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  1. UPDATE: The Documentation is missing from the V1.10 download. Here is the Readme for those who want it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39688260/NW_RTSE_Readme/Readme.txt Howdy ho folks, been awhile since I've dabbled in the release field, and I figured what better time to come back, than with something I've rather selfishly held onto. I present Niipaa's Workshop - Real Time Script Engine or NW_RTSE, a powerful in-game GUI, that allows you to run Scripts in real time, even scripts that aren't located within the mission, as well as a plethora of other neat things, like a Real Time Code Engine, various tools, and other stuff. This is NOT the first tool of its kind, but it is my take on the idea. You can thank Genesis92x, as he helped convinced me that it was ready to be released, and apparently it has helped him a lot with developing Degeneration, so it can't be all bad. Not to mention he helped develop and refine a lot of its functionality. So a big shoutout to that cutie. Either way, I'll keep this short since people usually complain about my lengthy posts, and drop the link and some basic install information. DOWNLOAD - V1.10 To use it, simply press LEFT CTRL-B while in-game, and it should bring up a neat menu that is discussed a little more in depth in the Readme. To use scripts that aren't within a mission, simply create a folder in steamapps\ArmA 3 called "Scripts", and place what you want to test there. Good luck and have fun. Screenshots: Changelog: ~Niipaa
  2. Just a heads up to anyone using this. Due to the nw Filepatching handling and security introduced in 1.50 (Yes I'm behind the times), you will need to enable Filepatching for the RTSE side (Running scripts from outside a mission or addon, basically loose files) for it work properly. RTCE (The code execution) still works without it, but to run loose scripts this is now mandatory. If you are running in an SP or Local environment (Anything non-dedicated) this can be done simply by going to your Launch Parameters, then the Advanced Tab, and then the Advanced Dropdown menu, and checking "Enable File Patching". If you are running a dedicated server and wish to use RTSE functionality, then follow Terox's advice as posted here: Best of luck in your future developments!
  3. I believe this has gone far enough. I've put almost a year of work into RTSE, and while it may not look like it, a lot of time has been dumped into creating something that was aimed to help a friend with his development goals. With his encouragement, I aimed to extend that to a community I once cherished and held dear, and always tried to give the best within my limited skill set. Perhaps I am naive, or misguided. That all being said, this thread has been derailed far enough, and is now a back and forth about server security, and whose responsibility it is. So let me lay this out as bluntly as possible. As far as server security, and to put this nail in the coffin, whether naysayers want to believe it or not: It is NOT my responsibility for other peoples servers. Plain and simple, it isn't. Had I released something that was solely meant to harm a server, then surely, it would be my responsibility for creating such an addon. But I haven't. This is no "hack tool". If you want hack tools, perhaps you should actually look towards the communities whose sole purpose is the development of things like that, that usually deal with memory manipulation, and actual injection, in the real use of the term. It is neither Bohemia's, nor my responsibility if a server owner chooses to not enable Signature Checking. That is the owner's job. It is their investment or property, it is their job to protect it. If you think that RTSE is the only addon with this kind of functionality, you are either incredibly naive, or ignorant. So please, if you have nothing to say actually pertaining to RTSE, its functionality, or its intended purpose, please refrain from bringing it here. If you want to create a bashing or awareness thread, by all means, be my guest if it is in compliance with the Forum Rules. But this is not the place. Nor is pretending that "doing this will help protect servers" is constructive. Aside from ensuring that RTSE doesn't cause some ridiculous performance drops, performance is the aim. Security is nigh pointless when I'm releasing the source with it. Why would I release the source with it? Because I BELIEVE in this community, even if no one else does.
  4. Hate to double post, but an update has been released for the few if any using this currently, changelog and link follows, and they can also be found in the main post. DOWNLOAD - V1.10 Changelog: Version 1.10 - Update #1 *Updated* - Source Files, Readme. *Added* - SAVE functionality to both RTSE and RTCE. This is the most major improvement for Update #1. Notably, it will allow you to save all entered info into either RTSE, or RTCE, and load it, all upon command. This is NOT the default behavior since not everyone will want everything they've entered to Save and Reload automatically, this gives everyone a choice on what they want. Currently it is only capable of saving one entry of code, and one entry of scripting info. I may or may not add in the functionality to save "Code Sets" and "Script Sets". Depending how well this is all received. *Added* - 4 More Parameter Areas, bringing the total up to 9. Not really sure of a script out there that could need more. *Changed* - Small layout changes to RTSE and RTCE to allow for their new SAVE, LOAD, and DEL (Delete) functionality. *Changed* - "Script Name" now reads "Script Path\Name". This should make it's entry area a little more clear on its functionality. *Removed* - Credits Text Area in both RTSE and RTCE menus. This is to allow more space for current and future changes to come. Version 1.00 - Initial Release
  5. Sadly, this will not necessarily make learning scripting easier. Depending on how you script, and your style, when you that far into it, it could theoretically facilitate it, you will still need to go out and look for tutorials, or look at scripts to learn and understand. The source is included with this though, if you wanted to look at the scripts in here. Thanks Foxxy. Awesome, thanks. While there are plenty of ways to protect and direct the mod's usage from within, it also hurts the original functionality. For example MP development, which I have done before and will always prefer, because two minds are better than one. Using a isServer and isnotDedicated check will prevent anyone else from using it in that environment. Yes, it will stop people from being able to use it on Local Hosted Servers, and it will stop them from being able to use it on Dedicated, for all about 5 seconds. Since I release the Source with everything I do, it would not take long to find that change, and simply take it out, so long as you had the most basic understanding of scripting. It seems I have more faith in the community than I should, as I all I ever want to do is help people to learn, modify, and create for a game series that in the end I feel is still lacking Vanilla wise. It's why for anything I ever made, I released source, and never asked for credit. While there are ways to prevent or circumvent the user from having access on servers, that is simply not my place. I refuse that responsibility much like LostKey from the old days. Server owners need to understand their options for security. This tool compared to what's already out for ArmA 2/DayZ/ArmA 3 is so, so small in functionality, and it's disturbing. But, BattlEye is there, Signature checking is there. I don't think anyone necessarily expects the best scenario for a potentially dangerous situation, but that's just it. It's a potential. Just like I could take the time to nerf some of the functionality within this, a server owner could take the time to use the rather ingenious methods that don't make much effort to protect themselves from things like this.
  6. I apologize, they've been added to the main post.
  7. You are absolutely right, it very well could be used for malicious activity. However, it was never developed with that in mind. It is signed, comes with keys, and signatures, all up to ArmA 3's standards. Servers can easily enforce whether or not this addon is allowed. Regrettably still, it can be used for that. I'll never make an ignorant gesture that that kind of activity would never happen. But at least there are standards in place to try and prevent it. By all means if this Addon breaks some kind of hidden clause in the EULA of ArmA 3, then that would be a different story. However it uses means that are all available within A3 itself. There are no external DLLs, or circumventions, hell 90% of the power behind it is the simplicity of BIS_fnc_spawn and BIS_fnc_MP. Should my head be wanted on the pike, and the community seeks to burn it down, I would be kind enough to remove it. But this is meant to HELP people, make more scripts and content for missions, or just for people to have fun with each other. It's not my place to strike down the hand of the ArmA gods, and tell someone how to use it. Of course as the author of it, I don't want it to be used in ruining other people's experiences. But I don't have the power to stop them either (aside from pulling it down), just so something else would take its place, more aimed for those intentions. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the overall reception is, as I'm really gunning that it will be used for more good than evil. But I guess those are famous last words.
  8. ][niipaa

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    This mod has slightly opened up the doors a little more for Convoy missions. Back in my day, AI could follow a road and see obstacles... Wait a minute, nevermind. Though it does seem like A3 took it to another level of absolute stupidity. That video still makes me cringe. Admit it, we've all seen it in countless missions, the AI's superb, Stig-like driving, but we always block it out. Thanks Dom, thanks for giving us evidence of just how bad it is, without having to boot up our games. More to the point, I look forward to helping you test more, and watching the default AI continue to outshine even the most ferocious of tactical drivers. ~Niipaa
  9. ][niipaa

    Dsync 100000 after update 1.26

    It's not just you bud, our group of 6 which usually hosts a modified Enemy Assault Takistan on a Local Server, has been hit by this. Warping team mates, or running in place, planes and helicopters breaking the laws of physics and what my eyes can perceive. Desync is constantly at 100K, and never dips. No matter what. Bear in mind, we played this exact same setup for almost a month without a hitch. Same mods, same map, same hardware and internet, not the same experience after 1.26. Pretty disappointed in this patch to be honest, and I can see my gut feeling of wanting to uninstall after seeing none of the major bugs were fixed, or bugs that have been around since Alpha are just now getting fixed, is really saddening. Not gonna harp on BI, or start a flame war, because drama doesn't solve issues. That's just my personal feelings, accrued from Alpha until now. Starting to share Alpion's stance on the whole ArmA gig. Either way, I digress. A3 as it stands for my group, is unplayable right now. Know that you are not alone Reaper. There is an issue on the Tracker, and a few early threads floating around Life Server (Ugh) forums and such. It's definitely a wider problem than just a few people with bad connections or PCs. Here's hoping it gets fixed soon, but don't hold your breath. ~Niipaa
  10. ][niipaa

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Thank you so much for the update bringing JSRS to 1.24. I know you've suffered a loss recently, and you have my condolences, and your effort means all the more for doing it while you're having a tough time. Stay classy LJ, stay classy.
  11. I didn't really have any plans on releasing this, so I'm just kind of going to cut to the chase. Essentially this was made for the group I played with, as we were tired of the firefight pacing, and the fact that regardless of range, it took anywhere from 4-6 5.56 rounds to kill someone. Consistent testing before I made changes revealed a Mk.20 at point blank range, took 5 shots to the torso of an AAF Autorifleman to kill him. This was from the front and then the same results were yielded firing in the back. Now, I am no ballistics expert, I did not go out and research each individual cartridge, these values are most likely far and away from the real thing, and I'm fine with that. What this addon does, is simply adjust the airfriction, hit, and speed values of the popular small arms in vanilla A3 (9mm, .45ACP, 5.56mm NATO, 6.5mm (case and caseless), and 7.62). As well as their tracer versions, if they exist. The reason for this release is the resounding cries of success that my group has passed, which have encouraged me to hopefully help out other small groups of friends who are looking to have their fights go a little more like ArmA 1 or 2. As it stands now, since 5.56 was my main concern, it stands at about 2-3 shots to kill an enemy, unsuppressed. Again, not claiming it's real, but it's much more enjoyable for gaming I personally feel. Without further ado: Download If there's enough of a call to, I can sign this. I just haven't set up my DSKey2 since ArmA 2, and again, without a plan for release, it currently stands unsigned. Hope it brings some fun to some people. Peace.
  12. ][niipaa

    Arma Memes...

    Yeah, I threw it together pretty fast over the source image (as is obvious, I am no photoshop prodigy). It was late, I was talking to a fellow friend and heavy scripter, and we just kind of laughed at the idea. In response to your second paragraph, that was the idea. It was not necessarily an attempt to say ArmA was bad, but merely poking at the ever increasing loads of silly rules, horrendous bugs, and things that are still broken after 10 years the deeper down the rabbit hole you go. And obviously no disrespect was meant to the Mods here or BI, it's all just in good fun and satire, and if you come up with that word, you let me know, I'll gladly change it :D I never thought of it from your angle, and looking at it now, I can see the confusion. For the addon makers example, it was more a play on the masochistic aspect that is trying to create content or scripts for ArmA sometimes. Not that their addon or script in question sucked. I hope I cleared it up a little. It's no comedy gold, but I hope you got a cheap half grin out of it :o!
  13. ][niipaa

    Arma Memes...

    Just gonna leave this here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39688260/ArmAhumor.jpg (348 kB)
  14. @Alex72 - It's refreshing to hear I wasn't the only one who felt like that. I mean it's 2030+ and all... But I find it hard to believe the human body had evolved with body armor to absorb that much punishment. I digress though, glad you're liking it, and if you know anyone who would benefit from it, spread the love! #shamelessadvertisement :P @Genesis92x - Oh you sir. So silly! GO FIX YOUR AI SCRIPTS!
  15. ][niipaa

    Our friend Randy Stratton is dying

    I haven't spoken to Randy since 2007/2008, back when Emery introduced me as Blackdeath to Loki and the bandit crew. Hands down some of my best nights skipping school to work on ArmA (No regrets) were spent BSin with Randy. He was just one of the best people I could have possibly had the chance to meet, and the memories I have of those years still impact my character today. He instilled in me knowledge well beyond his own years, and for that I'll always be grateful. Rest in peace buddy, sorry we couldn't of spent more time together, and that you had to go so soon. My deepest condolences to all those who are feeling the loss of this great man.
  16. Howdy again forum goers. Been awhile, and I've been busy, though not so much with ArmA. I think however, that this mission I've been sitting on for almost 6 months now is about ready for a release. I will preface this release with this disclaimer: Support given for this mission (Bug fixes, FAQs, content addition) will be extremely limited. Not because I don't want to help, but I sadly do not have the time anymore to dedicate to ArmA as I'd like. Without further ado however, here is the mission download and description. Current Version: V0.25 (Fourth Release) Download: ArmAholic Download Size: ~500kb - Includes both Source Mission Folder for editing and MP Mission .pbo Mission Description: You are a small team of resistance fighters enlisted into NATO operations whose goal is to defend a town from a never-ending onslaught of OPFOR for as long as possible. Think King of the Hill style gameplay. Features: Lightweight Squad Dialog for simple join and leave operations of other player's squads. A Fortification System that can be used between waves to build small walls or mighty bases. A Custom and In-Game Parameter Configurable AI Spawning Engine that should keep the fun going well into the night. AI Skill and the composition of Groups (How many riflemen, AT soldiers, etc.) can also be configured in the Parameters. Wave Length, Initial Grace Period, and Wave Downtime are all configurable as well. Three playable towns which can be selected via Parameter. (More to be added when I find the time). Celery's Jukebox (For BGM) A 20-Track Soundtrack provided by Brian Tyler, Chris Blackwell, and DanMan87 Soundtrack has been removed until Core Mission is functioning properly. Support for Massi's NATO/SF/Spetsnaz weapon addon via Parameter. And I think that about covers it. This mission does not really innovate or reinvent the wheel, but was created for the sole purpose of starting up ArmA, jumping in with some friends, and trying to wax as many baddies as possible before inevitably running out of ammo or dying (Or both). I know that the group I roll with has enjoyed it quite a lot, and figured I might see if there is any other small band of gangsters out there who just want yet another hold-out style mission that cuts straight to the good stuff. As far as the source mission goes, any content that was created by myself (Excluding Celery's Jukebox and Audio Tracks), is free to use as you please in your own missions and elsewhere. No credit is required, though it is always appreciated. The hope is that it will help someone, somewhere learn something more about ArmA, or at the very least give them something neat to use in their next mission. The mission itself is also open-source and welcome to changes, under the aforementioned rule set. So get scriptin', and get buildin'! In closing, I will do my best to fix mission breaking bugs with urgency, but by downloading you accept the fact that it might not be as speedy as you like. A special thanks to Celery for making a futureproof script that's made implementing BGMs a much more enjoyable experience, and to my friends for the hours of testing. And to anyone who downloads the mission, you don't even have to like it! -CHANGELOG- V0.25 -Removed: Music - Will be re-implemented when the rest of the mission is working as intended. There's no reason to continuously download a broken 17MB mission. -Fixed: Fortification Addactions. This is a hopeful fix, not a for sure. But fingers crossed. V0.20 -Removed: Revive - Wasn't functioning properly. V0.15 -Fixed: Required old addon that wasn't ever present in mission. This mission should require NO addons.
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    [MP] CO-08 Korner Kampers

    Sorry about that Big, it was kind of a mad scramble yesterday to try and fix this POS. The download link should be working in the main post now.
  18. Hopefully the thread title will scare everyone away. Anywho, here is the Readme for my latest release, the Arcade Helicopters (It's really not that Arcade in my opinion). Known Issues (Current): AH-99 Blackfoot - Internal Weapon Bays DO NOT Open/Close properly. They do not Open/Close at all. They are suppose to open when the DAGR or ASRAAM are selected, however with the shift of these being Pilot Weaponry, something is not registering correctly anymore. A fix is attempting to be found, though right now, it's as is. (Thanks for finding this one Sahloknir.) Download: Here
  19. ][niipaa

    A3B Arcade Helicopters

    Whew, didn't think this would become that popular. As far as a lot of the questions I've missed, support didn't die off for this, I've just been really busy RL (Gets us all). Not an excuse for the lack of communication, but I didn't want you guys to feel like you were just thrown to the wind. I can basically sum a lot of answers, at least from my end for you. Q: Bug concerning opening/closing bay doors? A: I never found a fix, and certainly didn't when I wasn't able to look anymore. As far as fixing, I can safely say it's beyond my skill level sadly. I believe I released the source with this, so once again, anyone is welcome to pick it up and pound away at it. It doesn't bother me. Q: Turret control for pilot? A: Funny thing is, I received a private message about that, and while originally I thought it couldn't be done, turns out Franze & the boys found a way in their fully interactive AH-64 addon. I wish I could say I have that level knowledge and capability, but I do not. I honestly didn't expect this to become this supported, which is great, I really do appreciate all the kind words, support, criticism, and bug reports. The unsung heroes of addon makers, all of you. But like I said, and I'm not trying to cop out of my responsibilities as its creator, I was going for something simple, and now we have a sort complex impasse where this addon can fill another void, and become something more than I imagined it to be, but I am not the man to take it there. In essence, I still try and respond to PMs I get, so don't be shy. Just ask Salohknir, I may be slow, but I do try to get to them. And if anyone wants to pick up this orphaned project, or create something entirely new, or something in between, you have my full support, and I'll help where I can. Thank you guys again, and I'm sorry that I can't deliver the product you want, but hopefully you've all had the fun with the parts that are there. Keep calm and enjoy your Sunday!
  20. I retract my previous statement, something is seriously wrong with this new system. Yes my camera woes were my fault, but these other things (IE The entirety of Survival V.53/.54), no no, can't call myself on that one. Because I haven't touched any of those scripts since 0.72, try booting up now, and barely anything works. So I urge those to caution scripting right now if your luck is bad like mine, otherwise carry on. So, I hate to be the possible bearer of bad bugs, but I think something went a little haywire when creating the prereqs of just what is an Undefined Variable. I'll keep this short, though for the record I do understand the difference between good/bad scripting, and that the community wholly benefits from those willing to take the time to clean up and optimize scripts. However, it would seem that in this attempt, now everything would appear to be an Undefined Variable (If not assigned something beforehand, logically). Let's take this simple Intro script I've been working on after the patch. It uses a BETA 0.72 Stable release Intro as it's base, though I read nothing about a changing of other syntaxes. Anyways here we go: _camera = camera camCreate [98252.45,-21060.45,18.77]; One would assume this simple line would essentially create a Camera at this position. This is the exact line I used before, with zero issues back in 0.72. Now, with this latest Stable Release, camera itself returns as an undefined variable, thusly _camera isn't correct for the rest of the script, and the camera never gets created. Now, to my knowledge, technically camera is an object, thereby it can be swapped out with createVehicle. Though that didn't work either returning the same error. Trying to wrap the classname in quotes, forces all other code utilizing _camera to throw Error Type String, Expected Object, Array errors, and again, not running the script correctly. It should also be noted I feel, that in other scripts where I needed to reference objNull, a once empty object classname, now returns this very same error. If there is some new way to scripting that we are moving towards, I am all for it, but I need to know what is required for making that move. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, I am not beyond mistakes. But for .SQF code that worked just hours ago to suddenly stop working with zero changes, I guess I feel like it could go here for troubleshooting. Because it's not the only script now spitting these errors at me when it shouldn't, and I'm unsure of how to go about fixing it.
  21. ][niipaa

    Disable error output

    Guess I lied, since I'm a sucker for speaking my mind. Look Sniperwolf, if I came off as "dramatic" or throwing a tantrum then fine, I didn't think I was. Clearly I was though, I mean, I didn't announce a single obscenity, nor did I bash on BI, or any of that. I simply requested some kind of clarification, or what have you, and stated why I believe what I believe. BI made the game, they have the right to whatever, and I'm entitled to nothing, nor do I act it. All I stated what was I believe in, and how I felt about the current state of affairs. If you'd read further down what I quoted, there were others asking for the option to turn them off. But if it's easier for you to talk down to others for speaking their mind, then that's fine too. I may have lied about being done with this, but I won't lie, when I say I'm done being talked down to like some child, because you clearly think you are better than others, when they have differing opinions on how something should be handled. Not to mention the nice assumption that anyone who believes this system is confusing or wrong, is clearly not a "script maker or mission maker". And just copy pastes all of other's hard work. That's nice, that's very nice. I guess the hundreds of things I've written since ArmA mean nothing, nor the missions, nor anything. Because I had a complaint. Even if those who disagree with you are mis-informed, inform them like they're an equal human being, not the scum under your boot. Though again, sorry for throwing a tantrum. I'd like to thank you for showing me why I don't come around here anymore. Because even when I try to compose myself, no matter how hard one tries to be civil, if you're even little off about something you get chewed up and torn down. In a tl;dr - I'm sorry I resurrected this, sorry for my actions, I wish I had just heard "It will be allowed or bettered after Beta long ago". Honestly, I'm all for a Debug/Dev console as you suggest below this post. I was actually talking to my friend about that as a solution.
  22. ][niipaa

    Disable error output

    Alright, well, since I guess I'm just bonkers, I'm not going to keep playing the role "Trying to prove a point". I'll leave out on this note, just so that I know I'm not insane: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147613-MP-COOP-Urban-Conquest-for-Arma-III&p=2446459&viewfull=1#post2446459 Sorry I had an opinion, or preferred to "flip the switch and watch the game play happen". Apologize for your time gentlemen, carry on.
  23. ][niipaa

    Disable error output

    Broken in my mind means not working. I guess we understand broken differently.
  24. ][niipaa

    Disable error output

    I'm glad that extra push (Read force) helped you with your script, I am. But my problem still stands twofold with it. 1. The Scripting language has been changed, meaning a lot of scripts and scripters, new and old, skilled and novice, are now having problems that weren't there before. 2. "We end users do need to be saved from ourselves!" - I question this a lot. Because it's your choice how lazy or not lazy one wants to be. If you yourself don't have the drive to fix your problem, that is on you, no one else should be forced under the same umbrella for that. Not every script is having the same issue. And some players, those who don't script, or create addons, or missions, just want to play regardless of scripts. Believing that suddenly people contacting authors is going to get things fixed is blind ignorance. We have the forums for those kind of reports. And there's a good chance that script makers, mission makers, and addon makers already know, because a lot of them DO leave on script errors for debugging and creating. I know I did in ArmA 1/2/OA. But now that I'm forced to, when I just want to play a mission and I'm still being slapped in the face with errors, even though things work, I consider that pretty lame. In closing, as I stated, this kind of mentality isn't something I stand behind. We all have our morals, our beliefs, in how things should be done. And as such, we stand for them when they're under fire. This new direction from BI comes as a shock to me, because for the past 4 titles, from OFP to ArmA 2 OA, we had a choice. Suddenly we don't deserve one anymore? It's just not something I feel comfortable with, and it seems like this is how it always starts. Something small and mundane like script errors being forced on, and it just goes from there. But hey, this is my opinion and surely I'm wrong. I'd just love to see some word on this at some point. I'm not trying argue or start a flame war here, if I was I'd be screaming obscenities through text and being childish. I'd like to think I'm presenting myself semi-professionally.
  25. ][niipaa

    Disable error output

    Rather than post a new thread, I'd rather Necro this one, because what I am posting is very relevant. I'd love to hear an updated response about this issue, because since at least ArmA 1, we've had the option to choose if Script Errors are shown. I can't agree more with .kju, because I understand wanting to encourage others to learn and make better content, but you shouldn't be forcing it. There's a big difference between those words friend. And now with the new patch, where everything is an undefined variable, in scripts that ran, functioned, and operated perfectly before, the screen in almost any community mission is a jumble of black. I personally don't feel it's fair to cram this mentality on to others. Sure, the responsibility is there, but you shouldn't be forcing others to suffer until something miniscule gets fixed. If this is the true mentality behind BI now, I think that might be where I call it quits. You already have my money, I know I won't be missed, but this is just not something I'm proud to support if this how it is. Games should be about encouragement, learning, AND choice. You'd be encouraging hiding errors if you left them off by default and didn't let others know about a command to show them. Every game since OFP/ArmA has had the option, why the change in mentality now?