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  1. rehtus777

    United States Air Force

    fullerpj, nice mod..... it is great. Nice touch on the "Kansas" B-1 Bomber.....it's close to home.
  2. Ever seen the end of "The Dark Knight Rises?" Will there be another Batman Movie? Did he die in the Nuke explosion? What do you think? Duh. He lived and there will be another movie.....but we won't know until Hollywood makes another movie. The same with this Campaign....there will be a continuation, too many unanswered questions.....if they don't continue the campaign then it will turn into an "epic fail." As for Kerry being so "Naive"....he wasn't being "Naive"....he's confused. Is Miller "Good" or is Miller "Bad"....we still don't know, that's the whole point....even we are confused. I could nitpick every little thing, but I'm not going to....it was a pretty good campaign - overall. Now, with that said, the only MAJOR thing I would have done differently is with the WMD......instead of making an "earthquake device", I would have made some type of "Laser Device" or maybe a "cloaking device" or even some kind of "Biological Warfare Agent" (that's what I originally thought it would be) that could change the outcome of the War between NATO and CSAT / Russia / China. But, the "earthquake device" is a new twist, I guess BIS didn't want to go the old route of the "Nuke" device. BTW....did you notice the Seismic Map in the dome? It put Stratis and Altis just to the SE of Italy....it was closer to Italy than Greece. Interesting.
  3. I just started the Campaign....so far so good. Thanks for the effort, BIS.
  4. rehtus777

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    Nice. Looks like things are coming along perfectly.....thanks, Airman.....can't wait to use these planes.
  5. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Nice
  6. rehtus777

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I had to do a double take.....wasn't sure if I loaded X-Plane 10 by mistake :p (Side note: That was a major compliment). Nice job, my man....nice job.
  7. Excellent Map. The Ambient sounds are great and the eye candy is nice. One suggestion would be to add higher and thicker grass (if possible) around the Deep part of the Jungle within the map. Maybe the grass could stay the way it is near the towns (worn down by people and civilization), but out in the deep part of the jungle the grass could be waist high or head high in some places. I'm not sure if that is even possible or computer friendly, but that is one of the things I noticed while in the deep jungle, the grass wasn't high enough or thick enough...IMHO. Also, water lying in little pools or ponds randomly in the jungle would be a nice touch. Can you make quicksand? :p But it's your map and your design.... it's still on its way to being a masterpiece. Keep up the great work. Edit: Of course, if the grass can't get smashed down by tanks or vehicles - then I understand why you didn't make it taller. Can the grass be smashed down with a script? It would be nice if it did. I know that when you drive through the 10 foot tall brush on Altis, the grass doesn't move and it's like the brush isn't even there. Anyway......
  8. "Welcome to the Jungle, baby." - Axle Rose Looks good....can't wait to download it. Thanks for the hard work.
  9. I hear ya..... but I still believe that the Real Virtuality 4 Engine is behind the times to pull off realistic story-lines. One example: When the players talk, the movements of their mouth looks like games I played over 10 years ago - like a ventriloquist dummy. In most modern games today, the mouth movements look real, but in the ArmA III Campaign it does not look good. Also, the movement of the soldiers around the strategy table looks "mechanical" / Stiff ...not too life-like. But, when it comes to game-play and the movements of the soldiers / environmental eye candy, I'm quite pleased (as long as I'm using certain mods, of course). No, I've never played the OFP campaign.....I got the game for free last spring because I bought the supporters edition. I loaded the game up once, played it for about 30 minutes and I couldn't stand it. The ArmA 3 game mechanics have spoiled me.... for that matter, I can barely play ArmA 2. The game mechanics drive me nuts now. :p I have to use All In Arma to play it anymore. But I first played ArmA 2 during my Honeymoon phase of the series and have fond memories of the Campaign / Scenarios. As for the Campaign Story: Sure, the CSAT roadblock only being 1 km from the Gori (factory) is not realistic.....and you've pointed out several other good points. Maybe they should have put the camp back a little further from the front lines and hidden in a small forest area with camouflage all around.....I'm not sure why they used the factory that is exposed near the front lines out in the open? They should have studied more on guerrilla tactics and how they operated on certain Islands.....that 'hit and run' tactic, while being well hidden from the enemy. Like I said before, the story tells us that China and Russia are still fully operational, so that means those reconnaissance planes and Satellites are still up and running.....which calls for more 'civilian clothing' and well hidden positions by Kerry and company. One other thing, the lack of people / civilians / women is disturbing.... I don't have the TWS mod on, but why should I have to use it? We should see more people on the Island? Again, the old Engine they use is not efficient and it bogs down most computers when you add too many AI and this handicaps the story. In the end, it's still not a bad campaign....IMHO, it's pretty good (ignoring some of the hokie things like Gori and etc). I'm enjoying the story line and the small side missions (even though Kerry needs his squad with him).
  10. @aLmAnZo I think you're too overly critical.... you're trying to mix "total" reality with a Video Game.....it's not realistic. The Dev's have to keep in mind "balance" within the game and this isn't easily done. Also, we are limited to a small Island (Side Note: don't they use Islands so they can limit the land and surround it with water? I mean, look at Chernarus or Takistan, once you go outside the borders, it looks stupid and goes on to infinity; but if you have an Island surrounded by unlimited water, it looks more realistic. Also, its easier on the CPU / GPU / HDD). So, we have this fairly large Island with limited room.... the territorial gains and loses aren't going to be too realistic (Or course, in WW2 when Patton and Montgomery invaded Sicily, it had battle lines and etc). We must keep this in context. As for Gori, I'm sure in 2035, the Russians or Chinese would have given the Iranians full Satellite photos or reconnaissance of the Island hour by hour..... I agree with you there, the factory base is hokie. With that said, you still make some valid points. The Campaign could have been researched better and been closer to reality....but again, I think they are limited by the Engine they are using. Also, I agree with you about the AI..... I'm using bcombat right now and it helps some.....give it a try if you play "Adapt" again. Anyway....I'm enjoying it and I'm not trying to be overly critical of the Campaign "logic". It's like watching a Hollywood War Film....you could tear it to pieces when it comes to reality, but we need to just sit back and enjoy it. BTW, "Band of Brothers" is one of my all-time favorite Movies / Mini-Series..... too bad someone doesn't make a Video Game today with the modern engines about the 82nd or the 101st on D-Day to the end of the war.
  11. Has anyone encountered this bug: When I leave Gori to go on a side mission, the "Patrol" balloon pops up telling me that I'm leaving the base and that I will be "Scouting". I then go forward and the Altis map appears and it acts like it is going to load something, but them it goes back to the main Campaign Page where you see "Survive" and "Adapt"....it just defaults back to the main menu. What gives? I've seen other videos on youtube and the game goes into "Scouting" mode once you leave the base, but mine defaults back to the main menu. I tried it in Vanilla as well and it still defaults back to the main menu. Edit: I fixed the problem. Here is why I was having the problem: I went to the next main mission after Bingo Fuel.....I stopped part way through that mission and saved it. Then when I came back to the game at a later time and went to Gori in the Adapt Menu, I decided to play a side mission instead of finishing the new Main Mission.....it would keep creating the same "crash" bug on the side missions. IOW's, I could see the new mission below Gori, but I wanted to go back and do some side missions while leaving the new main mission on hold. To fix the problem, I just "Reverted" (instead of Resume) at Gori....it deleted the next "main mission." I then put in a side mission and now all is fine.
  12. Are you running any AI mods with the game? I haven't reached the end yet so I can't tell you if it happened to me ...... but during the mission where you have to take the supply truck I used the "bcombat" mod and my AI acted perfectly. When we had to engage the enemy, both sides (enemy and my squad) went at it ....they all took cover or went prone and then they had at one another. Some of the enemy even surrendered when they knew they were out-gunned.
  13. Uhhhhhh..... I'm talking about the Campaign under a campaign thread. ;). Btw, great mod.
  14. So far so good.... I'm lovin' the campaign, especially now that I've added bcombat to the mix..... great stuff. Here is what I believe is the best mod list for the game during the campaign: 1) Blastcore and Blastcore tracer. 2) bcombat 3) blood mist 4) CBA 5) JSRS 2 6) status hud 7) sthud 8) VTS Ballistic (adds wind...makes it much harder) 9) VTS WeaponResting 10) WW_AIMenu (in case an AI gets stuck...I've already used it once in the campaign). I don't want to add too many mods...... I'm keeping it somewhat basic. The only problem I've encountered is on the second mission..... Miller never showed up at the rendezvous spot, I think it was because bcombat put him in the prone position and he never made it over. I replayed the mission and Miller showed up the second time. Also, on another mission, the AI would surrender to my group ...I think that is because of bcombat as well (I played this in Dev. Branch without bcombat and got different results). Anyway....carry-on.
  15. rehtus777

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Keep 'em coming. You're one of the best. We thank you for sticking it out considering you're moving on to the CryEngine very shortly.