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  1. This seems promising, maybe useful on Arma aswell?
  2. https://www.io-tech.fi/artikkelit/testissa-amd-ryzen-threadripper-1950x-1920x/ Arma 3 with AMD Threadripper tested.
  3. AMD R9 Fury tested with Arma https://youtu.be/mBPArm3UuOE
  4. Only place I could find that uses Arma 3 in GPU benchmarks. And now it has article about AMD Fury X, the scores include R9 390X aswell. http://muropaketti.com/artikkelit/naytonohjaimet/amd-radeon-r9-fury-x-fiji,4
  5. The latest release version fixed the multiplayer side, now the framerate is similar to singleplayer (above 30 FPS that is) , hurray! I noticed my GPU was idling, and raised the sampling to 200%, what a boost to image quality and GPU usage peaks at 99%. Week before I had framerate drop to 14 FPS in multiplayer, so this was big boost for me.
  6. I'm sorry that I didn't explain my proposal more precisely. I base my proposal on article in the developers blog: http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/developers-blog/91-real-virtuality-going-multicore Article clearly defines that "Rendering is still the part of the game which takes most of the CPU time in ArmA, more than simulation or AI." And by that the developer means that the renderin part before the data is passed on to GPU for rendering as people know it. My proposal was to ease the burden of the CPU rendering side, and if the overall burden would come down by simplified models or dropped ones, it would also help the weaker GPU's.
  7. If the problem is that rendering takes the biggest slice in CPU time, let us lower those settings. Proposal: add couple more graphical setting presets very low and ultra low to the game ? In that way we could get the multiplayer part to playable framerates, and would buy you time to optimize the game. Those presets could benefit together the poorest of the CPUs and GPUs.
  8. Hi, here are details from my machine: Windows XP Home Asus EAH5770 CUcore/G/2DI/1GD5 Catalyst version 10.12 Asus 785D-M Pro Amd Phenom II X2 555 2x1G Kingston DDR 2 350W power with 16A and 18A 12V rails. Arma is Steam version 1.57.76815 and launched as Combined operations. P.S. Just runned the benchmark 8 again, with video memory set to default, and no artifacts. Kept on digging, and if I change the 3D settings to Optimal performance from Catalyst, the artifacts reappear!
  9. I have just bought a Ati card and came across the problem described in the title. Textures missing, textures reaping and flicker, and all was due to a advanced setting: Video memory as Default. Changing it to High( I have a 1G graphic card), solved the problem. I made a video for demonstration: Hope this will help someone. sawe