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  1. It's just me. Not exactly relevant. Pretty much like Posthardcore. Something kinda there, but not exactly there.xD One another I had to experience: -You are surprised, that GPMG gunners have ammo bearers and assistant loaders. I mean, it's usually five mags all by yourself in CWA.xD
  2. Egodraco

    Music Recommendations

    With this song, I've said my (now) ex, that I leave her. AHAHAH!
  3. Here my experiences: - You are surprised that GPMG isn't reloaded (and there isn't a "reload" sound) if you ram it underneath your chest. - You are surprised there isn't "tack-tack" sound when you run on the pavement with combat boots. - You are surprised that there isn't text on any part of your vision. - You are surprised that there are more songs than ones made by Seventh. - You are surprised there are no script error messages. - You are surprised you don't need to press keys, in order to talk to people. - You are surprised with flawless scripts of the real world. - You are stunned to see a stuck tank, which isn't being manned. - You are surpirsed with variety of the world, and MOST OF ALL, there isn't a ctd, due overload. - You are surprised that there is no lag, when you are in any built up environment. - You are surprised that trees in the forest CAN be knocked over, and aren't immortal statics. - When you look out the window, and when you see a seagull you think why that dead guy is stalking you. That's what happened to me. LMAO
  4. Egodraco

    War with Facebook

    I never gonna sign um to douchebook. This have convinced me for granted.
  5. Egodraco

    RH mission

    I never liked Red Humwee. It is a Soviet Campaign, but since it BIS went gung ho Rambo style. I never liked that. I killed it once, and not feeling like giving it another shot. But that is just me, and I can't remember what those missions were like really. Was it sometimes the one where you have to get that **** to the airfield?
  6. Egodraco

    Training from Amerca's Army Games in ArmA3

    My opinion: 1) For multiplayer. Hosts could choose, whether people sould have passed some kind of training (say. an MP tank mission. You set requirement that all human players must have passed armour basic and armour tactics course, but you can also add exception names too), in order to play. So if you want no idiots, who are going to blow themselves up with an Mk-19, you choose yes! If you like them doing that, and it is a good source of Vitamin C for you, then you choose "noes!". 2) Separate tutorial/training camp scenarios, with a nasty training sarge, which will give you the qualification IF YOU PASS the test. 3) After all it doesn't makes sence to me, that a spec op (I mean when in campaign) is not qualified to drive a vehicle, or use some weapon/item.
  7. I prefer Aquanox.:P Yay! *Ahem* Also: Ground Control (I think it is pre-2000) TANKS! UnReal World (although latest version :P) Battle Isle Series
  8. Egodraco

    What was your worst/best/funniest holiday like?

    Best Holidays? Urm... I think it would be Stockholm, then. Had To be beside S-103 (if I am correct with designation, aka S-Tank) tank up close. I could upload that pic. Hell, I'll do, next time, I'll linger.
  9. After reading on INDECT, I just wanna be a hermit. But I can't. LOL! I like you all, guys all too much.
  10. Egodraco

    Getting a direction

    But as far as I know, Mowag Piranha, does not include overpressure/NBC systems, does it? Thanks for info anyway. :D
  11. Egodraco

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    I just noticed someone mentioning usage of the nuclear armament. My opinion on nuclear armament is: The only people who are justifiable to be attacked with nuclear weapons, are the people who think it is justifiable to use nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are A no-no from me. It is whay harder without a nuclear armament, but the damage done by it can be irreparaible. Hiroshima still has the traces of the first atomic bomb used in combat explosion. Now, rant over, back to planes: I think that F-22's expensive, tad too much, but from what I read here from you guys, I assume, that the specifications required for F-22 should be fixed until achieved and all bugs fixed. Scampering all across the board will do nothing. I mean, in my eyes all projects should be reached like this: 1)set goal 2)achieve the goal 3)new specs 4)specific upgrade package (example of such planing: TUSK for M1A1/A2) I mean scampering all across the board was proven by history wrong. That is why Panther never had all the problems fixed back in WWII. Hitler just kept adding new reqirements, without considering to fix the final drive issues, etc. Had they've been fixed, without that BS, it had been few extra weeks of existance for Nazi Germany. Well, that's me.
  12. What the.......? This bounced me off the balance... So THEY THINK that they can corelate the data, go up to a wire, lying on the ground and say "ooh, so that is where the problem, wire's/tube's too thin, no problem we'll strap more with a duct tape"?
  13. Egodraco

    Getting a direction

    I guess I am not alone, who sometimes needs help (especially, if here might be other AFV designers). So generally speaking, the purpose of this thread is, if you need an opinion, or asking if someone knows where to find educational matter (for pretty much anything). Me's first: Could anyone possibly direct me to how a hatch funcions? Any resources or your own descriptions? I mean, my hatches are FUBAR, all they really are just chunks off metal, without any other than decorative purpose. In real they couldn't manage to do overpressure, required for CBRNe/NBC systems.
  14. Egodraco

    Military Humor

    About EOD Dancer: I knew a guy just like that. He was listening to his player, and dancing in otherwise silence. In a train station, in a bus, on a train, pretty damned anywhere, and everybody's going "O.O WTF is wrong with him?" or just LOLed till they filled their pants. I am not a soldier (yet), but I remember one story: Early 60s. Troops on maneuvers, general staff shows the battleplan, and instructing general says, that in about a minute there will be a airstrike in a specified area. One old general asks what planes are performing an airstrike and the general says, that they're Sturmoviks (IL-2). The old general takes off his cap, gets into a BTR, and buttons up. After a said minute the airstrike commences, and everyone out there because of nearby explosions get all over covered in mud. The old general gets out of the BTR and tells them: "I remember Sturmoviks back from the Second World War. They never managed to hit on the mark."
  15. Egodraco

    What languages do you know or want to know.

    I wannah learn Dutch :D I know, what? Some German (will improve, shei*trau*! *shakes fist*) Some Russian (hell it's easy, I understand half the stuff, I speak half the stuff, nobody ever taught me, but the media (I mean like Russian movies and shows, reading the subs)) Lithuanian (native language, trying to forget it) (rather obviously) English. I knew some French, but I forgot, never learnt it proper anyway. It's impossible for me.