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  1. the Memory campaign for ArmA II Campaign description: Type: infantry Island: Chernarus Number of mission: 11 Audio: Czech Text: English, Czech Arma II version : 1.11 Background story: June 1991 - the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia dissolves. Chernarus is among the countries that seceded. Conflicts between adherents of the Orthodox Church and muslim minorities begins shortly thereafter. The army is disbanding, the government practically doesn't exist, fighting has been going on for eight long years. July 1999 - Russian peacekeeping forces RFOR enter the country. Their task, under the auspices of NATO, is similar to that of KFOR in neighbouring Kosovo - to supervise the distribution of humanitarian assistance and to resolve security issues. They haven't been successful so far. Citizens of the country perceive the presence of Russian forces as an invasion. Past differences have been put aside, sworn enemies have become allies for one sole purpose - to drive the intruders out of their country. September 28th, 1999 - first incident between RFOR and a newly formed CDF occurred. Two Russian soldiers died on the spot. RFOR isn't equipped for a large-scale military operation therefore they decide to withdraw all remaining forces to the only airport in the country. Resolution 1244, that was released during an emergency NATO meeting, allows Russia to send more troops and equipment to the country. Few days later, first troops enter Chernarus and participate in the largest Russian military operation since Afghanistan... (some screenshots) First teaser: Second teaser: Launch trailer: campaign ending: alternate campaign ending: Campaign download: DOWNLOAD NOW Alternate link from armaholic the Memory (@) Our older projects: Down:
  2. Campaign description: Type: infantry Island: Altis Audio: Czech Text: English, German, Spanish, French, Russia, Czech Short description: Deliverance is a story-based Single player campaign, in which we try to demonstrate on the example of the republic of Altis, a small country how far racial discrimination and hate can escalate to. The player will have the chance to get to know the problems and motivation of both sides of the conflict and realize, that nothing is only black or white, that no side is absolutely right and mostly that violence doesn't solve these problems. Part one: In the first part of the story you will get to see the world through the eyes of John Masa, a member of the AAF forces. Part two: In the second episode of our story, you'll have the chance to see, how it is standing on the other side of the barricade in the role of the negro Benjamin Bower, who joins the black revolution, eventhough he didn't plan on doing so at first. This part will then conclude the whole story and the player gets an overview of the situation and will maybe realise, how senseless such a conflict is and how narrowminded it is to divide people based on their skin color or anything else. You can be anxious about: - Detailed characters - Dialogs recorded by a professional czech dubbing group Fenix ProDabing - Movie-like atmosphere with several cut scenes - Unexpected turns in the story and some scenes that will maybe give you something to think about - Added sounds and texture that will enhance the experience and make it deeper - Translation into english and german - Own soundtrack by Capo productions (some screenshots) Who we are: Our team, Sarge studio, was established in January 2004. Until now, we created five bigger projects for games by Bohemia Interactive. Two SP mission (Down, Hinds) and one campaign, (Black day), for Operation Flashpoint. Campaign Maybe Tomorrow for ArmA and campaign the Memory for ArmA II. For ArmA 3 we released "experimental" short mission Rookie. You can look at our video for 10th anniversary below What we do: Our projects are very well rated for their storyline, elaborated characters, lot of conversations, and film atmosphere. Deliverance teaser trailer: Deliverance launch trailer: 10th Anniversary video: DOWNLOAD PART 1 DOWNLOAD PART 2 DOWNLOAD COMPLETE CAMPAIGN DOWNLOAD nonSTEAM VERSION If you will enjoy our scenario, please vote and support us
  3. Hi. I know about this bug. In separate part 1 was this bug fixed before. In whole campaign is not, because I´m not sure if I can update campaign before contest will be closed. But I hope it will be in few next days so you can wait on incoming update or you can download separate part one and two on steam in my workshop.
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    [SP] mission Rookie

    Rookie [sP] mission for ArmA III Mission description: Type: infantry Island: Stratis Audio: Czech Text: English, Czech Arma III version : 1.08 Background story: Just realy short, atmospheric mission. Launch trailer: DOWNLOAD NOW Our previous work: the Memory
  5. SgS_Sarge

    [SP] mission Rookie

    Fixed, few days ago. Thanks for repor.
  6. Thanks man. Next time I focus on that... If there will be some "next time" :)
  7. No plans for the future, right now.
  8. I just upload fixed version of deliverance part 2 on steam. There was bug with missing subtitles in French and Spanish version. (empty lines in stringtable). Yes this is campaign of 2 missions.
  9. Hi. Option skip intro is already in there. Right after rasist warning. But maybe is there problem with stringtable? What language you have set on in game?
  10. I'm proud that I can announce that project Deliverance is now complete. You can download part 2 from steam workshop! Link was updated on first page. Enjoy!
  11. New version released. Some minor adjustments and the ability to skip intro added. :)
  12. On the one side I don't understand, why so many peoples want to skip intro. I thing that is realy important to know what was happend in intto to fully understand the story. On the other side, implemen this "skip feature" on the begin of the intro is not so complicate, so I will probably implement it in next patch... btw can you tell me, why you want to skip the intro?
  13. Can you wrote me what exactley he sayd in that "wrong" sentence?
  14. I thing that first example is correct. Imagine that situation. If you talking with base, you hear your voice without radio noise. As same as you talking with someone face to face. But other side you hear in headphone, with that noise... so that is the reason, why player is directSay and base is sideRadio. But a will take a look on that. The secon one is definetley bug. (But I don't know what happend in there, because that guy have setIdentity...).
  15. I do not know exactly where you mean. However, in some cases it is better to bear the soldiers shouted out loud, but through the radio. But, and that is realy big "but", yesterday, after I release the patch, my graphic card died. So I can´t now edit anything in arma. (files are ready but I can´t upload them). I hope a will solved this problem ASAP.
  16. English grammar will be fixed in second patch (probably today).
  17. First update released... Fixed: - missing prolog text in german version - player will stay stuck in car after crash scene (only DEV version) - real player name in end titles - when there is a new task notification appears twice. - smoke shells are now throwing by soldiers - Complete german text correction, THX to Wastul
  18. Hi, 4IndeedPete I thing that I understand the reason, why you don't enjoy this scenario so much. You correctly say that this scenario is little bit like the CoD style and that is truth. A little bit. I like that combination of freedom in ArmA, and scripted cinematic events from more action games, like CoD or BF. In combination with some good story and characters. I would not want to player be stuck is somewhere. For me, on the first place is game, and it must be fun... That is for example reason, why we decide to turn of fatigue system after last patch when BI reworked it. Because it was destroyed atmosphere in some scenes (run to forest after heli ***** for example). But it´s ok, everyone likes something different, and you have some good thoughts... 4Orange Sherbet : Yes, optimization could be maybe better. On the other hand, I made this mission on PC from 2007. Only component in PC, what i replace was graphic card. So I made it and test it on this: Intel Core 2 6420 (2,13Ghz (2.67 after overclock)), 2GB DDR2 RAM, GeForce 260 GTX (older version). And still, with the correct graphics setting it´s playable.
  19. Ok guys, project is available on steam! :)
  20. Hi to all. I try to find list of all official music used in A3. But i can´t. On wiki is only list of music from A1, A2 ...
  21. SgS_Sarge

    ArmA 3 list of music

    Thx Iceman77. I got it. Here it is, for the "future" generation :) LeadTrack01_F LeadTrack01a_F LeadTrack01b_F LeadTrack01c_F LeadTrack02_F LeadTrack03_F LeadTrack04_F LeadTrack04a_F LeadTrack05_F LeadTrack06_F AmbientTrack01_F AmbientTrack01a_F AmbientTrack01b_F AmbientTrack03_F AmbientTrack04a_F AmbientTrack04_F BackgroundTrack03_F BackgroundTrack01_F BackgroundTrack01a_F BackgroundTrack02_F LeadTrack02_F AmbientTrack03_F BackgroundTrack02_F BackgroundTrack01a_F BackgroundTrack01_F BackgroundTrack03_F LeadTrack04a_F AmbientTrack04_F AmbientTrack04a_F LeadTrack03_F AmbientTrack01a_F LeadTrack05_F LeadTrack06_F LeadTrack01c_F LeadTrack01_F LeadTrack01_F_EPA LeadTrack02_F_EPA LeadTrack02a_F_EPA LeadTrack02b_F_EPA LeadTrack03_F_EPA LeadTrack03a_F_EPA EventTrack01_F_EPA EventTrack01a_F_EPA EventTrack02_F_EPA EventTrack02a_F_EPA EventTrack03_F_EPA EventTrack03a_F_EPA LeadTrack01_F_EPB LeadTrack01a_F_EPB LeadTrack02_F_EPB LeadTrack02a_F_EPB LeadTrack02b_F_EPB LeadTrack03_F_EPB LeadTrack03a_F_EPB LeadTrack04_F_EPB EventTrack01_F_EPB EventTrack01a_F_EPB EventTrack02_F_EPB EventTrack02a_F_EPB EventTrack03_F_EPB EventTrack04_F_EPB EventTrack04a_F_EPB EventTrack03a_F_EPB AmbientTrack01_F_EPB BackgroundTrack01_F_EPB fallout defcon wasteland skynet mad radio_music
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    ArmA 3 list of music

    Yes, I know. I know, how to define my music (or sound) in description.ext and use it in mission. But i want to use music from the original game. Yes, i can run through a switch but i want to put it into the script... And it is useless to put forth the music into the game twice.
  23. SgS_Sarge

    [SP] mission Rookie

    We released a small update of this mission. 1.01 - reported bug by ataribaby fixed 1.01 - english subtitles correction by Zak