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  1. Just right-click on the UV editor in the Windows task bar and select maximize.
  2. Yep, GeForce 580. Will try reverting drivers tomorrow.
  3. Lately my buldozer has been crasing and I get these two error messages: http://s23.postimg.org/mxdjmm44b/error.jpg (131 kB) Any clues as to how I can fix this?
  4. I don't really play arma, but I tested it and yes, the game crashes in the same way.
  5. Is anyone else getting a lot of lag when moving groups of objects in TB while Buldozer is running? This was not present in V3 and it could potentially have a very negative impact on mapping efficiency. Is BI aware of this performance issue?
  6. Patrick N

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So how do I install it? Updating the arma 3 tools did nothing.
  7. Patrick N

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Same here, what gives?
  8. Patrick N

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    So is this Visitor 4 or something completely different?
  9. Patrick N

    Roadway Ditches Idea

    It is very possible if "layer 2" was a 3d road object, but it probably wouldn't look too pretty. -edit- Also, getting vehicles to drive on it might get very sketchy.
  10. Patrick N

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    Anyone else starting to lose hope here?
  11. Patrick N

    A-10C for Arma 3

    How do I flip switches?
  12. With my knowledge of map making, this concept seems extremely hard to impossible. However Visitor 4 might change that.
  13. Patrick N

    Same problem like Arma 2

    Are you serious? A custom map in arma can be several hundreds of megabytes, it not gigabytes. Same goes for mods.
  14. Patrick N

    Google Sketchup To arma 3?

    You need Sketchup Pro, it can export 3ds format which can be imported to Oxygen.
  15. Patrick N

    Take On Series Idea + Armaverse

    I certainly agree here, but I don't think the level of simulation fidelity for the previous Take on games should set the standard for future titles in the series. Realistic tank sims are a very small niche, since the 90s I can count all the realistic tank sims on one hand.
  16. Patrick N

    Take On Series Idea + Armaverse

    I would really like to see 'Take on Tanks', it's time Steel Beasts got some competition.
  17. Patrick N

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    What does this have to do with A3 terrain editing?
  18. Patrick N

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    It would be nice if BIS could at the very least give us a hint as to what's going on.
  19. Patrick N

    3D Max 2010 and ArmA3 Terrain

    Can answer your question, but I'm curious as to where you obtained the data and what format it was?
  20. Patrick N

    road shapefile making guide

    Question: Can you draw roads manually in V4?
  21. I wish BIS would release a Visitor4 lite, but judging on what they've said and done it the past it's highly unlikely. It's a bloody shame too because terrain making is one of the most challenging and time consuming ordeals in ArmA modding. BIS should really give something back to the community that has slaved for years with horrendously outdated tools like Visitor 3.
  22. Patrick N

    Visitor 4 (picture) When?

    Don't get your hopes up, BIS don't care about the terrain editing community. The best we've gotten is old scraps that's a decade outdated.
  23. Hi, I've installed the BI Tools 2 on my new computer and I am having problems loading terrains in Buldozer. Specifically 2048x2048 10m cell terrains. Buldozer will load smaller terrains with the same cell dimensions. It just hangs up on the "inserting some objects" and never loads, also, when I get Buldozer to load on smaller terrains, if I press F1, there is no text on the menus. I did try reverting to the older version of the BI Tools2 release, but encountered the same problems. What's going on here? My computer should easily handle this, my specs are: Mother B. Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, S-1155, USB3/SATA3 CPU Intel i7-2600k, Quad, 3,4Ghz, open MP, Turboboost Ram 2 X Corsair Classic 8GB Kit, 1600MHz SSD Intel 510 120GB SSD HDD Western Digital Green Edition 2TB 64mb GPU Gigabyte GTX 580 1,5GB Windforce OS Microsoft OEM Win Prem 7 Sp1 64-bit Thanks