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  1. bignewy

    User Mission Request Thread

    I am after a MP mission focused on urban infantry fighting taking zones, without having to use mods, anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. bignewy

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    thanks for reporting my issue, I will keep an eye on this thread
  3. thanks for the reply, will check it out
  4. great mission like playing it with friends, only issue we are having is if we save and close the server, the next time we play the radio menu functions like jdam and air taxi no longer appear on the left, are we doing something wrong or is this a known issue?
  5. So anyone know how you turn it off? It should be an option somewhere for a host, in my opinion, all the fan boys join the army if you want to get tired, some of us just want to have fun :P
  6. Fatigue system is ridiculous in arma 3, as a ex infantry soldier our fitness levels were way better than ingame. Now the arma 3 soldiers are like me 40 year old ex army with lung problems. If a soldier was that unfit I would have shot him myself. ps can someone link me to how to remove it completely
  7. bignewy

    Cannot select a role within the lobby

    I am getting the same. I have found that I have to join a server then leave and rejoin once my name has disappeared from the list, then its fine. I am in the UK and have a bt homehub, I have opened the ports for amra 3 and sorted the firewall but still get this every time. got to be a fix for this BIS ?
  8. bignewy

    Xbox Controller Better Mapping

    Just having such a nightmare trying to map the xbox controller, especially for scoped weapons. The default profile is great it just needs tweaking so you can add grenade throw and a few other things. In my opinion the menu buttons should be left to the keyboard, leaving the switches free for combat and movement. At least have the xbox default profile available to select to be mapped when you disable it in controllers EDIT I have overcome all of my issues by purchasing xpadder and mapping the controller out of game. Much easier lol
  9. bignewy

    Xbox Controller Better Mapping

    I also like using the xbox360 controller and the default setting is good, however we need the ability to edit the curves and even modify the default profile as I am also using it in conjunction with TrackIR 5 is there anyway currently to manually edit or copy the default settings for the xbox360 controller ? if so where is its location keep up the good work
  10. bignewy


    Hi guys, been playing around with insurgency and having great fun, so thank you wanted to ask if there was a way to enable respawn on squad member after a player has died ? Or is it something to do with varibles? //Respawn camPlayer = objNull; enterSpawn = false; respawnCamera = objNull; camMap = false; deadPos = CENTERPOS; from what i can tell, with my limited knowledge the option should be there for either spawning on a group member or mhq, or have i got it completely wrong lol I have done a search but could only find respawn topics about being to close to mhq.
  11. thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated :)
  12. Hi all Casual player / editor here :rolleyes: I have used the search function but could not find an answer to my question so here goes. I want to enable mando which I believe is included in the last xeno domination, how do i do it ? I have played about with domination in the editor and had great success and a lot of fun, but could not work this one out. P.S was sad to here xeno is no longer working on domination, but thanks to him and all he has done, from me a novice who has enjoyed his work.
  13. thanks for your reply again. got it going :D great stuff :bounce3:
  14. thanks for replying Draper, I have made a co-op map and have used this air-support and tried the RUM assets. What I want is for all of the support options to only be availible for one member. How would I go about making sure only one member has the option to call in support?