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  1. Is there a trigger, or script that will delete an empty vehicle, within a time period, after the driver has disembarked? Say, 5 or 10 minuets later for each empty vehicle. (Like a body delete script.) Spawned vehicles using DAC V2. MP Game. Thanks.
  2. Signalman


    I want to covert a .cpp file to .bin. Does anyone know how to use this (BinMake) program? Never-mind. BinMake is a program that BinPbo requires. BinMake is not a stand alone program. ( think.) Laza is the program to convert .cpp to .bin Sorry.
  3. Signalman

    Delete Empty Vehicles

    And the answer is.... Well, thanks to this forum, and what killed the cat, this is what works... Create a trigger, any size. Activation, none./Repeatedly/Present Condition, true On Act, this=execVM "empty.sqf" Copy and paste that into the "On Act" section of the trigger. Done with the trigger. Ok, now for the script; Create an "SQF" file. (The program. "ArmA Edit" is good for this.) You will need to put this file into your mission file. In the SQF file, copy and paste this; sleep 1260; _vehicles = nearestObjects [player, ["landvehicle"], 9999]; { if (count crew vehicle _x == 0) then {deleteVehicle _x}; } forEach _vehicles; [] execVM "empty.sqf" Ok, that's it. The time I have set to delete empty vehicles, is set for 1260 (sleep 1260);. About 20 min. You can change that. And you know what? After 20 min, They're gone! Computers, and the people that write computer scripts, are cool! ( Who can say...) I needed to know how to do this for a MP game I was making. In my mission, using the script "DAC", too many empty cars were left. Too much lag, too much traffic Too much.. This trigger, this script worked! And you can see this in my release of "Red Sector A" Mission download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18293 Feed back from Nerds, I can eat. Thanks. PS. solrac42 Was the best help. Thanks.
  4. Signalman

    "Red Sector A" Released!

    Hi everybody! I've uploaded a new Sector Control mission called "Red Sector A". (Sector Control With Dynamic AI Combat.) Lots of action, so even a game of ( 1 vs. 1 ) can enjoy it. Give it a try if you like, and let me know what you think. Thanks, Signalman Mission Download Link: www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18293
  5. Hi. I have made a MP Sector Control mission with dynamic AI combat using the DAC script. I think it might be fun. So I have a few questions. Would anyone like to have it, or test it? Where and how is the best place to distribute it? (Here or another web site?) Mission details: (Sc10) Red Sector A Island-Porto No addons required. Time-0600 (No NV, but you don't need it, it's a full moon and it gets light by 0615.) Two sides, 5 vs.5 with continuous ambient AI combat involving the U.S. , SLA and RACS AI. Play as U.S. or SLA. Non-playable RACS AI is allied with the U.S. Only players are dressed as snipers for easy identification. Players are equipped, and will respawn with either the M16A4 RCO or the AKS-74 PSO. (While alive you can use any weapon you can find.) Game is time based for Unlimited, 15min, 30 min, 1 hour or 2 hours. Basic Sector Control rules with these exceptions; A players death, of any kind, will result in the loss of 1 point for player and 6 points for team's sector score. (It's a good idea to kill your opponent and not be killed by opposing AI forces.) I think it's a fun game. (It's also fun just to watch. Lots of house to house fighting!) Thank you for any input.
  6. Signalman

    Scoring Values in MP

    Well, that doesn't work. The event handler fires off, but the syntax of my "score.sqf file is incorrect. Or missing something. (I knew that was too easy.) I'm working on it, but, does anybody know how to write this file? What I'm missing or a link that might help? I'll keep looking. lol
  7. Hi, I have made a Death Match mission, player VS. Player VS. AI, in which by default, all players and AI are targets, and both are worth 1 point per kill. I would like to change the players value to 10 points per kill. That is to say, kill another online player, you get 10 points, kill a AI target, you get 1 point. My idea is to give an incentive for players to go and hunt other players, rather than just sit and pick off AI targets for 1 point each. So my questions are; How is this done? Triggers or EH? Any good scripts or links out there? p.s. The mission has a 20 player max. Each playable named S1, S2, S3, and so on. Thanks for any help.
  8. Signalman

    Scoring Values in MP

    Ok, thanks. I think I'm going to try this; For all players, this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul = [10] execVM "score.sqf"}]; And in the "score.sqf" file, one file. Written like this; if (!local Server) exitWith {}; _this select 0; _this select 1 So, "_this select 0" is the killed, and "_this select 1" is the killer and will get 10 points. Am I on the right track here? ( That's too simple. lol.) Well, I'll give that a shot. Thanks again.
  9. Signalman

    Scoring Values in MP

    Thanks, but I think that will only work if you only have two players. ( Sorry, I should have written "Players VS. Players VS. AI") trigger activation:- not (alive s1) s2 addscore 9 not (alive s2) s1 addscore 9 That does work, (1 point for the kill, + addscore 9 = 10 points) but if you make the same triggers for the other players, s3, s4, s5, and so on, not (alive s1) s3 addscore 9 not (alive s1) s4 addscore 9 not (alive s1) s5 addscore 9 everyone will get 10 points for the kill or respawn kill of s1. (I tried that, and with 20 players, thats a lot of triggers!) What I'm looking for is a script, a trigger syntax, or a event handler that would give 10 points only to the player that actually killed s1. That is to say, if s3 kills s12, only s3 gets 10 points for the kill of s12. ( it's a 20 player DM game with AI included. ) In this link, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=65109&highlight=scoring+values "Loyalguard" started to touch on that but stopped short. He had written an event handler:- this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul = [1] execVM "scoreWest.sqf"}];- in my case, would the correct way to write that for each player might be, this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul = [10] execVM "scoreS1.sqf"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul = [10] execVM "scoreS2.sqf"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul = [10] execVM "scoreS3.sqf"}]; and a separate .sqf file for each player? if so, how should the .sqf files be written? Or can everything be written in one file with the same event handler for all players? Or...is there a trigger syntax that might work? ( I don't know! lol) Once again, thanks for all the help! p.s. i now know more about this game than i ever wanted to. but it's a fun puzzle!
  10. Signalman

    First Mission

    This form link helped me. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=58338&highlight=alive+target I think you will need a few other things. The utility "Arma Edit" will be useful for making a briefing, objectives and a final objective. Maybe others can help.
  11. Signalman

    Mods Still Appear After Removal

    I did a complete reinstall and deleted all other profiles while in game. That did it. But, why did the old profiles still exist, even after deleting the profile folders, the Arma.cgf and a reinstall? (After a reinstall, restarting the game would recreate the old profiles. Funny.) Where is that information located? Now I have a new puzzle! lol (Even looked in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\. Strange.)
  12. Two mods prevent me from joining some games. ET_Forces.pbo And MADMED_insurgents.pbo. I've removed them but they still appear. What's up with that? (Reboot didn't help.)
  13. I got Arma 2 last year without even hearing of Arma or OFP. Just thought it might be a good game to try on my new computer. But check this out. Last night I downloaded the Arma Demo just to see what it was like, and to compare it to Arma 2. Wow, this game is kinda nice! The world environment looks so much better in Arma. And the best part is, my computer can run it. ( The "Trees Of Death" in OA are just too much, so I just play in the desert. lol ) So last night I bought ARMA Gold Combat Operations Queens Gambit on Ebay for $5.95. I hope this game doesn't die yet, I would like to play online. By the way, what are good mods and addons to use for Arma? Thanks.
  14. Ok. This is how I found it. Using Windows 7 or Vista, open a folder, any folder will do. In the address bar of the folder, insert the address C:\Users\"User name"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore ( no quotes for your user name ). Click the "Go To" button or press Enter and it will take you to " AppData > Local > VirtualStore > ". In that location you will find folders that you can look through. I hope that helps. ( I found folders for other games and programs I thought I had completely uninstalled. It's good to know about this location for general computer maintenance. )
  15. Yes! No reinstall! It worked! Just delete the files. You know, when I opened that VirtualStore folder, I found many things I had uninstalled. I guess when you uninstall ArmA2, it doesn't look to that folder because it wasn't created by Bohemia Interactive. And when you start the game, Windows 7 adds it. ( I think ) Now I need a beer!
  16. Same problem here. No matter if you uninstall the game, delete, or move everything ArmA2 off the computer, and reinstall the game, those Export to single player missions reinstall to the same user that created them. I think I found the answer. Using Windows 7 or Vista, they are located here; C:\Users\"User name"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Missions That's where I found them. I'm going to delete them, reinstall and see if that works. ( What a pain! )
  17. Signalman

    How to make AI board transports

    When I use moveincargo to board a AAVP7A1 as the group leader, the AAV crew goes into "Turn out" mode. They get shot every time! Only if I switch to commander's seat will they "Turn In" on order. And when I get out, they go back to "Turn out". How can I fix this? Is there something I need to put in the Player inif? The AAVP7A1 inif?
  18. Thanks! I knew I was doing something wrong.:o I think I took all of the files out of the airsup folder when I put them into the mission folder and that messed it up. I forget. ( People. You don't need to do what I did! lol ) Question; Is there a way I can use the transport helo to provide a air drop or just land with a ammo resupply? If not, do you know a good file for resupply by air? Thanks again.
  19. In order to get your script to work, v1.2, I needed to cut every instance of "airSup\" from all sqf files. as in, "airSup\airSupInit.sqf" to just "airSupInit.sqf" etc. After that, it works fine in your provided mission. I like it! ( Did I do something wrong? :o :) )
  20. I found that this worked to spawn a manned vehicle and move it to a waypoint using Radio Alpha. Trigger using Functions Module, On Act. As follows; Tank = [markerPos "Marker1", random 360, "M1A1", WEST] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; wp = Marker1 addwaypoint [getMarkerPos "Marker2",0]; wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; Tank commandMove (getMarkerPos "Marker2")
  21. Signalman

    User mission requests!

    I would like to see some missions that take place in Korea. Everon would work a map. All you need to do is change the names of the towns, create North Korean military units with markings and uniforms. And create Korean style buildings and street signs. Easy! ( When you think about, why hasn't it been done yet?)
  22. Using "VFFPS" and a view distance set at 500, I get 26-28 FPS with the first in game benchmark. Is that good enough to play online?