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  1. Muerte LOL

    Why I love ARMA and its community

    Sounds a little familiar, strangely enough I can remember most names of players from the old days when I see them. If you are ever looking for a game we are running 2 ofp servers and 1 arma2 server just filter lol and we should pop up. We always welcome new and even old players. :)
  2. You might try telling them to hold fire and command them to safe. Not at the game right now so I can't tell you which numbers it is but this should make them ignore the enemy. ~ (all), combat mode, safe.
  3. Muerte LOL

    Why I love ARMA and its community

    We are a bunch of clowns (clown faces and all) and play for the fun of it. Your name does not sound familiar, did you go by something else then?
  4. Muerte LOL

    Why I love ARMA and its community

    Great sentiment and very true. I discovered OFP in 2002 and have been playing nothing but OFP and Arma ever since. Now that I have a more "modern" system it's like discovering the game all over again. I have tried to get into other games but they just don't have the same feel and immersion that you find in OFP and Arma. I do wish there were more players for regular coop missions but what can you do. My son came over a few weeks ago and watched me play a bit on my new system and he realized the true potential for the game (my old comp was below minimum specs but I still played, low fps and all). He was so impressed he quit playing his other games and bought all he needed to play Arma. I helped him set up SU and got him started and now it is all he plays. The best part is he plays the game with his "old man" and the more he plays and discovers the more he loves it. He tried flying a falcon for the first time in a mission on our server using a mouse and keyboard and shot down 5 planes on his second run at it. He was definitely hooked then.
  5. Seems to me if you are going to do default missions the only mods you should really have to worry about are the ones that change the default models.
  6. Muerte LOL

    Grapics Question

    Have you tried to turn your post processing off or down? Same with anti aliasing. Anisotropic filtering will increase distant resolution when set higher. View distance really does not need to be set higher than 3000, 2500 works fine for me as I cant see past that anyway with a higher end computer. What made the biggest difference for me was setting the 3d resolution to 125% (under game resolution setting, which should be set to your monitors natural resolution) by default mine was set to about 87%.
  7. If you like coop missions (mostly made by our own clan) you are welcome to come join us on [LOL] New Majors. We play vet mode and don't freak out over high pings. Our server is based in the UK but we have regular players from all over the world, even a regular from your neck of the woods. We do have mods but all required ones can be set up easy with Six Updater. If interested you can get all the info you need on our website www.nakedsquid.com.
  8. I see in your list that you opened ports, no where did I see that you added the arma2OA.exe to your fire wall exceptions/rule. Sorry if I missed it if you did try it and just did not list it, but some times it is the simple things we overlook.
  9. Most likely you are not loading required mods for the servers or have mods that are not accepted on certain servers. If you are going to play on servers that use mods you would be better off to use the Six Updater to get the proper mods for each server and create a different starting method for each that you will be playing on. Starting methods can be a desktop shortcut (not recommended for long target lines with lots of mods), a batch file (<--my favorite), Six updater to keep organized and start the game, or a launcher. Make sure you keep your main addons folder clean and never add anything to it, use a different mod folder for each mod you add. If you have already added mods to your default addons folder try to remove them or re-install the game (sucks but is usually fastest in the long run).
  10. Maybe find where your missions are being stored on your computer (the PBO files of the ones you were editing) and dePBO them. If you can do that copy the folders the dePBO tool makes into the missions folder under your profile directory. You should then be able to open it in the editor.
  11. Muerte LOL


    Never ever check or uncheck anything in the expansion area ignore it completely. Don't even know why its there, I have never seen anyone messing with it have good results at all. If you want to load mods use a short cut, a batch file or a launcher. Preferably one of the latter if you are loading more than a few mods. The target line in a shortcut will only allow so many spaces even though you can write as many as you want in it, they will not all load.
  12. Muerte LOL

    Is it worth me buying?

    Well Put. I played operation flashpoint for years. I played all the rainbow six and rogue spear series before that. I am still playing Arma and have since it came out, on a computer that was below minimum specs...it's that good. Did just build a new computer last week so I am actually playing with no lag on anything and we have made some pretty big missions for MP Coop. My son was so impressed he has ordered the game also and should be playing it by the weekend. So yes, get it, learn it, enjoy it. :D You can find good used copies on Amazon.com fairly cheap. Be sure to check ratings of seller compared with how many transactions they have.
  13. This is true. Also if the vehicle running along WayPoints it should use "open fire, engage at will". But if you are in command of the AI the above statement by PVP is the best answer.
  14. Muerte LOL

    Arma2 Gamekillers ..elaborate

    The game has it's ups and downs. I have put 5 rounds in a guy (including head shots), he gets up runs 10m, turns, fires and I'm dead. Other times I clearly see my shot hit the dirt and the guy goes down. Staying prone and still for a little bit can steady your shot. Holding right mouse button for too long can make your sites bob as you become winded. I have hidden from troops and armor in grass and bushes and had them go right past me, the trick is to not move. In the game it seems as in real life the eyes detect movement. If you are out in a field on the ground and you move the grass around you is going to move you can then be detected. Distance is important when aiming, the right weapon for the right job. Suppression fire works fine. I can shoot through trees, grass and bushes and hit the enemy when I know where they are behind it, they can do the same to me. A 50Cal rifle can shoot through some objects that an AK can't..I like that. Just remember you will not convince the purist here that the game should be played for anything other than what they think it should be played as. Best to just ignore them. It is a game and like most games it has its good and bad points, nothing is ever perfect. There are ways around some issues some there are not, best to just decide what works for you. What you can live with and can't live with, then adapt as needed. I wouldn't say the things you brought up are game killer, annoying maybe and a real bummer when you die because of it but all in all it is still the best game out there. Have fun and enjoy. :)
  15. This is not a 7zip file but can be opened using 7zip. Just right click on it and unzip with 7zip after downloading..I would use the "extract here" option so it creates a folder. http://www.nakedsquid.com/index.php?navi=downloads&sec=arma2oa Bottom of the page.