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  1. Just a quick update to my CTD and someone mentioning that it might be a out of memory issue. In my task manager my total memory for Arma when it crashes is around 633,000K
  2. Great i look forward to those extra RH weapons and as for the Lone-wolf thats good your thinking about including it and i also agree with the 2 man fire team. Hope someone can help you figure out a way to implement them or what Kyle_K_ski said about dismissing the solider to go off and operate on his own would work too if it can be done. CTD stands for Crash to desktop. Unfortunately i get it as well :( At first i thought it might have been my overclocked CPU/or the fact that it can getting really laggy for me (Low frames) maybe that just my rig but then i haven't really had issues with other missions but then again with all the stuff going on around me in the mission my CPU can't cope :( but yeah on the hunch that its the overclock i down clocked and i still got the CTD.
  3. Great updates and thanks for adding support of RH-416, M4/M16 and PDW and ACE. Could you possibly add RH-MK18, RH-M14, RH-MGS, RH-SMG and RH-Pistol pack support :) Also would it be possible to add a option to be a lone-wolf if say, a player is not in the mood to give commands/orders to the AI? Thanks
  4. Dealz

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Is it possible for you too fix the error message when the modline reaches a certain characters in length? (The whole modline is still all there in the launcher). Also the error when trying to select the HDD (X:\) for the location of the mod folders? as this will lead to the shortest path possible. Thanks in advance
  5. Dealz

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Hello, Your launcher is great i think its the best I've tried.. been using it for a while now. However i have just moved my modfolders to a different HDD to try and improve load times by splitting the load on my HDD but i have run into what feels like a solid wall which i have tried to get past. Before when i had my modfolders in my OA folder my mod line in the launcher would look something like this. "-mod=D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@mod1;@mod2;@mod3;@mod4;@mod5...... now it looks like this... "-mod=D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca;F:\ArmA Addons\@mod1;F:\ArmA Addons\@mod2;F:\ArmA Addons\@mod3;F:\ArmA Addons\@mod4;F:\ArmA Addons\@mod5...... as you can see the mod line is now considerable longer cause it keeps repeating the path before the @folder. *Is it possible for you to make it so that it like the first way again? Having the path repeated there leads to the launcher crashing with an error message when i try and launch the game, i have shortened the path down to the bare minimum (@folders in the HDD drive doesn't work i get a error message when i try to select the HDD *F:\@mod1* @folders has to be in a folder) but even at the minimum once the @mods build up its wasting lots of characters that can be used. I might be missing somethings here but i use Six-updater, now its a great software too for keeping things up to date etc but it makes you have loads of single @folders and they can't be altered or Six wont recognize them/can't update them so you can't make @folders like @Vehicles @Units @Helos_Planes etc where you can bundle up some of your mods. If you could fix/update your launcher so that it makes the mod line like this "-mod=D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@mod1;@mod2;@mod3;@mod4;@mod5...... regardless of where the mods are located that would be great as i like that i can group up the @folders in your launcher and pick which @folders/groups to run via the check box. Thanks in advance.
  6. Oh okay then, could you link me to the ACE thread please?
  7. Hello everyone, am new My problem is when i try to use Earplugs or Gasmask in armoury by picking it (To my knowledge haven't tried others items) i get "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_Earplugs" "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_Gasmask" And the items doesn't load. I know your meant to put your name into the ace_clientside_config file and i did that and for a while it use to work and it would be in my "gear" automatically and i could equip it by pressing the Self_Interaction_Menu key. Now i can't do that as its not in my gear no more and i get the error when i try to equip it in armoury. Does anyone with more experience than me know why the earplugs etc don't work?