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  1. Hello, I have used Oxygen 2 for quite some time, made lots of objects for Aussie Life, Down Under and fixing the USEC_RIG_A and modifying it. I want to move to the next stage and learn animations, and learn the correct use of the memory LOD for a "boom gate" and a "sliding fence". I have completed the model, although I also need to know the correct use of the components for the Memory LOD if it's necessary. I am (OK) at making config.cpp's, It's the Model.cfg that I currently have no clue on what is expected to be put in. Here's an image of it, (It's for a Life Mission, checkpoint) http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/8027/11551623.jpg Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. (If you want to look at the config.cpp, I'll upload as an attachment if possible)
  2. Cheers mate, worked perfectly. It fixed the wall issue but not the window issue, but i tried moving just the 1 window to the next alpha twice and it's 100% good. Also I had to move top aswell. Cheers :)
  3. Hello, I'm making a Building for a community and am having a problem with glass (or the window in general) You see, I have 4 good glass textures that work, but there are just some walls that are see-through when looking through the glass. For example: Let's pretend there's Window A and Window B. I can see Window A's glass fine through Window B, but if I look through Window B's glass, I cannot see window A's glass, it's not there. But when I look at the glass away from the window, it shows up fine, this happens for stairs, and a Brick wall, which I NEED it to be visible otherwise it'll look stupid looking through glass and there's nothing there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matt.
  4. Oh really... Hmm I'll have to check on that, I just scale it down to something abit smaller and see.
  5. Ok then thanks, Also; When you angle yourself high enough in the sky (70 degrees), the whole oilrig will become invisible, (This issue maybe because of the polycount but am unsure).
  6. Ok I have made a offshore rig. It works fine but 1 problem. (This is for RP) When you drive under the oilrig on the water, and get out to climb the ladder, you get out of the boat and then you get placed ontop of the oilrig (The top section, not underneath where I should be) Also I cannot enter the boat again once it's underneath the oilrig. I tried placing paths instead of roadways for the LOD which fixed the issue, but another issue occurred which was worse, that you swim on the oilrig, not walk. any clues, and I'd be grateful, Cheers, Matt.
  7. Yeah fixed it, I looked in tow down view and they were not really aligned togather (not rotation), so I put the on top of each other and it works fine. In the config, all i remember changing in the class was : Flagcarrier to : House
  8. I have now got the ladders working, after doing a few tweaks in the config, They seem to work fine all 4, although 2 seem to be weird. My charachter always climbs up them on an angle, and am unsure why. Any clues?
  9. I just selected geometry in the base model and then chose the object by a proxy that I want to use, and then I just lined the geo lod up with the resolution lod. Although proxying roadways doesn't work, so I just merged them in.
  10. This object with be placed via the editor, Ok Jdog, I'll try that. What might the problem be with FlagCarrier? Cheers. ---------- Post added at 12:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:34 PM ---------- What would you place in the view geometry lod? ---------- Post added at 01:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:35 PM ---------- Ok I edited my config properly and is noused classed as a building, (house). Still not working, so what View geometry would I need or will i need to add a pathway to it or something maybe?
  11. Ok Well, I've tried what you've said and it's not working, this is what I have, the model's memory and the model's config. model's memory: http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/7277/unledic.jpg config: http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/8779/unled1nxv.jpg Any replies would be helpful
  12. Nevermind, I fixed it completely.
  13. Ok cheers thanks. Ill try and get this added in a few days as there were some major setbacks on the model which I can fix but will take a long time -.-
  14. Ok then, The model of the ladder is with the actual building itself. Plus there a 4 seperate ladders of various sizes. Do i need to make the ladders as a seperate .p3d and then maybe proxy them into the building? Or is there a way to do it with the setup as I said above?
  15. Hello, I have a building, and I have just made a ladder model, but my next step is to actually making the ladder climbable. I looked at other objects and they have a LOD called memory, which is a vertice from the bottom of the ladder to the top (Just 2 dots). With the components name of Start1 and End1 In the config I have this: ladders[] = {{"start1", "end1"}}; What am I doing wrong? And what is required next? Cheers.