  11. I've heard good things said about using , if you want the next level of immersion that's probably the thing to try.
  12. I generally don't like playing pre-release builds but I couldn't resist signing up for this one, Carrier Command looks great. It's a shame the release date is now so close to Arma III- with two massive drains on my time I may have to give up work for a few months... :D
  13. sw1

    Avaliable Q4 2012?

    Now that I've managed to stop sobbing :D, I must admit that it seems sensible of BIS to defer the release rather than sell a half-finished product. We can only hope that the world doesn't end first :D
  14. I like the new layout :). That said the old layout really was excellent, so the new look isn't really an improvement over the old one, just pleasantly different :D
  15. sw1

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Dear God, it's like listening to the campaign pledges of a 9 year old boy. What a ludicrous and utterly irrelevant idea. Only a Republican could be this plainly absurd :D