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  1. Please do not spam asking for help , it is quite annoying. PM craig himself. for help :)
  2. Ok. so ACE works fully with dynamic Zombie sandbox. its the way the sandbox gets weapons and objects and shoves them all into the spawn locations that is your problem. as you know there are only around 30 to 40 tools in ace but that is out weighted by the amount of weapon variants. I have found tools before but they are very rare. the best way to view what weapons can spawn with the ace mod enabled is to look at the ACE training Mission in single player ( where you can look at the "magic crate" ). now the only way to really fix this is to code another variable or class that deals with tools differently to weapons.
  3. Have you tried making a varible that stores the data and prints it to a document or something? Such as food and water / health / weapons / what player? You could infact attempt at storing the code of what the player generates while playing, such things as POS , Inventory and health. Also a tip to get past generic saving options in the menu would be to add a scroll menu action to save instead. try and get the mission to somehow store the data within the mission file its self. im not sure if this is at all posible but you can try.... Btw I also got Ace to work with your mod fully :) ACRE however does not due to the amount of radios it has in the config. Look if you need more help i know a few Gurus on OFP or arma CW if you like? contact me Via Pm. :) This Has more potential than dayz atm. you should be overjoyed with your project as im sure lots of people are. Thanks Abrun4 OFPWH40K modeler. http://s1.zetaboards.com/OFPWH40K/index/ http://www.moddb.com/mods/ofpwh40k
  4. Ok i heard you can do this to enable the save function : Bobtom if you're interested I added save game in LAN (It saves the game and you are in the same position with everything: gun/vehicle/bandages/etc.) You have to modify two files: There are slight differences between them, but I am not sure if they are both needed. Anyway, if you only modify one then it won't work. They are both called zombiesinit.sqf File One is in: C:...\craigs_scripts folder, the other is in: C:...\zombie_scripts folder The lines that need to be modified are: //Disable saving enableSaving [true,true]; and //Leave group _group=createGroup civilian; [player] join _group; For //Leave group, just delete the code underneath it. I hope it helps. But what would i have to do if i wanted every player to be able to press the save button on their own accord? Atm The only person who can save their character / mission is the host. How can i make it that the save menu is visible to individuals? Great Mod Craig , makes me sad thinking this was made before Dayz :( From a fellow dev ( from ofp and still ofp ) Thanks :) Abrun4 OFPWH40K Modeler.
  5. abrun4

    Galactic Civil War

    What happened to the Mod mok_star ? I was never told the full story? Will be good to hear from you.
  6. abrun4

    Binmod Release Thread

    @ batis4 You knowledge of ofp could greatly improve our warhammer40k mod give us a pm :D
  7. Wow bielow i had no idea somebody got a hold or the "marpfy" tank pack / tiger pack cant wait to add them to my Mpww2 mod.
  8. abrun4

    WWII MP Released!

    Yer i have some addons atm that weren't included into the mpww2 mod, such as the Italians at war addons and Berlin at war addons My Target Line : @IOE;@wwiicz;@ww2ec;@AIA_MEN;@WW2_MP ill put a picture up of the problem.
  9. abrun4

    WWII MP Released!

    Hey guys , i have a problem with the german tanks crew,when i leave a tank or spawn the crew by them selfs, they get stuck half way into the ground and they are unable to move. i have no idea what could be causing the problem maybe a broken animation..??? will put a picture up if you dont know what i'm talking about.
  10. Is that in the good context or the bad context
  11. abrun4

    Dear Ofp GODS.

    Let the acts be done, and burn the inferior ofp a million times over.
  12. abrun4

    Dear Ofp GODS.

    Dear Ofp gods. I would love it if you guy made a patch that could make of use more ram and more gpu memory, basically ofp gods i'm asking if you guys can make a patch that will help ofp run on faster computer eg modern computers. i would love you guys for eva, but is this even possible?
  13. abrun4

    WWII MP Released!

    Thanks For The Replies.
  14. abrun4

    WWII MP Released!

    @ Reyhard Hey dude great mod, just wanting to know why my british infantry have problems with the lee enifiled? error showing as "Recoil Script missing" same with the britsh magnum pistol. feed back would very helpful :D.
  15. abrun4

    Is it possible.....

    Cheers so what i reading about now is that you can change the direct x file to make the game use more ram?