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  1. That busted up house looks good. Enjoy yr traveling.
  2. Hi, Near where I live there is an old concrete pill box left over from WWII. It was used to look out to sea and spot German ships. If you want I can go and get photos up close of it and post them so you can recreate one for your mod if you like? This is the one:- http://www.cannybevvy.co.uk/pillboxes/Tyne%20and%20Wear/East%20Herrington%20Lozenge/index.html
  3. Is there a way to set the server to auto kick anyone with a ping of more then 200 for more then 10 seconds?
  4. I'm in these forums every day and its pretty busy here. I also play online multiplayer a lot and loads of people on. I also know 2 people that play EVE with me that bought ARMA III but have not installed or played it as it was only £19.99 (cheaper then final release I think) and they said they will not play it until beta is out. So possibly many people have the game but have not really got into it yet as waiting for future releases.
  5. charliemilk

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    Well knowing how serious the mod community for the ARMA series is. I think we will see everything from ARMA II as well as (for better or for worse) all the mods from ARMA II, including some one probably porting the entire game over to the improved engine of ARMA III.
  6. charliemilk

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    Was looking on Google for a picture of an FN FAL, and saw http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_NXNggkQ07g4/TD9pNe12yhI/AAAAAAAAANQ/6GzMbDvjfds/s1600/fn+fal+3.jpg What on earth is that scope!?!?
  7. charliemilk

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    Thats the one!! was a horrible, little, inaccurate, noisy clickety clackety cheap gun. But I'd never leave base with out one. Saved my life on more then one occasion.
  8. charliemilk

    Who would like to have reasonable rain.

    They should get the rain to cause small flash floods, would make sense as to why they have large storm drains and stuff on the map. Would also lead to tactical choke points.
  9. charliemilk

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    I can't remember what it was called but it was a little fully automatic machine pistol that looked similar to an Uzi 9mm. Would be nice to see one as the current 9mm semi automatic pistol is pretty useless. I think that throwing it would probably do more damage half the time.
  10. Spent 5 hours yesterday trying to play, every single srever I played on (about 40 different servers) crashed within 15 mins of so. Sometimes the crash was at my end as the game just froze and had to alt-ctrl-del to bring up task manager to close it. But anyway. I've given up playing it now until they patch it again.
  11. charliemilk

    Gaming Rig for Arma 3 * Ultra Maxed Out*

    Yeah, get a pre-sealed water cooler and overclock to at least 4Ghz (if you know how to overclock that is) and get a big HDD for storage and a small 256GB SSD for windows and ARMA III and drivers etc. If you don't get a water cooler then the cooler you have chosen looks good. I have the Cool Master V6, and got my i7 920 from stock 3.2GHz on turbo, up to stable 3.8GHz.
  12. charliemilk

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    well i've spent 4 hours on various different servers and every single one of them crashed after about 10 minutes with the red connection time out thing. wonder if it is a problem with the new update?
  13. charliemilk

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to see snow, and the ability to build snow men and put your gear on them. http://centralpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/snowman6.jpg (1880 kB)
  14. Some settings on low force that function to CPU rather then GPU. I think shadows on low causes a lot of problems, so try standard or high.
  15. charliemilk

    Сlouds should cast shadows

    You would need diffused edges, I think the gaming term is soft shadows. They cost a lot of processing/gpu power and I don't think add enough to game play to warrant spending any time on them when there is so much more stuff that needs doing. If they can implement it at a low processing cost then that would be great but should still have a low priority. ---------- Post added at 06:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:47 PM ---------- -EDIT- Also when you are looking at these effects on things like the vue7 video, chances are that they are using a very powerful machine and that all of its power is being used to render a set sequence. To add all the extra things involved with intricate multiplayer game play would grind even a good gaming system to something horrible like 2 frames a second. I remember being able to walk around on the floating island in 3dMark and check out all the amazing tessalization and thought this would make a great game. But just rendering the map had my GPU at 100% and even then the frames would drop down drastically sometimes. Imagine trying to get 40 fully textured players in there along with about a dozen customizations each. Then add a sea with a fully textured sea bed and then all the animals and stuff. Then add all the explosions and dynamic lighting from muzzle flash and flares etc... Maybe in a couple of years when hardware catches up.