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  1. Yogdogz.. Presents.. An arma 2 campaign... bigger poster THE STORY... SCREENSHOTS GAMEPLAY VIDEOS thanks to JanMetabolic FEATURES Total 22 missions Cinematic story-related cutscenes 5 different unique endings. you choose! Play as regular grunt who don't know anything in nuclear war front Harsh environment of radioactive wastelands REQUIREMENTS Arma 2 Combined Operation HOW TO INSTALL thanks to : BIS - for great game Armaholic and BISforums - for great source learning IndonesianGamer - for introducing me to ARMA 2 zipper5 - for kbtell & etc scripts kylania - for script examples a wild goat - for fire script Kempco - for bombardment script Mikey - for briefing template =NAG= - for his Coop mission template Karel Moricky - for floating credits text Clayman - for inspirations valkyrie, EVEAJAH, F4T4L1TY - beta testers and for anyone I forget, sorry... DOWNLOAD LINKS FALLOUT v.1.0 (mediafire) FALLOUT v.1.0 (armaholic)
  2. Hey guys. Just informing that I no longer continue the work of this campaign (the v.1.1 version) because, well.. I simply have lost interest to it :). Actually the v.1.1 was half-finished, (the branch stories, new environment, fixed bugs, soundtracks were completed) but as I said, I won't continue it and won't release half-finished mission/project. I'm more likely to start fresh ideas, probably when arma 3 comes out. In fact I haven't touched the editor for 3 months (due to RL business), and even forget how some of the script could work in my mission, lol :D Thanks for all people who had played it and gave feedbacks! Arma 3, here we come!
  3. your welcome :) like tom3kb said, I used 'firednear' eventhandler. have more details how this stuff work in my old thread : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?129670-Scaring-civilians-with-smokes-or-gunfire (example mission included) hey bezzzy, glad you liked the campaign. I have the busiest months right now in RL as I'm preparing to go to university. I afraid I have no time to finish those new missions and bad news that I should shorten it so I think it can be finished with little time to work :( Nope, it will not spoil anything! the new missions will take the story differently as option to choose, so it kinda as a branch story. edit: the progress I made so far is all the missions were reworked, some missions are only minor changes (bug, AI waypoints, cutscenes, etc) , some are major changes (implementing upsmon, add more atmospheres, add modified first aid which still not working). weapon now saved through missions. I'm going to add 'Fallout 1' musics too. languanges fix by homeguard is not finished too, I think he has no free time to finish it as it require great effort. but no deadline here, as I work it on free time.
  4. v.1.1 mainly ready, only small fixes in missions and the languange still need to be corrected by homeguard, which requires huge of work (bcos this campaign is full of dialog and cutscenes). great you enjoy it! thanks for feedback anthropoid :) thanks for suggestion tom, gonna solve that problem! god, I just know it can be disabled simply by a parameter in description.ext! :D
  5. great, thanks :) downloading now. can't wait to hear these masterpiece. umm.. ammo crates isn't supply you collect in this mission, only bag of foods. one of the three bag is very small btw, so be more aware, look at the floors. to collect it you simply use action menu (scroll mouse) and select 'gather this supply' and just like you said: you'll be spawned back at the car, the screen goes black, and doing some animation.
  6. looks like my provider blocked the website. that's bad :( any mirror?
  7. still working on v.1.1, I'm working on new missions, and glad some good guy in armaholic want to help me with the languanges! glad tom3kb could help! first post updated! Yeah it is because the synced-waypoint between kozlowski's group and warpig. In this mission warpig kinda hard to place itself at the waypoint, maybe it takes a long time for it to move, but usually never really stopped working. Problems with warpig is it often hit teammates from behind (lol :D) and hard to move in narrow + full of bodies and infantry roads. Just don't use the mods in this mission only, after this mission passed, use it again! I still can't figure it out how to make this warpig going smooth in this mission, but at least the mission is can be finished! :) your welcome! hope you enjoy the campaign! :) Glad to hear finally someone finished the campaign! :D thanks for reporting the misplaced things, i really apreciated for everyone reporting bugs! and about lopotev: Another one have finished the campaign, atarybaby! :) looks like the boat escape ending is the most popular :D oh yeah thanks for the link, gonna be useful surely for atmosphere! ----- umm how to download it? it said "could not find www.archive.org"
  8. i think not, as i'm not an expert and not too familiar in multiplayer scripts. except some people want to convert it.
  9. well, yesterday my final tests are over so from now on i have much more free time to work on v.1.1 :D things to do in v.1.1 option to skip training/introduction mission correcting English grammars... :D remove mysterious-guy behind the dummies in training mission! fixing CAS explosion in chernogorsk siege mission add more balance difficulties in missions more dynamic gameplay/story, maybe more endings blue sky bug in 7th mission wrecks, ambients radioactive affect player weapon is saved through next mission anymore ideas...? i'm considering to add voice acting too, anyone who interested for voice acting, please tell me :) yeah, we share a same taste in campaign! which terrain and which mission? can you be more spesific, please? great that you enjoy it, tell me which endings you got later :)
  10. Gameplay videos added! thanks to JanMetabolic :) scavengers is one of the hardest mission from the campaign. the mission itself suggest not to directly confontrate enemy patrol and avoid tanks that patrolling along the road, so avoid roads as best as you can (which is hard to avoid them completely, bcos the sniper's everywhere). try to leave your AI behind the jeep and you go through the town alone, better chance for being undetected if you want to try your luck. i'm more to randomize the placing of the enemy units itself, so they aren't gathering/focusing in the same place so at least the player has chance to fight them and win, but sure, many said that some missions are too easy and some are too hard, balance is a big thing i gotta do in next version. i think i fixed the blue sky bug in that mission when it's still in beta version, let me check that once again. good shaping cars? oops i just place them as ambient, make it locked, set the fuels to zero and the cars still look good? (in fact that kind of details which i missed). looks like i gotta make them more worse-looking :D persistent gear was implemented in Beta version but pretty much buggy, sure it was a cool feature, i hope i can get it to work in next release. --- you're right, the blue sky bug is still there.. added to the things to fix list...
  11. I had the similiar experience with "csj_snakes" too after the intro was playing. glad you fixed it. downloading the new version!
  12. oh yeah, that one was a bug i forgot to fix in Beta version. it happens if you have SVD from the start of the mission, and yes it will be working again if you drop and take the weapon again. added to things to be done in next release list. welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy the campaign.
  13. thanks for feedback coffeecat :) glad you love the campaign... umm.. is it the volume, the frequency of music or... both? thanks for comment btw, kommiekat :) --- p.s : you both are... cats? :biggrin_o:
  14. Sure, it's already on my list! some major things to do in next release: (v1.1) option to skip training/introduction mission correcting English grammars... :D removing mysterious-guy behind the dummies in training mission! fixing CAS explosion in chernogorsk siege mission add more difficulties by adding more enemies more dynamic gameplay/story, maybe more endings anymore ideas...? --- nah, i've informed Big yesterday and now it's already in v.1.0. It is 45mb because armaholic double compressed the file (RAR packed into RAR), but there's no different between the mediafire (60mb) and Armaholic (45mb), they all are working fine.
  15. thanks for feedback :) i think it's a great idea to have it an option to do the training or not, and much simpler for me to do that (than have it shortened, which requires more effort i think).
  16. thanks for feedback tom3kb :) it's not actually all the 22 missions you will get to play with, because later in campaign there are branches of the story, so some other missions won't be playable unless you choose another path of your story in your campaign.
  17. Thanks for your feedback, ataribaby! :) yeah, the training part is actually just some kind of character introducing (so make the player more invovled to the story) and i thought the same way too, but i give it a try anyway. Just like you say, maybe some other like it, but for balance i'm going to have it shortened in next release! But.. don't expect too high as harvest red too, surely not dynamic as harvest red do but this campaign has it on its way :cool:
  18. Aha! that guy behind dummy is my test-character. lol. i'm going to fix it in next release. yeah, many said that first mission is lil bit boring and not clear. should i remove/shortened it? thanks. glad you enjoyed it. it's actually pretty random, but it's okay. and that's one of things i should get fix with (make it less random, but so far it's the best try). during my 5 times testing playing, 3 of it only showed collapsed building, 1 time the building and your whole team is ok, and 1 time like you. your team mates immuned because while the explosion, i disable their damage (so make less chance for anything gone wrong!) still long way to go.. wait until when you have to make choices of your life! maybe i should make a polling which endings has more choosen? :p good to hear that. thanks.
  19. released! any feedback will be greatly apreciated! :) FALLOUT v.1.0 (mediafire)
  20. im sorry false link.. hopefully tomorrow i release the campaign.. it's still in final beta where the testers make sure everything's working fine sorry if it was annoying. images removed. --- how to edit thread's title btw?
  21. yogdogz

    [SP] Silver Fox

    so.. it ended like that! :D yeah, maybe it's better for the mission ended during the flight or landing, i'm sure some of players got trouble to find it. oh yeah, just find it there! but only ordnances, ammunitions and launchers.. no rifles! it would be good if i can use other rifle than M4 holos.
  22. yogdogz

    [SP] Silver Fox

    good mission overall. love the CQB, and rush feeling (i must sure what i was shooting bcos civilan all around the corner). but i can't finish the mission when.. and how about more weapon selection? M4 holo is all you can get?
  23. yogdogz

    Ending Outro Help.

    I want to know this well if that is possible!
  24. any idea how to make groups of civilians or civilians car scared and run away when you are throwing smoke or shooting some couple of bullets? (like in PMC campaign - vocation) and make them runaway in panic instead prone down like nothing is happening. maybe a script like detecting if player throwing/shooting near the civilians, then it trigger them to go with waypoints. i guess it involved something like event handler, but i suck at scripting. i would love to see that working :D thanks