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  1. Just a quick question. When you respawn in multiplayer without using any scripts for loadout, is it normal for the game to respawn you with less mags than the default for your unit type? Ex. if you play a rifleman you get 6 mags at start, but 4 after respawn? Is this normal? I'm playing 1.18. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I am really sorry for posting here but I hope someone will help me none the less. Basically I am looking for class names of the original CWR mod (for ArmA 1), since I am using the mod for Arma 1 (my system not being able to cope with Arma 2). I am trying to implement the AI grenadier fix by "The Captain" to the mod but to do so I need the class names of grenade launcher rifles, m16 and ak47/74. If someone still remembers where those class names of the original CWR mod can be found or if they're identical to the Arma 2 version, please do tell. Thanks and again, I apologize for posting here but I do not know who else to ask...
  3. Stalker1979

    A couple of scripting issues

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll just be using the createVehicle for my phase line explosives then, spawning a Laser guided bomb or HE round produces the similar effect as satchel.
  4. Hi, i wonder how can I script these things in Arma, (If possible): 1) Can I make a script that will spawn satchel charges on certain places that can latter be touched off by someone? Not to make a unit place them, but rather to spawn them immediately via a script, owned by a certain unit (he can detonate them). 2) How do I prevent the player from exiting (ejecting) from a vehicle if I don't want him to do so, before a, say, certain waypoint is reached? I want to remove this option from his action menu. Thanks.