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  1. Looking for it on Samsung Note 2. Thanks.
  2. Tankieboy2

    ASR AI Skills

    Be nice if it did work with ArmA3 as I am just about to walk into HMV and buy it! Loved the Mod for ArmA2!
  3. Tankieboy2

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Fantastic work guys.
  4. Tankieboy2

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    Good to hear mate.
  5. Fantastic work fella!
  6. Not sure they were used for Op Banner...
  7. Tankieboy2

    West-Kent Map UK WIP

    I confirm, Kent is quite flat!
  8. Lets hope that the three got more than broken fingers! Heal soon mate!
  9. Tankieboy2

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5

    British Version?
  10. Tipical, I go away for Easter and decide not to bring my laptop with ArmA2 on it! Dooh!
  11. Fantastic news from one of the best Mods ever!
  12. I would like to see the Daimler Dingo, Humber Armoured Car, DUKW and a Morris C8 with towable Guns whilst on the subject of Wish Lists...