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  1. Warts

    Crashing on Start

    Thx I'll try this out.
  2. Since patch 1.62 my game crashes on start up. I have reinstalled with same results. Any advice?
  3. COOP11 - Red Tide Description Russian units must take Baranow! Mission Features: •7 Objectives (Tasks) •AO Active only when triggered. •Mobile Rally Point Vehicles •Changable AI Accuracy •Changable veiw distance and grass density •Service Points •Vehicle Respond Credits/Misc Arma Community DevHeaven Murk script Bon script rübe script dasOdan AI Accuracy Known Issues: Armor rearming Unable to destroy aircraft with rockets or explosives Please Report Feedback, I dont have a dedicated server for testing Download Links https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83144167/Red_Tide.Baranow.ifa
  4. Cost of a Dedicated Server has stoped me in my tracks. Without it you cant test or be sure your MP missions even work.
  5. Warts

    Fire fighting

    Yep I have tried particles in TOH from Arma2 Epic fail.
  6. Warts


    I would have a server up if it did not cost a arm & leg to get.
  7. https://jestservers.com/panel/cart.php?gid=85 $4.21 USD per slot. To much for me WoW. :mad:
  8. Warts

    Respawn Point

  9. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7158&highlight=REARMING
  10. Dont know if anyone has noticed the very limited load capacity of vehicles. I have tried to use vehicles [cars, suv, trucks, tank. ect] as a ammo reload points. There capacity is appears very limited. Iam not complaining just wondering if this has been noticed.
  11. Warts

    Heavy Lux helo

    Thx... looking for the game manual..
  12. In the editor cant get in this helo. I have been around it low and high looking. Cant get the scroll option. Any advise?
  13. I already ask this but Iam going to again. I see folks aready playing the beta version. I got it from DESURR the other day. So Where Is the Beta Dn Load for those who bought it from these guys? Your post states that you get it when you pre order TOH. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125573 Warts
  14. Warts

    TOH Beta

    Thx for the fast answer!!!!!!!!:bounce3: