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  1. Hello my arma 3 is buggy since the last big patch my controls switched like hell and i want to reset them but nothing happens, i took the old Arma 2 controls in the preset but nothing happens i recognized that my controls are banged up when i tried to fly a helicopter or something before the update Helicopter gas was on : Q and its now shift , and the controls are inverted it sucks like hell.... And the most annoying thing is, i cant select the whole squad i must make f1, f2 ,f3 and the others. Before the update i only had to click backspace whats wrong with my controls? please help :/, and for the bad english sry im german and last i had english in school was 3 years ago
  2. Hmm i dont can this i made what you sayed and its gave like before only 1 mission maker not 2 or more. and no one can made things without mission maker rights
  3. hello i have a question. I want to edit with my friends a map. I downloaded the multiplayer RTE V maps from http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/09/06/rte-multiplayer-usage . But when i start the maps in the multiplayer ingame also over (Start the RTE) then nothing happens. I retry it and retry it but the same thing (nothing happens). Can you please help me. (And what is the file \ION_RTE\StartRTE_MP.sqf)
  4. hmm can you say me how to script i dont know anything i tryed it but i then i get an error when i go in the multiplayer from arma 2 (i edited the pbo file co_mcc_sandbox_v153.utes with the Text Editor) i dont have any programming programm
  5. Did it give no way to make it?. oh man :(. I downloaded the ace mod and all things for the mission control center. Please can anyone edit the mission control center that 2people or more can use the mission maker rights? please anyone who can programm make it please please please
  6. matze214

    Realtime Editor

    Hey i want to ask you guys ( Community) how can i make with my friends a mission also i mean the Realtime Editor (RTE) when i make rte in multiplayer then nothing happens. Can anyone give me a mission with Rte Multiplayer or can anyone say me how to make it.
  7. Hello My question is can i use the mcc with my friend also i mean(can he use the map maker rights and me too?) or can u guys say me how to make that i and my friend have map maker rights. Please answer me