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    Ancient Era Mod

    Why for this game? Amongs all the games out there, why for this game?
  2. Minutemen

    Giffords, Kelly take on NRA with gun control group

    America isn't england or germany. Its the only place on earth with the right to keep and bear arms and when the leftwing has such a big problem with that they are free to leave. Go to england, germany or even japan where guns are totaly banned for citizens. Meanwhile Humvee's rolling through boston and police is geared up like they would roll into falludscha but Obama says weapons of war don't belong on our streets. Yeah, an AK belongs in the hands of soldiers who execute civilians who can't fight back because they bought into what the establishment demagoge Big O says. Hey i'am sure many of you saw the FSP Russia show on youtube. Guess what, the producer was execited in his office and the guy who acts as the russian got arrested. They realy going to hammer us down untill the secound revolution starts.
  3. Minutemen

    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas, many injured!

    Listen Tommy, this is the south where people go on with their lifes and don't cry like babies untill the government does something about the boogy man under their bed. No matter how strong you make regulations there could be even a gas leak lead to an explosion. Life is life. If you don't want to live beside a fertilizer plant don't buy a house there. Or maybee the houses there were cheaper because of that in the first place and people waged risk versus afford.
  4. Minutemen

    Anyone trading A3 for AC3?

    First off that you didn't even define what "A3" is. What would give me the guarantee that a trade with a guy from bosnia doesn't run a hoax on me? Also, the market value of Assassins creed 3 already droped 15 usd compared to Arma 3 wich i guess is "A3".
  5. Minutemen

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Its been a while since i looked on this and its good to see the progress that happend so long. But, the vehicles are all way to shiny. Use the Photoshop CS3 or higher to overwork the Normal Map Alpha to make it more dull. Also good to add some "dirt" effects as you see on the BI Tanks and stuff. Also, i think you should put more attention to the infantry units. In the western media everyone saw those UCK guerillas and Croatians and the european volunter nazi loons but as good as never any Tanks or Serbs. The stuff i saw so far doesn't convinced me in authenticity so far. The Yugoslavian Army in the 90 was not as eastern block influenced as westerners think, and if this unique look gets missed i would found that kind of sad. They found a good mix of Nato and russian equitment wich i personaly find highly interesting. Also their opponents were mostly western influenced, except for the UCK wich equitet themself from Albanian Army arsenals wich modeld themself on the chinese PLA with their shity Type 56 copies and those realy cheap ass chest rigs with just three pockets. They got big supplies of swiss and german uniforms. Also german and dutch flak jackets. Many resources to make this are already availible and if you would ask people from other mod projects i'am sure they would share a few bits. http://media.moddb.com/cache/images/groups/1/2/1600/thumb_620x2000/2853986_730cq.jpg If you would need any help with advising in this case i could send you details how that could be done. But probably not because most likely you guys are from this area and know already.
  6. Minutemen

    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas, many injured!

    Wall Street Journal: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit As details emerge about the Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of Wednesday’s fatal explosion and fire, a few tidbits can be gleaned from a 2007 lawsuit that the plant’s owners filed against agribusiness giant Monsanto Co. Man, this is the south. If you make it, you make it. If not, you don't.
  7. Minutemen

    Start and Landing Waypoints

    Yeah but in Arma1 this wasn't necessary at all because they had a waypoint command for that already and i think they should bring that back. And maybee some other stuff as "following" and so. Okay two relativ terms already in the first sentence. Best and need, doesn't mean anything. Isn't a yes or a no but a assessment and a paternalisc term. The other sentence is just pure crap about countries where killing should be legal. Wow, blow my mind.
  8. Hi i have a few question about the Editor and generaly editing the game. Will the ,Land' and ,start' waypoint from Arma1 be back so that i don't need to "script" everything? Will this "Magazines will not be reloaded on vehicles" bug solved or does it still need manual scripts? Will there be a Real time editor option? Will Bohemia release some overdone modding tools and get rid of that "you can't unlock this stuff because we don't want but the russians don't care anyway so they do way more better stuff than your boring ,a marine with other colours is now a norwegian super soldier, trinket" restriction of modable BI Content?
  9. Minutemen

    Why games are rubbish.

    You know what i miss? Ghost Recon 1. That was time i loved and it showed a nice script when seven years after it was published a war between georgia and russia broke out about ossetia 2008 exactly like in Ghast Recon. Tom Clancy and his Pentagon sources... But you don't need insider sources when you wanna make up a good story. For example, i realy liked the Arma2 scenario but its potential wasn't used at all. Community added some good stuff. But yeah, most games today are garbage(i hate it when people say rubbish when they mean garbage) and the finest example is the dead ridden Call of Duty series. What a waste of resources for a no-brainer. They started good with Call of Duty 4 but then it just when through some sort of "HEY WE NEED THAT SLOW MO EFFECT EVERY TIME" door breach in a room full of other bad ideas and they had a night of unprotected sex and meth and their children are now Call of duty Mondern warfare 2-3 and black ops. How coooool are black ops... As better the grafics get as dumber story and action gets. What the hell, what have i done to you game developers? Is my money not enough? Is this why i have to registrade every damn game now online with origin? Do you want my soul also to hand them over to your satanic overlord who sucks brains dry and loves to kill inovations and creativity together with medipacks in his dark bloodonthescreen torture dungeon. The Fantasy market is also sucked dry and Witcher2 was the last silver lining concept in that genre. You know what? Dungeon Keeper 2 and Ghost Recon. That was my time. Todays games suck and i don't care if the developers go bankrupt. And i some cases where i hope they make it, like with Company of heroes 2 and THQ, i blame the Nerds for having no clue of capitalism.
  10. Minutemen

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Oh come on dude you just changed the texture a tiny bit. Would even be more convincingly if there would be any nation flags left in this fictional future army.
  11. Minutemen

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Phaha, Man this is great! The Peasants looting the field of slaughter like vultures. Yeah right like "Inspire" Magazin where Djihadis look smiling in the camera like this would be some touching picture story how i met my soul mate and we having fun together behind the kalaschnikov. And those GMX adresses at the end where wannabe al quaidas should mail there job aplication to. These Al Quaida publications are all so fake. But since they repeat so often "IED" while about other event it was just a "Bomb" makes me think they realy plan to construct some sort of rightwing ex-military veteran worked together with Al Quaida to blow stuff up, like in this series "Homeland". Why do i have the bad feeling that Obama will again wish a tear away from the outer side of his eye while looking down for the child who died in the event, and than making such a horrible statement like banning gun powder while everyone is in some sort of trance and the rest doesn't dare to say something against it, because otherwise a bunch of retarted inquistionaries would scream them down how they would insult the families of the victims and such nonsense. So what? A supposed white guy in a hoodie. At least it looks like the evil white terrorists from the "See Something, Say Something" adds.
  12. Minutemen

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    And again, don't say X about Event Y because you insult the victims. How lame. If i would be affected by Event Y, i would like to know what exactly is going on and who is behind this.
  13. Minutemen

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    I think they will blame a Right Wing Group for that or generaly Right Wingers. They geard up over the years with hollow point ammunition, armored cars, checkpoints and demonizing Gunowners, Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Partiers as Racist Right Wing Nuts who are just as crazy as Timothy McVeigh. They wouldn't choose Boston on Patriots day for such a script. And Rainbow Six isn't even out yet... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtfC4MVmuzU Or maybee some kind of returned Veteran joined Al Quaida Hybrid like in Homeland. Never let a good crisis go to waste...
  14. How stupid must be someone to limit his own thoughts to what the pentagon says they will use it for? Its the ministry of war, lying out crazy shit they are up to is their main job. _____ Maybee its some kind of self protection in a mental way, otherways this stuff would creep someone the hell out. Fly drones injecting poison, suicide bomber cyborg rats. 8 Bit sound aera apocalypse music...
  15. Minutemen

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    She pointed out, that enviormentalism is a sneaky way for socialists to establish a planned economy. She was right about that. Look what gorbatschow does now with his green cross foundation. Germany has the strongest green party around the world and it is made up by west german communists. Ohoho you got me. Yeah i like ,atlas shrugged' very much. Does that make me one of those evil Tea partiers? Hey, if this is your enemy stereotype, people who refer logic and self determination, you are totaly gone anyway. Conservative doesn't mean anything else than people who want to convert the status quo. Depanding in wich country you live, that could be a good or a bad thing. Catholicism is just another form of collectivism. A disgusting cult that tries to tell me, that we are born in guild because a naked chick eat an apple or some shtuff.