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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I have no idea how to mod, so heres my idea for some clever dick to impliment. take the darter drone, increase its size, make one variant with a HMG as the turret. another variant as a logistics drone. i.e. no turret, just an inventory and extended fuel tanks for long range resupply/kill missions (add VAS to it for complete resupply options. or not). re-model the 2 variants to look appropriate. obviously with increased size, they should be more vulnerable to enemy fire hence balancing the addition of a turret so there not too OP. and of course, neither variant could be backpackable. and.... GO!!! tell me when your done :P
  2. so far in my experience, the gunner doesn't give a shit what you want him to do and just targets whatever he wants to anyway. TAB or left_CTRL - TAB does absolutely nothing, when i press T he targets something, but its rarely the target i want him to target... when i try to target a man by putting my crosshair over him and pressing T, the commander text says that i tell him "no target" then "target APC". is this broken? or am i doing something wrong. ---------- Post added at 11:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:32 AM ---------- so fiddling around with the key bindings helped. the problem i had was all the targeting functions were bound to T. i swaped the next target functions to different keys and now it works as it should... stupid that the default key config doesn't work.... the problem i have now is the gunner cant seem to bring the gun onto some targets...
  3. good tut, works fine in ARMA 3 as well
  4. i keep reading that apparently this game supports the full range of motion in analogue throttle controllers like the one on my brand new HOTAS warthog. however this is not the case. when i try to assign the axis to the collective controls, it only ever appears in the assign key part after i've pushed the throttle past 50%. when tested in game play, the collective wont doesn't start being added till after 50% of throttle range and is maxed out at about 80% of the throttles range... i'm also trying to use the slider on my throttle to control the ingame throttle settings with no luck (seems there's no support for analogue throttles in game). what am i doing wrong? or are the rumors that this was fixed for TOH untrue?
  5. Piraneous

    Can't get in helicopter

    bah.... not sure why i bought this game. i'm having the same problem in a medium chopper in the demo while i wait for the rediculously slow download of the full version. even holding alt, all i see on the chopper is 6 icons. all of which are opening/closing door related. one of which is showing up near the top of the chopper behind the rotor assembly... obviously for the door i could open but cant close... did they even play test this game before releasing it?
  6. Only mission I've encountered so far that has forced me to IDE a grenade launcher was the one where the main character uses one to reach the RC before another lame FPS level I do agree that indirect fire is broken.
  7. Wow, right click to go forward? That sounds awkward and limited already. But each to there own I guess.. My opinion on why the control bindings are limited and feel clunky.... Games are made with console controllers in mind rather than keyboard and mouse. Just one of the ways consoles are ruining PC gaming.
  8. Yeah, I did reclaim the first 3 islands. Loaded a save before and it's working again. Another stupid bug in the game...
  9. for some reason, the carrier has decided not to repair/rearm/refuel my units. they just sit in the docks with low fuel, no ammo and damage... I have fuel in the carrier. the carrier's health is at 100%. i've tried undocking and re-docking. tried refitting different weapons. saving and reloading the game. tried undocking everything, saving, then reloading and re-docking... nothing... i cannot finish the campaign with only a carrier to do the shooting..... any ideas?
  10. Piraneous

    CO THERMAL OPTICS problem.

    err.... can you at least link the solution you found? i have the same problem and want to fix it also....