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  1. Wow it was worth checking this forum after a break, great news! Is there a complete changelog somewhere or are those 10 tickets on devheaven everything that is included? So PvPscene was kju all the time, I thought you left this forum? Nice job anyways :)
  2. PeterBitt

    Operation E3

    Fantastic video! Jay Crowe is doing an awesome job mentioning everything the fans want to know and also good informations for new players. The demonstration was very well received by the gamespot guy: http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6381274/arma-iii-this-means-war?hd=1 Also i love the passion the BI guys have for their new game, iam so optimistic about this being the best game ever
  3. great patch, just played a little bit online with it and cant believe how fluid it is now. had great fun with some long range firefights against non-lagging and very responsive AI. havent been playing arma in a long time, with this patch iam having more fun than ever! the development of arma 3 is the best thing that ever happened to arma 2 :)
  4. thank you for the reply! i dont need to make convoys but single vehicles that patrol a given area, just like the USPS script does: the script is working perfectly exept for the little detail that the vehicles dont always drive on the roads, wich is what i want to have. is there a way to make the script place the waypoints ONLY on roads?
  5. is it possible to make random vehicle patrols and force them to stay on the roads until contact? i usualy use the USPS script but unfortunately the vehicles dont stick to the roads even in SAFE mode, they go off road all the time. some help would be much appreciated, i searched but found no answer :)
  6. PeterBitt

    CAA1 public release

    yes this is the one, thank you very much :notworthy:
  7. PeterBitt

    CAA1 public release

    sorry for shameless bump, but where the heck was that pmc unit fix i cant find it no more? i mean the one that fixes the pmc units wearing black masks. thx!
  8. PeterBitt

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 86194

    for me my AI mates with pistols or no weapons play the binocular animation very often while they dont even have a binocular. havent tried the betas for a long time so i dont know scince which version this happens but it not happens with 1.59. edit: looks like they use their NVG as binoculars
  9. PeterBitt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    i noticed that distant particle effects (like the arty explosions in the video) are not affected by fog and look like pasted in. is that for performance reasons or is it not possible to make particles be affected by the fog? i think it would be a huge improvement if the explosions didnt look as cut in as they do.
  10. PeterBitt

    High resolution wallpapers

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/683/arma3wallpaper3.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/835/arma3wallpaper2.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/143/arma3wallpaper1.jpg/ if anyone want to have these in a different resolution or with different backgrounds or something completely else let me know :)
  11. PeterBitt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    good new infos there, looking forward for more! :)
  12. 100% agreed. just give us "mindless realism crowds" a proper veteran mode and i promise much less discussions on 3P, crosshair and stuff. and as reminder: also we need the difficulty settings of each server clearly visible in the browser.
  13. what is DR? Dragon rising? than i dont understand why "hardcore" reminds you to DR :confused: actualy hardcore may not be the correct word, iam no hardcore gamer but an experienced ofp/arma/arma2 player. iam not playing the games very often but i feel like iam a loyal customer of BIS games and would like to get at least the same attention as the new players get. whats the problem with splitting the servers to cadet and veteran servers, where cadet servers have all the helpers activated while veteran servers are forced to not use them?
  14. well, the result of this poll makes me think a little bit better about the arma community! devs please seriously think about the difficulty settings again, with the hardcore players in mind. thx :)