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  1. Thanks for the links! Seems right what I was looking for. Gonna test it today. Cheers!
  2. Hi. I've searched the net a lot about this and all I could find were similar questions but no answer. Anyway, I am building a Warfare mission. I am 95% done for the test but one thing that is KILLING me is how USELESS tanks or any other 'shells' wielding armor vs infantry at longer distances. I am testing my Warfare one Utes since it is a small island and I can get results and debug quite quickly. Now, WEST is BLUFOR and EAST is OPFOR ofc playing on Utes and ss you all know there is a airport and a HUGE area surrounding it, especially on the south side with the big hill overlooking the airfield. For testing purposes WEST is North and EAST is South. As squad leader leading AI with fully manned 4 TUSKS and 2 Bradleys I roll onto the airfield from the North (West side down the hill since it is farther from the other direction) I just get hammered from the hills in the south where OPFOR is with their RPGs. That is fine, but my armor is just standing there throwing smoke against RPGs and waiting for someone to come into MG range. I want them to hammer the crap out of anyone they see with everything they got in their arsenal. I tried "Engage at will", "Scan Horizon", "Suppressive Fire", "Watch Direction", etc, etc but armor just won't fire shells unless they spot other armor or if I take control of the tank and manually fire. But that is not the point. After trying everything game itself offers, I figured that this is game mechanic and there is no way AI will use heavy ordinance on infantry no matter what I do. So I was wondering, is there a script or anything at all that will force AI to use shells on infantry at long range so that like 30k dollars spent doesn't go to waste in 1 minute? If nothing, as a means of 'self-defense' :) I plan to make this option "Enabled or Disabled" so anyone can play as they like but I really want to put it there to be used who wants it. I do. I increased rearming costs (EASA for now) so it isn't imbalanced. Further testing will be required if I manage to get this going but for now I just want my tanks to fire HE on little guys 400m on the hill hammering me with higher tech RPGs (tho, ironsight RPG-7 is enough since my armor just stands still...) instead just standing there throwing smoke and waiting to use MGs ;( Thanks in advance for any help with this.
  3. robbie84

    A2 Session Lost

    Well, Banned is banned. Could be tons of reasons why. Session Lost is when server is shut down and you are connected. Then that message pops up.
  4. Hi. Maybe this would be the wrong thread but I searched around and couldn't find any other solution. I have ArmA 2, Arrowhead, BAF, PMC and ACR DLCs full on Steam. Now when I want to run a game (OA Beta) with some mod, ArmA 2 and ACR disappear from the game. I used just one mod. Simple addon for FPS increase. Anyway here is a screenshots when I add just one mod: 1: http://i.imgur.com/vUkGSDx.jpg 2: http://i.imgur.com/MLYPv2Q.png 3: http://i.imgur.com/JmsjAaf.jpg Here is if I run without -mod=@grass 1. http://i.imgur.com/Z67ls9c.png Any idea why this is happening? I tried everything I found on the net. Verify Integrity, reinstall, etc but whatever I do, if I add a SINGLE mod, ArmA 2 and ACR content will not be available. Edit: I noticed this when I ran OA Beta without -mod=@something http://i.imgur.com/OZWalSi.png Game asks for a restart and selected mod is active after restart and all expansions are there. But how to enable all mods to run like this without the need to enable it every time? Also, some mods need to be run "first" like CBA so this approach is not very good. I had no problems with Mods until I got Steam versions... Thanks.
  5. Can't believe this is happening... I get 20fps (with small drops if excessive smoke or similar is used) in ArmA 3 Zeus MULTIPLAYER with similar settings. Tried yesterday... Could you try reproducing the bug maybe as I said? Place the dude in the editor and try moving the mouse left - right like on the videos? Maybe I am not alone. Also, what could be my next step in resolving this issue? Can I post it on CIT? Or somewhere else? I'm just asking because if I noticed these, who knows what else is not rendering properly in future missions or as you have seen even in editor... :( Thanks.
  6. Ok, I've read the post and most of it is already in place except the mods. I was going to try noBlur but there was no version for current beta. Anyway, if I was using any mods or anything then I would understand that some may be the culprit but this is just plain install from steam with just skipintro switches. If I need a mod to correct this then that is apsurd. I play latest Beta but I also tried normal 1.62 and standalone ArmA2 1.11 and it doesn't change anything. AtoC is already 0. Here is a SS of the current settings. Still same: http://i.imgur.com/nxGfpIb.jpg Now, I managed to reproduce the same bug in the Laptop editor and on the Desktop machine with nVIDIA card with latest drivers. Just go to Chernarus editor, place a soldier near the gates where campaign mission is ending (try same spot where I stand in the video but you can really stand anywhere behind that or more left...). The trick is as you see in the video to position yourself so that when you move your mouse from left (the vanishing building) slowly toward the right. It vanishes. Same works from right to left but it takes longer. If i try to hold SMB to zoom in while building is "vanished" it will appear again when I reach max zoom. When I let go SMB it is disappeared again. AMD Athlon x2 3000MHz nVIDIA GT 220 1gb DDR3 4GB 1066MHz RAM 500GB HDD Same bug (ArmA 2 1.11 Editor but it is present in beta OA and 1.62 OA):
  7. Hi. Let me first say that I didn't just come to write this thread without extensive problem search. I found some similar threads and discussions but none provided any answer/solution why is this happening. AND most of those threads are from 2009/2010. Anyway, here is the issue. I am not a real gamer. I am a software engineer and I simply don't have the time to play games that require "build-up" style. I play a few games here and there to pass the time (FIFA and such...). Except ArmA 2. I started playing it a long time ago but my hardware was limited so I mostly played SP. So anyway, I bought a new laptop few months ago. It was for work but it has a nice specs that can run ArmA 2 and 3 in about normal settings without AA and some other processor consuming stuff. So I decided to play both games on it. I recently finished first part of the ArmA 3 campaign and there was almost 0 problems. I knew my hardware limits, I used proper settings and "Survive" was beaten. Then I decided to do a rerun of ArmA 2 campaign and scenarios. A2/OA campaigns are awesome and I wanted to see them in a new light with now more powerful hardware. But... I own Steam versions of A2,OA and 3xDLC. They were downloaded, installed and I only used -nosplash and -skipintro in the shortcut and I am playing latest OA Beta from Steam window. ArmA 2 is unplayable for me. Here is a quick why: Settings: Almost everything disabled/low. I get framerates of 7-15 and sometimes 30. In the mission prep on the rooftop my FPS is 12 and when I go into the city it rises a bit ;O I believe it should be opposite. First part until Chernogorsk was 7-15 always except when sometimes it would suddenly jump to 30... I tried everything I could think of. New drivers, reinstall to different location, deletion of config files, few old tricks like -forcedx9 and tons of other stuff. But every time I play this mission I get vanishing objects. This is the quickest mission to show it but I noticed it even in armory where I was on ACR island and there was NOTHING around me. Like a empty level with just smooth surface and 60fps. I got a task to steal TWS 107 and when I got there I noticed a tent from distance but when I got closer it became invisible. There was ton of problems like these. I would fly a plane over ACR island and most of it was "empty" except the area around the airfield where everything (trees, bush, buildings, foliage, etc) was normal. I know this is a wall of text for a simple question but I wanted to provide more detail so if anyone knows how I could resolve this I would be very grateful because I cannot play ArmA 2 ATM. Thanks. Spec: AMD Quad-Core A6 5200 (2GHz) AMD Radeon HD 8400 512MB with latest 14.4 Catalyst (rls 25.4.2014) 8GB DDR 3 1600MHz Memory 1TB HDD PS. I know the limitations of this laptop in it's gaming capacity but there is no way that it can normally run ArmA 3 and totally destroy ArmA 2.
  8. robbie84

    Helicopter Control Help

    That only fixes my look forward again but I can move around after that... As said, only if I remove "Aim" controls (mouse up,down,left,right) then it doesn't budge. Also, I am restarting the showcase so everything should be default. ---------- Post added at 05:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:34 PM ---------- My bad it seems. Vehicle Freelook was Enabled...
  9. Hi. I didn't have this problem in Beta. Anyway, when I use my mouse IN heli, player looks around instead of keeping the "crosshair" straight. Gamepad works perfect. When I remove controls for "Aims" in View Section of the controls then it is okay but then my char can't use the mouse :I Any ideas on how to resolve?
  10. 3D Editor as promised? :I
  11. He already bought the game and he is at work and I just downloaded it. I set it all low (except terrain standard) with res 1650x1050 and 80% and without any tweaks. Showcases run great lol. 30 fps. Then I tried lowering the res to what you said and distance but then information on the screen becomes distorted because of the monitor.
  12. robbie84

    ArmA 3 Cards Question

    Ah found it. You can actually search for "CardName" (ex: M2A1 or SDV) and you will get results. Currently 12 M2A1 Slammer cards priced at 0.38. There is also some special "foil" card.
  13. Maybe you are right. But then ArmA 3 will die and only ppl with insane hardware and bandwith will be able to play. If the game dies, noone is gonna buy the DLC or Expansions. I am guessing BIS will do something to prevent that :)
  14. I got one Card at the start. In the badges section says to get 3 more by playing. Anyway, I was wondering where I can see the "market" for the Cards? Their prices and stuff since they can be sold. I searched all over steam and couldn't find it. Not that it's important, but would like to know. Thanks.
  15. robbie84

    The BETA is dead! Long live Arma 3!

    Try restarting Steam. If it does not work then delete local content and download fresh ArmA 3 Retail. 8.1gb.