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  1. We have used this modpack manager in our community for several months and I can highly recommend this program! It's so easy to use for users and admins! :)
  2. EDIT: Error was on my script and not on CBA and it has been fixed now :)
  3. This version of your code should work in multiplayer Private ["_unit","_target"]; _unit = _this select 0; //player unit call compile preprocessfile "SHK_pos\shk_pos_init.sqf"; if (random 1 < 0.30) then { _target = (playableUnits) call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _unit setPosATL (_target modelToWorld [0,-3,0]); //spawn behind the unit - avoid friendly fire incidents. } else { _pos = ["mrkGreen",0,["mrkRed","mrkYellow"]] call SHK_pos; _unit setPosATL _pos; };
  4. nikolauska

    Start *.sqf when reloading

    You can run sqf file with: execVM "\file\path\name.sqf"