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  1. I think that we are making a slight mistake here. Look, the T90 is an upgraded T72. Abramses, in the Gulf Wars did not get any frontal penetration from 125mm or ATGM fire. Early T72s did, by the hundreds. So yeah... Think about that. Also, older does not mean worse. The T72 and T90 do not contain DU in their armor.
  2. Its called a script hack..., probably Darky's Hack 2. Its the easiest and simplest to use. Anyways, it might not be them, I mean, their server gets hacked too, and I doubt they would actually do shit like that. They are fairly nice. The person actually displaying the message might be someone that is actually trying to hurt Triple A and their servers. Plus, they get plenty of players, nights are usually above 35-40 on a 45 slot server. IDK, I guess the easiest and best thing to do is to ignore these hacks until they are solved, and to do not take any quick ideas without thinking again.:j:
  3. Bazul14

    Realistic AKs

    Was ist das? I used six upgrader a while ago, and i had to reinstal arma... So is there another way?
  4. I seriously don't get what you are talking about. Please, stick to the subject of this topic.
  5. PvP is the way to go on the long run, but not with the MW2 style PvP.:bounce3: ---------- Post added at 06:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:01 PM ---------- As for equality, no tanks are equal, and if you are trying to do that, then stop and don't bother. Its a waste of time and its also stupid...
  6. You mean a T-80? They are supposedly better than the T90s and T72s since they are from a totally different predecessor.... If so, then there is a mod for it, but I guess it would be nice to have that in vanilla too.:bounce3:
  7. Bazul14

    Realistic AKs

    almost the same thing... so it can be easily fixed...
  8. That is way too fast. Can I see your source? 700m/s for a relatively heavy and small rocket seems really unlikely.
  9. Bazul14

    Mi-24 fix

    THIS!!! That is the best suggestion since the stone age. That is something that seriously needs implementation. The engines of the Hind and Mi8 are actually two.
  10. Bazul14

    Realistic AKs

    I think that the AK sights are actually fine. The problem is the distance of the head from the sights. ACE2 fixes this only for AK74s. The problem in ARMA2 CO is that the head is way too far from the sights, like it is not even aiming. If aiming, the head should be a lot more forward, and I guess that can be adjusted really easily, just a position algorithm, no need to modify the sights in 3dmax or anything.
  11. And if there could be some crew damage,but that might be too much to ask for.
  12. Well, I guess that the ballistics here could see some overhaul. In all unguided rockets, the ballistics are horrible. RPGs and SPG-9s don't go straight, or anything near straight. Actually, their shells will drop A LOT after 100m. I guess some changes could be done there.... Oh, and the SPG shell is a lot slower than in game. IRL it is fairly hard to hit a moving target with it.
  13. Bazul14

    Mi-24 fix

    Well, here is the deal: The cockpit is fine, its front windshields are bullet proof, it just depends where u receive fire from. As for the Falanga, well, IRL the engage distance is minimum 300m. Also it has really poor penetrating capabilities. To top it all, the missile was fairly slow and hard to maneuver IRL, and it had serious difficulties hitting a moving target. And when considering it is shot from 200kmph at a target that moves 20kmph in another direction, it is really impossible to hit it. Unless you were aiming it from the launch point straight at the target, you have no chance. If you think this is lame, well, that's the same thing that Iraq said in the late 1980's when trying to stop the Iranian armored units.
  14. Well, even if it is so, it still remains important, and I hope the devs will do something about it.
  15. So wait, will I need to make a ticket there or this thread is just fine?