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  1. Sorry for disturbing you with my own problems. I discovered that my "no sound" problem was because of another addons collision. And about weapons change: i mean that when some one is equipping Barret i don't still see that he is wielding the old weapon. Maybe its also another addon collision. I will try to spot that addons making collision and post it in the right topic. Thanks for having a look on my problem mate.
  2. Really great weapon. Now its harder to spot enemies when the scope is showing smaller area, but its more realistic. There are few ERRORS: i can't hear shots when my friend is shooting with Barret // when he is changing his weapon from a Barret's ammo box i dont see the visual difference standart weapon/new equipped barret Is it just me or the mod is like that?
  3. Calis

    Medic Backpack

    I have already said all my friend and "wiercik" subject is closed ... I've got punished so please stop being hysterical.
  4. Calis

    Medic Backpack

    Hi Wiercik. I know i have broken (very little bit) a copyright of your addon, but really, really it was just for personal use. I am not spreading it anywhere, either remodeling it further. Backpack you can see here was an open source from Kiory, sorry for using a remodeled version of your skins at the photo (i just added a polish flag on the arm) Like i said, it was for personal use. Regards ---------- Post added at 02:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:17 PM ---------- @Craiguz Haha. I wanted to add some "thanks" for you, but since i have closed the stream_tab i couldn't find your nickname. Be ready for Radio Backpack very next day.
  5. Calis

    Medic Backpack

    You replayed when i was editing my last post. I did not check it at night-very good point - i will remember about it next time. [...]meaby u are right, i will make it less sharp. But i will make a fix when adding a custom backpack for a radio operator //with AN/PRC-119 man pack radio inside; since 117f is not working yet for Arma 3[...]
  6. Calis

    Medic Backpack

    meaby u are right. I will make it less sharp when i get back. (And btw, when you run it ingame you will see its not an image, it's textile like.)
  7. Using Alice_Backpack made by Kiory i created a backpack for Medic. Its good a medic can be saw from a far when doing a coop mission. I hope some of you will give it a try :) Images removed! DOWNLOAD: removed classname: Medyk_Backpack command to put it in on: when editing a mission, click 2x with LMB on a soldier and write in INITIALIZATION this addbackpack "Medyk_Backpack";
  8. Calis

    Alice Pack

    What is the classname for your backpack? that's the config but i see only 2 different classnames (and they didnt work when i put this addbackpack "B_Bergen_Base";)
  9. I would like to remodel the backpack (to have a red cross on it for a medic etc etc), but i am unable to "depbo" arma 3 core files (they are encrypted). I can't find any *.paa/P3D files for Arma3 backpack. Meaby you have any clue? At last make me sure that it's impossible for now to make a custom backpack for arma 3. Regrads
  10. Yes, of course im not forcing anyone for downloading my file. Meaby it will be more for a polish community which can give me a trust when talking via TS3. :) (i was interested about arma before, but finally, the third version pushed me into that world, im just starting here)
  11. I see, that's good you did it and i'm sure it took some time for all of us : ) But it's strange there is no information - anywhere - about making acre workinf on A3
  12. Me and my friends managed how to use Acre in Arma 3. For more info visit my site www.cawo.pl for a .rar file and information how to do that. //lub na ts3: cawo.pl -> Calis// Best regards, Calis
  13. Calis

    =BTC= Revive

    My friend, i have managed how to use ACRE in Arma 3. Me and few of my friends are using Acre from last week and it works smoothly: ) If you want to know how, visit my site: cawo.tv (albo informacje na TS3: cawo.pl) (i hope i am not breaking any rules by posting my link)