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  1. Edit: I forgot to use nul = [this] execVM in my script instead of just nul = execVM. How embarrassing. Mods can lock/delete this if you need to. I'm having a very odd problem today, and it's one I haven't encountered before using other people's scripts. I'm messing around with a snippet samatra wrote here for adding a random weapon to a unit's inventory, and while it worked fairly well with the way I had it set up for adding to a player's inventory I've run into a snag in trying to set it up to work with the inventory of a unit who's init it's run in. This is a screenshot of the undefined variable message I get on mission load, and below is the code I'm using. waitUntil {!isNull player}; //Define a weapon, then its magazine. weaponList = [ ["arifle_Katiba_F", "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green"], ["arifle_Katiba_C_F", "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green"] ]; //Choose a random weapon. _weapon = weaponList select floor(random(count weaponList)); //Select _guy _guy = _this select 0; //Give _guy a random weapon. _guy addWeapon (_weapon select 0); //Give _guy six magazines. for "_i" from 0 to 6 do { _guy addMagazine (_weapon select 1); }; if(true) exitWith{}; For the life of me I can't figure out why _this would return as undefined aside from it needing to be defined, but I've never seen that done in other people's scripting. It's really done me up.
  2. Have you considered including variables for defining custom artillery units? I know currently we can have HAC recognize certain units as artillery, but as far as I know HAC won't currently use them for artillery missions. It would be nice to be able to use the Operation Arrowhead artillery units, as well as those included in some user made addons.
  3. I can't really say it's going to be great, since it's almost 5 AM where I live, but I just recorded a short thing on setting up a small mission. I'm doing the editing now to cut out the loading, but it should be up soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwGSf-K7E3g&feature=youtu.be Okay, here you go.
  4. I have a pretty decent screen recorder, I can try and record one today if you'd like. I don't really know much about making HAC actually work other than just having two HQs trying to capture points along with fronts, but I suppose there's always time to try and learn for a different video. At the very least I can cover custom configs, what I mentioned above, and most of the variables.
  5. That would actually explain why a lot of things haven't been working at all. This has me wondering if I shouldn't record or write a tutorial on how to set up a basic HAC mission. Thanks!
  6. For some reason the debug features don't seem to be working in the missions that I set up. I noticed none of the debug icons would show up on the map while I was trying to get a config to work, so I plopped a few USMC units down on Chernarus after unsuccessfully trying to get it to work on Panthera. I'd assume it's just something I'm doing wrong since the last time I (successfully) messed with this script was before the Fronts system was implemented, but if it isn't it may be worth looking at! I've uploaded both missions to my Dropbox account, and put them inside .rar files if anyone wants to take a look. The init.sqf file for both missions is also pasted below. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26191070/DebugTest.Chernarus.rar https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26191070/HAC2.Panthera2.rar RydHQ_Debug = true; RydHQ_DebugII = true; RydHQ_CargoFind = 100; //usually always last: nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf";
  7. If I understand correctly: APC stands for armour-piercing capped. It has less range(?) and has more penetration. The Panzergranate 39 is the standard German armour-piercing shell. I don't remember what the others are called, but it should be pretty easy to pick out what they are now that you know what their AP shell is.
  8. hobbesy

    The Outerra Engine

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHQdllTxGfI I'd hate to break the chain of serious discussion, but I thought the most responsible thing to do in the demo would be ramping the truck off the side of the Grand Canyon. Ramping it off to the tune of "The Final Countdown" of course.
  9. Have you tried setting the waypoints used for transport helicopters to careless? This may solve them flying away when trying to transport unload, but they'll completely ignore any threats as well.
  10. Oh, I saw that in your to-do list there's a mark for letting the player see where known enemy positions are. An easy way to go about this may be to have the Military Symbols module initialize with settings you've tailored.
  11. The errors said that there was a missing ; on a few lines. Either way though, your version works fine, and I can always add them via trigger if need be since that works well too. Thanks for your help, it's not usual that someone is as dedicated to helping users as you are. :)
  12. Ah, thanks for the response. I misread how you should have had the commanders set up then, as that makes sense. As for my init.sqf, here it is. RHQ_Inf = ["Winter_SOF_DA1c", "Winter_SOF_DA1", "Winter_SOF_AT", "Winter_SOF_Medic", "Winter_SOF_AC", "Winter_SOF_GL", "Winter_SOF_MG", "Winter_SOF_Marksman", "Winter_SOF_Sabot", "Winter_SOF_DA1b", "Winter_SOF_TL", "RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; RHQ_Snipers = ["Winter_SOF_Marksman"]; RHQ_ATInf = ["Winter_SOF_AT"]; RHQ_Recon = ["RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_LArmor = ["RW_LAV25_HQ", "RW_AAV"]; RHQ_Cars = ["RW_MTVR", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Cargo = ["RW_AAV", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Crew = ["RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; This script is pretty amazing when combined with one of the undead/zombie scripts floating around! It's nice to have something that gives fluid responses.
  13. I don't know if this has been noted yet, but the script doesn't seem to kick in for the OPFOR side unless there are BLUFOR guys using it too. I've sat for ten minutes waiting for the Russians to move on the demo mission with the Marines removed, and they never seem to. Once I load it back up with the Marines, though, they move normally. Also, where do I put the configs for custom units? I tried putting them in a init.sqf file, but that just gives me errors. It's completely possible that I've done it wrong though, since it's 5 AM at the time I'm writing this. If not, though, should I put the array in the init of a unit or trigger?
  14. hobbesy

    After Kim Jong-il: The Future of North Korea

    Is anyone else up for starting a bet? I'm putting down $50 that there's a military coup.
  15. hobbesy

    After Kim Jong-il: The Future of North Korea

    I remember when I first saw the BBC post, and the form submission text at the bottom said "Are you in North Korea? Please send us your comments using the form below." Stay classy, BBC.