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  1. I am running ACE. I just want to pick up a static weapon, or start with one in bags, and move it somewhere else and use it... I don't care if it's mortars or machine guns. So I take it I cannot do this using ACE at this time?
  2. Hi all, I'm having trouble here disassembling and reassembling static weapons, and using bagged static weapons. I have patch 1.57, while searching the forums I read that in patch 1.54 they removed the tripod bag by accident, was this fixed in the 1.57 patch? I cannot use the bagged static weapons, I cannot add a tripod bag to anyone in editor, I can't disassemble static weapons, regardless if they are "empty" or "BLUFOR" in the editor. (I have placed an empty one, and placed a blufor one with a gunner and still cannot break it down into bags and carry it around.) I just get the option to enter as gunner, I never get the disassemble option. I have used the m252 members in the editor and tried dropping the base plate and standing over it with the m252 on my back and cannot get an assemble option. I have dropped both bags on or near each other and cannot get it to work either. I have tried with the m252 gunner, asst gunner, ammo bearer soldiers, as well as a plain rifleman and an engineer, and still never get the option to assemble. I have tried this every which way and still no luck. As far as I know, you drop a flipping tripod on the ground and stand over it with the bagged weapon on your back and choose assemble... or just disassemble a static weapon into two bags, transport it and then repeat the steps above. None of this works for me, I cannot even disassemble. I really need this to work one way or the other and I'm at my wits end here. Any help is really appreciated.
  3. Rail82

    The function key in OA

    watch this video to learn how to set up arty strikes in a player created mission.
  4. Rail82

    Ghost Recon - c09 - Farm Night - beta

    I also loved this map. I remember to even be considered for the one clan I was in, you had to complete this mission solo. Good memories indeed. Also this was a night mission, but they did have a day map for MP pvp. Any chances these will be released for SP or are they all going to be specifically for MP?
  5. Rail82

    Newb's First Impressions

    Typically when I get a new shooter, the first thing I do is go and change all the keys around to fit my style. I usually have my own standard key layout I use for games, and it's pretty similar across the board depending on what kind of things you can do in game. EX. When I got TC R6V2, the hide behind cover key was a feature I never had to incorporate in my layout, so it changed my standard layout a little bit for that game. With all that said, I was too overwhelmed with the amount of controls needed for this game. I didn't even know where to start with changing the key layout, and so I just didn't mess with it. I have kept everything at default for the first time pretty much ever. Once you get used to all the controls and the key layout though, it all flows pretty smoothly. I think for the amount of controls, they did a pretty nice job laying it out. Although I don't like M for the map key, every shooter puts the map on the M key and it's just awkward to get too. I usually put the map at tab, caps, left shift, left ctrl or left alt depending on whats free, but decided to keep it at M for Arma. The keys are tough and overwhelming, but after a month, your fingers will be flying around without you even thinking about where they are going.
  6. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved? Or is ACE and unitplay just not compatible? I have a mission with ACE and the unitplays stutter horribly. Like it almost makes me dizzy and physically ill when watching it in 3rd person on the screen. Mapclick inserts were too unreliable in my mission due to the terrain, so I really have no choice but to use unitplays. It will suck if I have to remake the whole mission without ACE.
  7. Rail82

    Really enjoying it but...

    It's playable in the high teens, you just can't have too many AI on the map. ;)
  8. sweet I'll give that a try a little later when I have some time. I was trying something similar but it wasn't working, I was naming the group instead of the individual units. edit: Works perfect. thanks alot.
  9. Hi all, having a little trouble getting this to work right. Making a mission with 3 "hostages" to rescue. After I have them join my group I want it so that you need to extract at least 2 of the 3 hostages. Basically, if two of them die I want it to be a lose mission. I've tried naming them as a group and then doing a count list trigger, but I can't get it to work right. Any suggestions on how I can pull this off?
  10. Rail82

    Really enjoying it but...

    Dude I would cream my pants for 28 FPS. I play this game on a laptop and get between 17-25. On average I am probably right under 20 FPS.
  11. Ok I'm having a little trouble with this... I can get unitcapture/unitplay to work perfectly fine if I start the Heli from a flying position. When I try to start it from the ground with the engines off, after I do unitcapture, paste the path, and start again and do unitplay, the heli DOES move, and in the way that I flew it, BUT the rotors don't spin and the engine is off. I even tried started the unitcapture, when the blades were first starting to spin up and still when I replay it, nothing spins, and there is no engine sound. I remember reading a thread awhile ago that discussed this issue, but I can't seem to locate it now, no matter how I search for it. And of course when I was reading about it, I was actually looking for different information, so I was just skimming through threads, and not really committing that information to memory. Anyone know how to make it so my heli is "parked" with engine off, I load my team and the heli's blades start spinning up and takes off? Like I said, I am having no problems getting this to work from a flying position, just when I start "in formation". Besides this one issue, everything else about this is pretty straightforward. The hardest part so far for me is overcoming my lack of piloting skills. Another question: Do I have to pilot the chopper to do the unitcapture, or can I set up a mapclick and record the AI's flight data? Also, I need 1 heli to have have 2 possible LZ's. I put the first LZ in there and it works fine, I then went and added the second LZ and now neither work. I take it you can't have 2 possible unitplay's for a single unit? Is there a way to accomplish this? here's what I got. init Mypath = compile preprocessFile "path1.sqf" Mypath2 = compile preprocessFile "path2.sqf" path1 Path1 =(UnitCapture pasted text wall here); [heli1, Path1,20] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; path2 Path2 =(UnitCapture pasted text wall here); [heli1, Path2,20] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; Radio Trigger 1 on act: rec = [] spawn Mypath; Radio Trigger 2 on act: rec = [] spawn Mypath2; To me it all looks right, that's why I am assuming that I just can't do this? Also, both UnitCapture's where started from the exact same spot.
  12. Now that I know about that little nuance of the editor, I was able to take care of it, and it now appears in the mission. Thanks again for the help. Just wish I would have known this about a week ago, as I released a mission and looked like an asshole when you couldn't complete it because you didn't have the damn satchel charge. Now that that's out of the way I can work on changing the Heli insert from mapclick to UnitCapture before I try to re-release it. I have the basics of UnitCapture/UnitPlay down, but now the issue is getting the rotors to move when I do UnitCapture with a chopper that starts out on the ground with the engines off. I can get the damn thing to move, but the blades don't spin and the engines aren't on. Plus on top of that, I'm a shitty pilot so this is going to be an adventure to try to incorporate into this mission. But unfortunately using mapclick on the area of the map my mission is in, is proving to be impractical because of the mountains around the city. I can get them to land fine using the mapclick, but I also know exactly where I need to click to insert the chopper since I've inserted in this mission at least 50 times. But some people apparently keep flying into mountains, so it looks like it's time to go out and learn knew things. If it's not one thing, it's another though.
  13. Okay here is the problem. I made a mission with 2 playable squads. You can choose to be either of the team leaders and that is it. I gave each of the team leaders a satchel charge. In the editor both team leaders have the satchel charge. All is good in the editor. I .pbo'd the mission and went to play it in single player and the player controlled team leader DOES NOT have the satchel, but the playable team leader of the second team DOES have the charge. I have been fudging around with this all weekend but cannot figure it out. I ALWAYS have the charge in the editor and it is ALWAYS missing after I .pbo it and play the mission. Anyone else ever have this problem? Here is what the init's of the two units look like: tl1: ["ace_sys_irstrobe_aradd", [this]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent; alpha=group this; tl1 addmagazine "pipebomb" tl2: ["ace_sys_irstrobe_aradd", [this]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent; bravo=group this; tl2 addmagazine "pipebomb" the coding is the same for both units. Player unit is tl1, playable unit is tl2, both are correctly named in the editor. I have put the satchel charge coding at the end of the init line and at the beginning with no change to the problem. tl1 has the satchel in the editor but not the mission. tl2 has the satchel in both the editor and the mission. I am running ace2 core and extras, cba and zuessai if that makes any difference. I am using upsmon in the mission as well if that makes any difference. Any ideas what is going on here? This isn't making sense to me.
  14. sweet, thanks guys, that makes sense. It seems asinine they would allow it in the editor but not the mission though. You would think the editor should be a mirror image of what is allowed in the mission. What's the point of previewing in the editor if it's not 100% accurate as to how the mission is going to perform. You would think there would be a way to notify you that there is not available slots for that equipment. But I guess that's just the way it is.
  15. Rail82

    SP CO/OA Steel Caskets (ACE)

    hmmm I'm a little disappointed, it wasn't my intention to put out a flawed mission, I've been tweaking this damn thing for weeks and it was working perfectly in the editor. Give me a day or two, and I'll fix it. It played fine in the editor. But I copied and pasted some of the mission files together. I'm going to comb through them and see if there isn't a rogue command somewhere screwing things up. As far as the heli insert goes, I didn't have many problems, but I guess since I made the mission I know the sweet spots for the inserts. I was thinking of using unitcapture to do the inserts, but I decided on mapclick because it was easier. I might need to rethink that, I might not have any choice but to go unitcapture. I have some time today and tomorrow.
  16. Steel Caskets is the first mission I am releasing to the public. Any and all feedback is welcome, criticism is welcome as long as your not too harsh. I am mostly concerned how the gameplay is received by the public, I am still tweaking some of the probabilities in the hostile zone. I think I struck a good balance but would like a larger sample size to look at, as far as feedback is concerned, so at this point, you will not find any fancy side chats, intros, cutscenes or voice acting in this mission. Some of these things are in the works, and if the mission is well received by the player base, will show up in later releases. I want to make sure the meat and potatoes are prepared well before I start adding the garnish if you know what I mean. With that said, I present to you, Steel Caskets: No Man Left Behind. Description: A tank crew is trapped inside it's disabled M1A2 tank and Taki Forces are crawling all around the area. Your team has been assembled to insert into the area via Blackhawk and bring our boys home safely. The first extraction team was sent in via convoy, but due to a failed comms unit, extracted without one tank crew, leaving them stranded and helpless inside their steel casket... awaiting death, or a miracle... Your team is that miracle. Required: Operation Arrowhead ACE2 core and extras CBA Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y9U9OXIE Armaholic mirror: - Steel Caskets: No Man Left Behind (@) Notes: This mission can be completed in around 30-40 minutes on average. Sometimes less, sometimes more depending on what kind of enemy AI spawns for you. Right now, the Tank Commander is the only member of the stranded crew that you must get back to base alive. You can lose the other 2 members, but still complete the mission, but on the other hand, if the commander dies you can lose the mission regardless if the other 2 members are alive or not. You are actually free to insert wherever you like, but I have marked a hot LZ and a clear LZ for use in the mission. Try to mapclick in the middle of the markers I put on the map, and zoom in close on the map to make sure your not sending your chopper into a tree or on a steep grade. The area of the map used for the mission is Shukurkalay, so their is a lot of mountains all around the area, making both LZ's a bit touchy at times. Most times I can insert without a problem, but on a few occasions I have crashed on inserting because I was on too steep of a grade, or because I was right on top of a tree. I have also flown into a mountain on my way to the clear LZ but this only happened one time. The hot LZ, while convenient as hell to get right into the action, can be impossible to land at depending on how, where and what types of units spawned in the engagement zone upon mission startup. It's a risky insert, but is pretty epic if everything goes right. This is the LZ I used for most of my run throughs, and I like it a hell of a lot more than the clear LZ, but sometimes you take the 5 minute chopper ride just to get lit up like a christmas tree before your even close to the ground. It's a big choice at the beginning of the mission and I wanted both LZ's to have advantages and disadvantages as part of the storyline. To use the chopper, use the mouse scroll to access transport commands, then use mapclick on the map when prompted to set destination. All friendly units in the engagement zone are marked with IR strobes. These can be hard to see flashing at distance, so take a good look at potential enemies before squeezing the trigger. Friendlies should be easy to spot with the strobes for the most part, but I have still fired on friendlies because I assumed since I saw no flash that it was an enemy soldier. You can only see the flash in NV, not in FLIR. Radio Alpha makes the tank crew join your initial 5 man delta force team, Radio Bravo makes them join the 3 man "backup" team. You must order the tank crew to disembark and regroup to move them from the wreckage and have them follow you to extract. The tank crew IS NOT MARKED WITH IR STROBES. Enemy units will use flares to light up suspected BLUFOR positions. This sometimes plays havoc with your NVG. adjusting their brightness with pgup and pgdn as you go along is vital. To complete the mission move to the debriefing marker just south of the helipad at the HQ when you return to base with the tank crew. Sometimes, when the stars align just right... you'll get a run where damn near every possible AI spawns on mission startup... if that happens, your damn near screwed... their will be way too many AI for you to overcome. The mission by nature has a great deal of randomness, sometimes only a few groups will be in the engagement zone, sometimes 10 or more groups will be their. I think I have the probabilities dialed in ok, as I have gotten a good mix of mission difficulties on my runs due to enemy force sizes. Only rarely have I gotten the MONSTER spawn where damn near everything popped.... When it did happen though it was a real meat grinder. On the flip side, I haven't had too many "easy" runs where I didn't get alot of AI. Their always seems to be atleast a fair amount of enemy AI. Civilians might have a surprise in store for you. Have fun guys.
  17. Rail82

    SP CO/OA Steel Caskets (ACE)

    Can someone confirm whether or not your player has a satchel charge in inventory at the beginning of the mission? In the editor he has it. but I played through for the first time out of the editor this morning and when I went to blow the tank I didn't have the charge, but the team leader of the second group did. In the editor I gave them both 1 and they both have it. Not sure what's going on, but that'll really piss me off if it's not there, I played this mission so many times in order to make sure it played through consistently and to have an issue pop up after .pbo-ing it will not make me a happy camper. And when I first made the mission I just used BIS first aid modules, last night I switched it to ace wounds. I may have forgot to remove FA. If it causes issues I'll change it for the next version after I have an idea of the things I need to tweak.
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    Calling in airstrikes

    Delta Forces Forward Air Commander has a laser designator. It isn't as "nice" as the ACE provided one, but does the job just fine.
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    Arma 2 Worth the Online Play?

    From what I have seen of the online play it has been pretty nice. I haven't experienced any lag whatsoever, EVER, at any point. No players teleporting across the map or anything like that. But I also won't join any room with a bad ping. I've played some lagtastic online games such as Socom II for the ps2 and GR for the PC. So I know laggy games when I see them, and I can honestly tell you I haven't been able to tell the difference between SP and MP as far as framerates and lag issues are concerned. I'm sure the online on this game CAN lag, but find a good server and it shouldn't even be an issue. Oh and I play this game on a laptop... a beast of a laptop but a laptop nonetheless, so if my rig can handle the online without lagging, any decently upgraded desktop with a good connection will be just fine.
  20. Alright, I'm making a pretty long mission with multiple objectives. I'm trying to do a beach landing and assault type mission. I want more than one team available to be played. I placed a boat and made a 4 man team and placed them in cargo. I made the team leader the player and the rest of the units playable. I made another 4 man boat team and set all the units to playable. When I run the mission, the only unit I can be is the unit I designated as player. All other units are non playable. When I put the units as in formation, I can use them, but since I'm starting the mission in the middle of the ocean, you can see how that isn't going to work. Is there a reason why I can't play units that are set as in cargo, or is that just the way it is? I don't get it. And I am just setting the unit's tabs to in cargo, should I be setting them to in formation and in their inits putting: this moveincargo _vehiclename will that even make a difference?
  21. I am having a little trouble with a mission I am using UPSMON in. Will an AI group I have set on a patrol call units for reinforcement even if they are only placed in the editor and not used in any of the UPSMON patrols? I think the UPSMON patrols keep calling tanks I have at an enemy airfield, and they are slaughtering my men. Is their anyway to adjust the settings if this is the case (I think I read they would do that somewhere.) Can I adjust the distance they will call reinforcements from or exclude specific units from being used as such? Or is this just something my AI is doing on it's own and not anything to do with UPSMON?
  22. thanks man. That did the trick! all is right in my world again!
  23. Ok my target line looks like this: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2OA.exe" -nosplash -mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@zcommon_ace;@ACEX_SM and when I try to open the game I get this error: userconfig\ace\ace_clientside_config.hpp not found and then it doesn't open the game. I triple checked to make sure the mods where in the armaII directory. They are in the right spot. All these mods worked just fine when all I had was OA. This is the 4th day or so I have been struggling with this shit and all I want to do is play CO with fucking mods. I am about to lose it. And I love how I can open just A2 on it's own, but now I don't even have the option to open OA on it's own, so I can atleast play my missions, (that of course require ACE content to even open.) Edit: Now even if I remove the mod line from the target and just try to open it vanilla, I still get the same error message. I have to remove ace completely from the directory to get it to even open up vanilla. WTF IS GOING ON?
  24. Would you share your method? We all want to learn the best most efficient ways of doing things, and if you found a way, you should share it so the rest of us can learn.
  25. Yeah I just did that and now it works. But now I am still having trouble adding the mods. I can't open several of my missions because they use ACE content so now instead of playing the past 4 hours, I have been installing and uninstalling and downloading launchers and moving my mods around and nothing is working.