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  1. Is there still no remapping of joystick axes/buttons for usb PC joysticks? I would like to use either my Logitech G940 hotas or two Logitech extreme 3d pro joysticks with this game/simulator. Being able to use two joysticks-one for primary movement and the other for secondary movement (strafing...) and all of the buttons/hats/axes on these two joysticks would be fantastic. There are a lot of posts on this forum about joysticks and remapping and developers responding that it will be implemented. When? It is possible for me to use XPadder to accomplish what I am trying to achieve, but this does not take advantage of using analog axes for movement/thrust... I realize there is support for an XBox controller, but a lot of us have much better hardware than that. Please include full controller support for multiple joysticks/devices in this excellent simulator.
  2. Megatherion

    AMD gpu fix! (and a few questions)

    Thank you for your replies, about the radar altimeter, I hope you make it usable for the zero g probe as well as landers, about the camera views, yes I am referring to the 3rd person (object) camera; it is really good, but an option to lock it so the mouse would not move it around is what I mean (and a reset view would be great). Keep up the great work!
  3. I had some issues starting Take On Mars, but finally fixed it. It would play the intro then at the main menu, the planet would spin for 2 seconds then everything locked up, no mouse movement, couldn't alt tab out... What I had to do was set a profile in Catalyst Control Center for TKOM.exe, set crossfire mode to use AMD pre-defined profile and use ForceSingleGPU. I hope this helps other AMD dual gpu users out there. In regards to this, could you please add support for crossfire (or quadfire in my case-two AMD Radeon 6990's-). I have seen a guide on steam to enable Nvidia SLI support, basically applying Arma2 profile to TKOM.exe, I tried that through Catalyst Control Center-didn't work-sure would be nice to optimize Take On Mars on my super gaming computer. My other questions are as follows. 1: when will full joystick support be implemented and please make it able to recognize joysticks that show up as multiple devices-eg. my Logitech G940 shows up as a separate joystick, throttle, and rudder(pedals+toebrakes). Also, will there be any force feedback support? 2: When will the current updated version be on Steam? I have version 0.8.0254 and I see the latest is version 0.8.0269 in the development build change log(or are these version numbers not the same thing?) 3: When I fly the zero g probe around, it doesn't use any power/battery/fuel, ie. it can go forever, nice to make money with but not very realistic. Is this a bug? 4: In the camera hud, what are the red squares that sometimes light up? 5: When flying the zero g probe and I enable gravity vector align and then later disable it, I have to enable kill rotation after that, I think it should automatically default to have kill rotation enabled, is this a bug? 6: On the zero g probe, the robotic arms are two legs that extend vertically, I don't understand the functionality of these, please explain. 7: Can you extend a mast vertically? It only pivots and turns the camera for me. Now for my wish list: 1: Complete joystick support including axis tuning/mapping and force feedback. 2: AMD Crossfire/Quadfire compatibility. 3: Better Lander flying stability (make it flyable like the zero g probe). 4: A Radar Altimeter (maybe put it in the tech tree). 5: A locked chase camera view and/or a center camera command/keyboard shortcut (the chase camera view in the game is good, but I still mess it up moving the mouse). 6: A Use command/keyboard shortcut so I don't have to right click to show the cursor, left click to use, then right click again to hide cursor. Thank you all for making such a fun and interesting simulator, keep up the excellent work on all the games/simulators this company has made, I own/play all of them.
  4. In the sling load tutorial, I am getting an out of memory error and toh crashes. I am running a beast of a computer- I7 extreme processor, Rampage iv motherboard, two amd 6990 gpu's in crossfire (quadfire) mode, 16 GB ram, windows 7 64 bit. I have tried running in non crossfire mode, changing practically all the settings in catalyst control center and trying arma 2 profiles, changing video memory options to very high and default, all with no luck. Any help with this would be appreciated greatly.
  5. Is it possible to have the GPS and/or map on a second monitor? I play TOH on my 60" hdtv at 1920x1080 and have a 19" 1280x1024 monitor not doing much. In FSX it is as simple as extending the desktop then dragging the gps over to the 2nd monitor and resizing it to fill it up. In DCS World, I can setup cameras and mfd's on the 2nd monitor. I tried this with TOH but I can only get the GPS on the second monitor by playing in windowed mode, resizing window to fill up both monitors, but this has some of the main cockpit showing on the 2nd monitor. I want the main cockpit on 60" and GPS only on 2nd monitor-is this possible?
  6. At the very beginning of the mission where I am transporting goods, I start up the helicopter and try to take off, but it seems I am not getting any torque from engine #2. The RPM of engine 1 and 2 are at 100%. I have tried both auto starting the engines and manually starting them, same result, no torque from engine 2. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.