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  1. I think RV4 is really cool already,but there's one thing i look into. ArmA 3 LOD Models transitions are quite stiff. Is there any chance to improve Real Virtuality 4 engine to run the LOD Models transition visually more smoother(softer) like Grass,trees ATOC we already have? Unreal Engine 3 does really good job at LOD Transitions. I think it wasn't hard for RV4 too,maybe through the post-process effect,but I dunno. :butbut:
  2. Hello,code34 Can you add a parameter to turn on/off enemies vehicle from spawning list for people who enjoy infantry fight?
  3. yeah, i know. but if user want to use some alternative AA mode like adaptive you mentioned about,or really cool morphological antialias, that will be sad. :)
  4. There will be 2 redlines on the top of screen and the left of screen, it doesn't really bother the game but make players feel sux. It's hard to explain, but you can search on the forum. it cannot be taken by fraps or any d3d screenshoot software. according to forum,this happend since ATi Catalyst 10.5 and so on ---------- Post added at 09:02 ---------- Previous post was at 08:55 ---------- My bad, Fraps can capture the red line . It's not obvious due to jpeg but trust me, it's big and annoy.
  5. It's not perfect but it works! Turn on the CCC, set the anti-alias&Anisotropic you like. open the game and go to the video opions. Just don't let your interface resolution and 3D resolution match at 100% for example : 1. Interface Res:1920x1080 then 3D Red:2192x1232 or 1680x945 etc vice versa sorry for my english
  6. I noted a ACRE bug with WiT auto-load addon's feature since WiT ACE 1.26 There will be 100+ ACRE radio in the addon weapon cache and it causes heavy lag when we gear up. Maybe older weapon cache like WiT ACE 1.22 is better. I double checked the 1.22 weapons cache with all mods on and it works just smooooothly
  7. oh wow! i have to thank you in advance! If there's other version like torabora will be great too! will be here for further information.
  8. Is it possible to modify it into Fallujah? I tried so hard but it will still stucks at the mission selection if the mission requires some Takistan object or airfield im not a good script writer though :(
  9. Friends and I have a thing must to do for the last 2 months,and that is WiT Thank you code34, your mission encourage all my friends whom have no ArmA 2 but OA made up their minds to buy the whole set. plz forgive for my absence. I'm stuck in the war, War in Takistan. I didn't forget the promise. I'll still collect feedback from all of us.
  10. kayhase

    User mission requests!

    Hi, I'm looking for a modified War in Takistan mission for Fallujah v.1.2 I tried to merge the scripts into it,but it will stuck in the mission plan selection. Especially aircrafts mission. when there is it. It will be stucked
  11. Thanks code34 :) I even start to feel like i am annoying you with a hard request :( Really appreciate! I will give you more feedback at next release :)
  12. It seems still need A2 to play this mission, otherwise it shows "unable to play this mission it needs CAA (A2 Content)" no matter how I change the parameters from Combined Operation into OA Contents it still works fine for a Combined Operation user like me but not for OA Standalone user :( I think you may have to separate OA contents to a new standalone mission, like War_in_Takistan_1.14_OA.pbo
  13. No problem,basically there is no USMC classes , CDF classes and RU classes in OA standalone version and i will give you feedback while we use some weapon pack or others mods which is ACE supported already. Any other bugs will be report to you too.
  14. wow!! what a great news!! Really really thanks for your effort. we usually use some weapons addons,so i think autoload addons module is still nessesary. and that's all,the original WiT is already great enough. :)