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  1. Yes I'm running 1.02, did a fresh install and started the campaign from the beginning and still get the same thing. I waited a full ten minutes now then drove up to the windmill, saw the russians being shot up there, used a panzershreck to kill the russians at the mortars and still no mission change.
  2. Hi guys I'm stuck on mission two :( In the second mission of the German campaign, where you get to the village and need to setup the Pak I get to the point where the Hauptman (or whatever) says you need to shoot anything that moves, the mission objective is prepare to defend the position and then nothing happens. I thought the inactivity was a littleodd so waited for a good 10 minutes on a couple of occasions but still nothing. I thought I'd try spying around, killed the Russians at the windwill and the mortar guys further up the road but still no mission progression. If anybody else having this problem? Can anybody see what I'm missing? The "prepare to defend" objective is fairly broad so I can'r see if there's anything specific I need to do and I have done a full reinstall and patch but I'm still not getting anywhere! It's a pity because I'm loving the graphics and how smoothly IF is running on my dinosaur machine and would love to play but I can't :(
  3. In the Manhattan mission I've destroyed the main base and id'ed the insurgent leader and then get tasked with recovering a downed helicopter crew. Problem is that when I get to the crash site that is a couple kilometres out to sea the only thing there is the tail of the Mi-8 sticking out of the water and no sign of any crew. I've searched the net to check if I'm doing something wrong but I can't find any mention of this part of Manhattan mission. I'm not sure if it's relevant or not but I'm playing via Steam patched to 1.08. Any help would be appreciated 'cause it feels like I've been stuck on this mission for a week...oh wait I have! :s