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  1. SOSyourself

    SLX Mod WIP

    Will you consider releasing the wounds .pbo to be compatible with ACE2? It's the best looking wound textures I've seen for this game, but it seems to interfere way too much with the ACE2 medic system. It's way too satisfying to kill enemies with SLX than any other mod I must say, but SLX is too broken/incompatible with ACE2.
  2. Hello all! I have finally got around to creating a campaign. But I am left with a bunch of mission folders and that is it. I searched around and no one really posted a tutorial on how to link missions into a .pbo campaign! Is there a program to help do this? I also do not know how to set a picture and description to each mission. Thanks in advance!
  3. SOSyourself

    SLX Mod WIP

    is that bug fixed where the medic teleports to [0,0] gone?
  4. Hello guys. Been playing a lot of ArmA 2 lately, and these bugs are persistent. 1. When I hit 'M' and bring up the map, the map is completely black. The text on the left side still appears, and I can click through and view the objectives and what not. 2. When the AI medics go to heal a unit, they teleport to the bottom left corner of the map. When I am testing my singleplayer missions, by the end of combat for instance I can switch units and a good 4-5 soldiers and swimming in the middle of the ocean at the bottom corner of the map. Now I am in fact running two mods- Invasion 44 and ACE. I can confirm the medic one has happened without Invasion running, but the map one seems to be only with custom (non-BI) maps. Anyone else see these? Any help?
  5. SOSyourself

    Warfare singleplayer?

    no x4 speed :/
  6. SOSyourself

    Warfare singleplayer?

    @bracer I tried that, but yes there is the respawn issue you mentioned but also the "no player selected" one also
  7. SOSyourself

    FFS_Frontline'43@I44 (by FF Studio)

    I'd like to play this alone with AI... can you explain a little more about the parameter editing?
  8. SOSyourself

    Warfare singleplayer?

    I know, I'm trying to get around that somehow... like converting a multiplayer map so it works for singleplayer?
  9. SOSyourself

    Warfare singleplayer?

    Hi all, I'd like to play the warfare game type by myself with the AI but I can only do so through setting up a LAN game. When I do this, I can't pause or speed up the game; too things that are REALLY inconvenient for me. Is there a way to get around this, or enable it for LAN?
  10. SOSyourself

    Execution script?

    I assume do fire will either fire once, or fire until the victim is killed? and here is the .sqf EDIT: Yeah the script works perfectly, now I just need to address the issue with the hands on the head and being invincible.
  11. I need some help trying to get an execution going... Main issue is, I don't know how to have the soldiers fire. I tried changing their ROE to open fire and placed invisible targets behind the civilians but they did not stop shooting when the civilians had died. Also, I tried to make the civilians put their hands behind their head but if I loop that animation it makes them invincible for some reason? (animloop.sqs) Thanks in advance
  12. Hello all, I have a mission where you need to locate captured pilots. There are 3 possible positions on the map, but when I put the pilots on the map the blue icons appear on the map and give their position away. How can I make it so the do not show up on the map? Thanks!
  13. SOSyourself

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    580 GTX rocking my PC... absolutely awesome.
  14. Hi all, When I use the editor, it is really hard to position soldiers inside of buildings and on guard towers. Is there an easy way to do this? The only thing I can think of is using the 3D editor. Thanks
  15. SOSyourself

    slowing flare decent?

    maybe set the height to a higher interval? I think there is a max though