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  1. Hello, I've built some functions (related to my video) and I'm trying to publish these functions on Steam Workshop, how do I do it? Thanks
  2. Has anyone tried to do this before? I want it to be part of the mod..
  3. hello, i'am trying to understand the structure data saved by BIS_fnc_UnitCapture, a single position record looks like this: [0,[1873.6,6658.26,33.4016],[-0.226097,-0.974104,0.000767057],[-0.00644112,0.00228246,0.999976],[-29.028,-125.069,-1.47116]] i need to understand every value in order to generate movements (from playing arma or from csv taken from dcs world!..) thanks
  4. nerod

    cannot convert texture

    thank u Max Power and sory for complicating things, this what i got from the tutorial: Start Photoshop and create a new file with the dimensions of 1024x1024 pixels. „File“ > „New“. Now fill this picture wiht blue.. „Edit“ > „Fill...“. The Blue color is an aid when working in the UV-Editor, you'll see what I mean. Save this file as „TUT_Wall_CO.TGA“ to „TUT_Wall“ folder. Compression: 32Bit/Pixel. when he mentions "32 bit" he means to save it now when i click save, i have option for resolution, then... i choose 32bit... now... i dont know where the problem is, i asume that maybe the color bit
  5. nerod

    cannot convert texture

    yes! but as i said it won't let me save it as tga file unless i choose 8 bit i did: color 8 bit and resolution is 32 bit
  6. nerod

    cannot convert texture

    but i save it as 32bit as it say in the tutorial... note that when i open a new file in photoshop i cannot save a 32bit color image as a tga file only 8. then i have an option to save as a 32 bit
  7. helo guys i follows this tutorial and when i got to load the texture in to oc2 i received this message "cannot convert texture pac2pal error"