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  1. Ena

    The Great Escape

    Pretty nice. Good job. :)
  2. Ena

    Counter Strike.

    Mission by Ena. Island: Nogova. Requires: Original Operation Flashpoint Resistance, it really has no addons in it. Mission Objective: To seize enemy base and hold it. This mission has Mission plan and everything it needs, the only thing, that is missing, is the overview picture. I took a random picture for this mission, as i didn't have anything better to put into Overview. --- When you've downloaded the mission, you should have in it "Counter Strike.Noe.pbo" file, put it into your Operation Flashpoint - Missions Folder. --- That's pretty much it, enjoy. :) DOWNLOAD
  3. Ena

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Well done! Going to test this out right away. :P
  4. Ena

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Wooo! Long live OFP! :D
  5. Ena

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you too, mate. Edit: 7 hours here, untill new year.