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  1. I can't download this every link says unexpected end of archive halfway through the download.
  2. I was playing around with this mod and i noticed that the missiles on the tofour attack helicopter don't work with Mando's missile addon.
  3. jayrad

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Thanks I'll try that.
  4. jayrad

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    How do you do mission 3 I just get mowed down by the Molatians before i can get close enough to shoot.
  5. How do I fix the fact that time is moving really fast in a WICT mission.
  6. Does anyone know how to get the units that were spawned to unload from a vehicle that was also spawned because whenever the helicopter lands it takes off like 5 seconds later and all the troops are still inside.
  7. Does the Mando bomb script work because i when I trigger it nothing happens?
  8. Is there any way to make a vehicle spawn with units in it. Example: I need to spawn an APC full of soldiers to come to me and unload.
  9. jayrad

    Tomorrow is the Rapture...

    It's 6pm EST and the world is still here.
  10. I activated the mod form a launcher so i know its activated and i think i might have just gotten a courrupt version and i will try to re download. EDIT: I got it working apparently it was a corrupt download.
  11. I downloaded the initial release and then the patch. I can't check if it was activated in OA because the crash happens when i try to start OA and i know its this mod because it only happens when this mod is activated.
  12. I'm sorry i meant to say 1.57 and I think i might be missing a required adddon or something like that. Are there any required addons for this besides Caa1 because i already have that.
  13. I just downloaded this and when i try to play it it stops working as soon as it should launch and its only with this mod. I use CO A2v1.08 and OAv1.55 with no beta patches please help.
  14. Thanks and i plan on upgrading the video card and also buy a new psu with it first then later in the year buy a new cpu because i am on a limited budget.
  15. I was wondering whether i should upgrade my CPU (AMD Dual Core 2.1 GHz) or video card (Nvidia 9500GT). I was planning to get a AMD Phenom X4 955 Quad @ 3.2 GHz for a new processor. Also i am getting Nvidia GTX 460. Basically I am wondering which i should do first to get the best performance increase in ArmA. Also I have Combined Ops if that makes a difference.