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    [AS] Editor Updates

    No, Thanks to you Sir! Keep up the good work mate :)
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    [AS] Editor Updates

    Hello, just FYI, when using the Full OA version i had a error message about road icon. It seems the road/config.bin calls for a road.paa file and in the pbo under the icons folder the file was named roads.paa so it couldn't load it. Renaming it to road.paa worked to fix the problem. Doesn't seem very important, but i was using the RTE addon and that error message corrupted my save files when i had roads on my map.
  3. Just made a test. So map mission used for test is Zargabad, MCC version is 1.53, doing a rapid test at mission maker spawn location, map coords: 0335,0159. Selected a unit of basic US infantry rifleman, I only see a flashing infantry unit for a second when clicking "Apply" on the X button menu: Rolling up the mouse for a long time, no visible unit in reticule cursor. Pressing space giving me a message "Object placed": No unit visible, nothing on 2d map too: But you're right about the unit being created if i press delete here is what i see: In the list i can see some unit named.
  4. Nope. I only see the flashing unit when selecting it with X when clicking on "Apply". When pressing space i don't see it flashing. Rolling mouse wheel does nothing.For example i just did a new test, and selected a unit then pressed space 5 times, got 5 bips and message "objects placed". But still no visible units present, checked on the 2d map, no units spawned at all. The units are not created despite the message. Also, when pressing the delete button whith the cursor on nothing, a message appears with the a list of units groups (1-1-M:1B etc) each time i press delete, it's deleting one of the group on the list. Weird i cannot make units spawn, but i can delete group units presets even whithout seeing them.
  5. Hi there :) First of all, thanks a lot for that great tool :) Found about it yesterday and experimented with it all night long. But FYI i got same problem, everything works almost fine except for the "3d spawner", like that other poster said: with X i can select the unit and see it for a second, then it disappears. Pressing space should then place/spawn that unit but it doesn't. Message says "Object placed" but nothing appears, checked also on map, no spawn. I 'm still able to use fully the tool by placin/spawning units via the RTE editor instead. Also tried the delete function without having a unit placed to see what would happen. To my surprise, I was able to delete some elements i couldn't see even if like i just said, it was a fresh new blank mission.