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    ARMA 2 CO freezing/hanging

    Memory dump issue? set the game to use only 4g of memory and see if that helps.
  2. I do see that happen sometimes right before going to briefing but usually wait for host is still showing, in this case you just need to be patient. You may have a different version of an island or mod that is being used on the server. If you have the wrong version of an island or mod it will allow you to connect and pick a slot but will not allow you to load the island or mod when going to brief.
  3. Muerte LOL

    OA crashing

    Friends don't let friends purchase from steam, check Direct2drive next time. They are just like the cd/dvd install and I have never had a problem with them. You are not adding mods to your Addons folder are you. Always install mods in their own separate folders, just in case you were not doing so. ;)
  4. Muerte LOL

    Always Crashes to Desktop on ARMA II/OA

    If you have not played it yet maybe a bad installation, my system is below minimum specs and I can play so your should be ok. If you choose to reinstall install A2 first, patch to 1.10 then OA and patch up to recent. but before doing that post rpt file as mentioned above first.
  5. Muerte LOL

    Mouse issue

    1. As you are zoomed in the slightest movement at your end will be amplified at the end of your sight. Farther view = less visual stability. 2. Not sure what you mean but could it be the circle follows the terrain. uneven terrain = warped circle? Maybe borrow a mouse from a friend and see if you get the same result.
  6. Muerte LOL

    Full Moon | Bright Nights

    What part of the world are you setting your time to? The time you set would have to correspond to the location the island is set in for the correct moon cycle...or at least that is what I have heard. If all else fails check the modules in the editor I think there may be something there to simulate sky colors.
  7. I find it better to patch Arma 2 to 1.10 before running the OA patch 1.59.
  8. I don't know if people are still have problems seeing servers with a Yellow ?. This may not apply to most people out there but I thought I would share our "problem" with our server showing the Yellow ? when we use Six Updater updating. We have our server on the list in SU to download equal mods in for the client side ([LOL] New Majors). We also use the GLT_f16 mod. After getting set up with our new dedicated server we used SU to make sure we had all the addons needed and to make sure it was set up correctly. No matter what we did our server still showed up yellow. Come to find out (and we feel really stupid now) that everytime we run the Six Updater and it goes through the mods it will re download the stuff we had to delete out of the GLT_f16 (for us it's the GLT_f16_a2_config.pbo and its bisgin file). I guess we could set SU to skip this file. :) So..If you are using GLT F16 and you have a lot of servers that show up yellow and you use the Six Updater you may want to check your folder to makes sure you have only the files you need in it. Hope this helps someone out there.
  9. Would making one trigger that looks for the objective to be completed and then marks it and use it as a condition for the End trigger work also? I like your idea Tom3, will have to give it a try.
  10. Muerte LOL

    Yellow ? solved DOH!!!

    Maybe not but I have read complaints from people that they feel it may be keeping people from joining their servers. I know this isn't big news or a major fix, was just meant as informational for those that might not have considered such a simple thing could be keeping there servers from showing yellow or those that are having a hard time finding a green server. Thanks for the reply though. :)
  11. Muerte LOL

    multiplayer is not working!

    Add the games .exe to firewalls "application exceptions". Just opening the port may not always work.
  12. Muerte LOL

    Receiving Data Problem

    Firewall? Antivirus? Is your command line too long so that it is not loading everything? Mods loading in the right order? Proper direct X version?
  13. Muerte LOL

    Where did you buy Arma 2?

    Arma 2 = Direct2drive.com Operation Arrowhead= Amazon.com
  14. Muerte LOL

    Multi-Player Madness

    Just because a clan sponsors/runs a dedicated server does not mean you have to join the clan to play (there are some that want you to but I don't think most do). The days when you could open a dedicated server and people would flock to it are gone when it comes to OFP/Arma servers. Back in the OFP days the mods were not there when the game came out and it took a bit of time before they did. This made servers run vanilla for a while and all were able to join. When the arma series came out the mods where up and on servers in a very short time so the community did not have a chance to get established before servers were flooded with addons that people needed to download and when you have noobs coming in that cant find a vanilla server to get used to the game and community on they get frustrated and quit. Our attempts to stay on top of things and get our servers running with our favorite mods as fast as we can has worked as a detriment to our player numbers. Not to say it's a bad thing that we have so many great mods but it can be very hard for new people to discover the game and all of its greatness if they have to start out spending hours downloading mods just to find they need to get more when they go to play on another server. We have members in our own clan that gave up because of all of the constant updating and they went back to OFP.
  15. Download and install the GDT no grass mods. They have them made for some islands and if you have the mod listed in your start up parameters it should lower all of the grass for all missions you play on the supported islands.
  16. I was going to suggest this also. When I did a re-install recently I got errors when I installed Arma 2 then OA then patched. I had to un-install, clean registry, install arma 2, patch it, install OA and patch it...no errors then and everything ran great.
  17. Muerte LOL

    unable to play online arma 2oa

    Go into you firewall and look for an exceptions tab. You may need to manually add a rule for Arma, when you do this it should open the ports automatically. To make it simple add rules for all Arma related .exe files, should not be that many and IMO risk is very low. Just browse the .exe files and allow them. You should also be able to add it to an ignore list in your anti virus program.
  18. Muerte LOL

    Arma 2 Freezing on Install

    With avast, right click on the icon in the taskbar and it should give you an option to temporarily disable it for a period of time.
  19. Muerte LOL


    Turn anti aliasing off or set to low, also try it with post processing to see if that helps.
  20. A lot of this can also depend on what the units or servers skill settings are set to. We had all of our settings in the servers config file set to 0 (don't know how but has been corrected now) and missions that we could hardly get a foothold in were beaten in no time at all. Enemy AI ran right past us 10m then turned and shot. Once we set it back to where it was supposed to be we didn't stand a chance, they would see you crouch and shoot you dead on. So if you are playing on recruit setting this will be common, set it to veteran or higher or set unit skill level up in its init field and you won't stand a chance.
  21. In the meantime set your monitor and video card to the monitors "natural" setting (sound like a broken record don't I) find it by searching for your monitors model number with the word "natural" after it. This will give you your optimal video settings. Turn off anti Aliasing and set post processing down to minimum or turn it off too. You can set other video setting lower also if you don't see improvement. Make sure you have all un-necessary processes off ( auto updates, qttasks and other things you dont need running). From start menu click run and type in msconfig and hit enter. Research what you have listed under services and startup to see what you can turn off safely. Good luck
  22. Muerte LOL

    Arma ii: Reinforcements gameplay

    To start with find your monitors natural setting for best performance (look up model number with word "natural" after it). If you can set the game to play on regular or above (as opposed to recruit) your accuracy may improve the higher you get. Recoil can also be a big factor, big gun = big recoil. Kneeling will improve aim and going prone will improve it greatly. You might also see if the gun/rifle you are using has a range setting (default= page up/page down). Your system should be fine, I play on a single core 2.1 Ghz, 2 G memory with 9800gtx 512 vc. Good luck and enjoy :)
  23. Muerte LOL

    OFP Addon request thread

    Depending on what you are playing you can have your leader use ~17 (all wait for me) and it will stop most of the chatter. Not much help if you are trying to command AI but it keeps the auto reporting that comes up from players.
  24. Muerte LOL

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    I might be a bit late on this but if you are interested in the type of gameplay like we used to do (and still do) in ofp you are welcome to come give our server a try. We are very open to the public, we play multiplayer coop. No Domination or Warfare. We are a vet server, no crosshairs, no respawn and no muppets. You will have to download some mods but all are set up on the Six Updater. Search for LOL or Majors (our server is LOL Majors). We also have all of the mods in one big addon pack that you can get out of our download section if you don't want to use Six Updater, the file structure is the same. It is not always busy but when it is we have some very nice laid back games. We make most of our own missions. Everyone is welcome and if you are new we really try to help you get set up and going. You can check our website for more information, www.nakedsquid.com. There is a full very easy to follow tutorial on installing and using Six Updater and Teamspeak 3 information. You can pop in anytime on TS when we are on and we can help you set up. So don't be shy come on in. Hope to see you and others there if you are looking for some good old fashioned Co-op gaming (just like the old OFP Days)
  25. I think this can be set up in the server config file on the server. Found what you might be looking for: /* Example ArmA2Profile configuration file by [KH]Jman, 1st July 2009. http://www.kellys-heroes.eu */ class Difficulties { class Recruit { class Flags { Armor=1; // Gives you improved body armor, tank armor etc FriendlyTag=1; // Displays information on friendly units. ONLY WORKS WITH 'Weaponcursor=0', eg crosshair on. EnemyTag=1; // Displays information on enemy units HUD=1; // Shows you leaders location and your position in formation HUDPerm=1; // Shows HUD permanently HUDWp=1; // Shows Waypoints right after they're ordered to you HUDWpPerm=1; // Shows Waypoints permanently WeaponCursor=1; // Shows the crosshair for your weapon AutoAim=1; // Enables auto aim when you're not looking through your weapon's scope. Also works with crosshair off AutoGuideAT=1; // AT missiles will be automatically guided to their target. If 0, player has to lock onto the target. 3rdPersonView=1; // This turns 3rd(third) person view and group leader view on or off. Please never talk of this as "3D view" - ArmA is not an arcade game ! ClockIndicator=1; // Displays the clock indicator on the left of your screen when giving/receiving orders like "At 11 o'clock, enemy man at 200 meters" Map=1; // Shows symbols for all objects known to your gruop on the map. This will NOT disable the map itself ! Tracers=1; // Displays tracers even of small arms that in real life would not have tracers AutoSpot=1; // If you're close enough to an enemy, you'll report it without right-clicking UltraAI=0; // Enables super AI, hear and see more and increased tactics. This is for both friendly and enemy sides. DeathMessages=1; // Displays death messages i.e. playerA kill playerB NetStats=1; // Displays score board VonID=1; // Displays VON player name in window HUD Perm set to 0 should make it fade. Not sure if you can do it as client.