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  1. strykeeer

    ArmA 3 like Battlefield play 4 free.

    OP are joking? p4f? Of course NO
  2. strykeeer

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    I am IMPRESSED! My skill of english cant describe a lavel of my impression, when i visit arma3.com. Auggghhhhh!!11 PhysX, awesome graphics on screens, all cool, but hope, that Arma3 focused of improving OFP1-style gameplay. I do not want to see another COD or Red river, and "Customizable Soldier LoadChoose your uniform, assemble your weapon kit, change your loadout, get encumbered." scared me. P.S Uderwater units <- i would like to see it in Arma series for a long time ago.
  3. Modern pirates or something like this is very actual in our days. It would be cool if something from this setting would be in Arma2. It means new map - an atoll from a few big and a lot of small islands in ocean. It, maybe, would be a new part of special operations simulation gameplay. Just imagine, CTI with water(maybe underwater) vechicles with capturing islands (and ships..), etc.:rolleyes: so main idea - ANTI PIRATES OPERATION IN ARMA2:yay: /thread
  4. strykeeer

    Next patch wish list

    Sometimes see funny picture - M113, when gunner is dead, an apc stop and do nothing. Crew do not do anything for survive, no moving apc, no evacuating. Just staying and wait for missile. It so stupid. Fix this AI scenario.
  5. I want to see at next patch: :mad:-BAF medics with pistol slot -fix BAF medic inventory bug - by default it has 2 frag grenades and one smoke, and amount of it is more than inventory can holds. -for BF lite: L85A2 SUSAT sight texture with adequate texture resolution. -KSK woodland camo -UN Medics and Engineers :mad:-fixed BTR-60 camera while player is on driver seat http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11834 -TWS sight on T-72
  6. strykeeer


    It would be awesome, if BIS would add Chernarus map and units at free patch (with low detailed textures of course). But i already know that it is impossible, and no sense, cause it cheaper to buy original game. Dont know why i just writing it. lol
  7. I have Arma2 OA, but have not had original Arma2(yes, maybe most of you all already have it,but..). In server browser, there are many servers, that using Combined Operarions. I , have only OA, and do not want , that CO servers displaying to me. Seems that problem resolved by upgrading servers list filter. Dear Devs, please look closer to this annoying problem. Sry4my eng.
  8. strykeeer

    Improved unit editor

    Customizing unit's weapons & ammunitions feature missed in unit editor. Yes, writing some scriptlines for newfag is really uncomfortable, when you just want to create simple mission but with custom-armed unit. Sad.
  9. /sign for this suggestion.
  10. Yes,actual suggestion for players, not for devs. Too much texture work ,though, instead of fixing a lot of current in-game bugs.
  11. strykeeer

    Realistic AKs

    /sign Do want ,that problem,yes that's problem, with AK sights resolved by devs. Now AKs with the default sight is the worst (4 me) rifle in the game. Really hope that suggestions from this thread will not be ignored by devs. Someone created a task in dev-heaven? sry4my eng
  12. Hi. I have just installed AO and latest patch, but old annoyng bug(since AO out) with camera in BTR-60 still. No difference, using 3rd or 1st view. The camera while player in driver seat still bugged. Do not know how decribe this in english lol, just open editor, drop BTR-60 jb the map and try to play as driver. Thanks.