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  1. That is True, i will say no more:yay::rolleyes:
  2. My opinion is as follows, The Alpha has come out far to early and should of not been released yet online. The Island is crap and not enough different terrains like in Arma2, and also the main thing like I have said before There was no proper Anti-Cheat to help protect the servers and the community and yes one could have been sorted out between scripts with who ever you were going to use as the Anti-cheat program and the dev & coding Teams. But to charge the customer to play the Alpha version is way below the belt and should of not happened until the final working release. And also Do's the Bohemia team have a military advisor who helps out with how the game is played eg, Troop movements, vehicles and weapons etc ? Well thats my opinion put over as you have asked.
  3. HunterUK

    Map model of Juland, Denmark

    Looks cool for starters ZeroG, is there anyway I can chat to you in team speak about this map and others please ?, if so can you Pm me :)
  4. HunterUK

    Map model of Juland, Denmark

    Yer Thanks ZeroG, I may look at the schleswig - Holstien area which is in the North of Germany not far from Kiel Canal as well which also is an Idea Place to use, good terrain etc there. Very similar to Chernarus but without to mountains , ideal for Amphibious Assaults, Air Assaults etc:). If anyone is Interested in helping me with this one please Pm me. Thanks for all your feedback. Here is the info :- Area • Total 15,763.18 km2 (6,086.20 sq mi) and here is the link:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schleswig-Holstein
  5. HunterUK

    Map model of Juland, Denmark

    yep and the one in winter Viking :) were'nt far from Randers in the winter one, I loved the Danish Rations Etc :) I was thinking the landscape , terrain etc would be great to use in Arma 2 and Arma 3, and use one off the small Islands as an enemy base so we can attack them by what ever means. Not a Fan of this Arma 3 Island to be honest. I have Idea's but cannot mod :((
  6. HunterUK

    Map model of Juland, Denmark

    My Apologies guys :o. I spent a few months in around Jutland when I was in the British Army in the 80's, a time I enjoyed very much.
  7. Can someone help in a design I want to do of a map model of Jutland, its the main Island of Denmark. What is it I need and how to do this for Arma 2 and Arma3 ?please advice :).
  8. Both BE and Bec do's have something to do with prevention measures against hackers and cheaters, they both collate the information that is needed to take the necessary action to either Kick warn or ban ?
  9. This should be put into a Arma 2 part of the forum and not here. But to be truthfu since battleye has not been able to be updated there is still a large amount of hackers in the Arma 2 servers still around and causing havoc as per usual. Battle should be able be updated even with the Bec system as well , so there is a double layer of protection.
  10. " They will do it, with 500 players testing the game or 10.000 players, it doesnt really matter. What matters is the "real" testers, thoose who provide feedback on the actual game content at this time, and not thoose who complain about stuff we dont even have yet." Well the Alpha version should'nt have been sold yet on line, it should of been kept to the testers who bohemia trust, it is bad publicity and I have always said this Arma 3 in what ever state its in should have not been released with an Anti-cheat. Yes you can have an Anti -cheat running when in alpha or beta running because the coders can work with the Anti - cheat personnel to do what ever is Necessary to protect there work and the publics who have purchased there game and servers from hackers, script kiddies etc to a certain extent that they can play ther game with out these sort of intrusions. If this was to be carried out then There would'nt be some much bad publicity about this game and the general concensus would be the public here would be more understanding towards all concerned in this early game development.
  11. Good parts- Nice graphics and new movements. Bad Parts - Wrong Island, I would have been great to bring on a different land scape as well for instance the north of Germany and Jutland in Denmark would have been more suited to this type of War sim game. The armoured vehicles look wrong to type of war scene, could be better with more upto date vehicles of today in which there is ample amount of out to day. Also it would be good to attack the AI Enemies own base and not just the towns etc what they Invade. Thats all in my own opinion :)
  12. GossamerSolid, WalkerDown has every right to ask them !!, without you coming out with a commment ("I'm not sure why you feel like you are so important that you need to know everything".) like that. :rolleyes:.
  13. WalkerDown m8, its no use to be honest you can go blue in the face with them here its not worth it. your quite right in what you are saying.