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  1. well...I'm running a mission of 175 sd, 150 sdrand, 10000 scandis. The allied bases are all atleast 3200 m away, directly behinde the player. The first enemy base closest to the player is 1500 m directly in front of the player. Using the basic SP template. Should i bring the bases in closer? Because, what you say makes since to me, just that in virtual use it defies the expected result. Though, only circumstacial at this point, I can say that the enemy units are spawning directly on top of allied bases, never anywhere else . You'd think that they would spawn anywhere else at random, with the possibility of spawning on the bases(assuming there is a flaw). And further allied units aren't doing this. ??? sorry to go edit happy on this. Does the line between bases become the front line, regardless of the players facing? In that case I think i can see why, that means when the second closest enemy base has a spawn(that is 3200m northwest of the closest enemy base), the front line switches, making allied bases at my side rather than behinde me?
  2. As always this is a fun toy. I having problems with it a tad bit. in the manual it states that an enemy will not spawn behinde the player. Yet anytime I create a extreamly large scale battle, enemy vehicles spawn directly on top of friendly bases. Imediatly nullifieing friendly support. Friendly units always spawn in there proper places. So, do you have any idea why this might be happening?
  3. Como esta' and GAWD, this tool is beyond fun. Thank you very much, freakin' awesome. So far I just have one question: How do I effect the "flyinHeight" of the initial supply/squad drop for SP? I've only begun with the tool and have successfully initialized it in a mission, only using the pre-made template. I'm having a problem with the c130s crashing into trees on vally insertions. I've noticed the dir of the player effects the drop dir but this only seems to solve my problem 25% of the time. note: i did find a possible route, in WICT_SP>WICT>support>Supply drop. Is the Height, there, the one I'm looking for? Also, if I alter that number will that negativly effect the dropped units? I would have tested it myself but your mod intimidates my poor brain, I don't want to break my cool new toy;)