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  1. Copied arma 2 folder to arrowhead and then it worked. Earlier I made a new folder with arma 2 first then copied over arrowhead. That didn't work apparently. Thanks for the help. Got it up on the 12 core server with 24GB ram now =). Running 24/7.
  2. I'm having some issues hosting this awesome warfare mod. When I try to host it, it keeps loading the map but wont start. I moved both steam installations of arma2 and OA into the same folder and then it started. The gamebreaking stuff is basically that HQ spawns out of map bounds and the ambulance and truck spawns ontop of eachother. Anyone know what causes this ? Is it because of how I setup the "combined operation" folder?
  3. Zaajko

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I think thats mine. Hosting a server in France running this map 100%. Its up 24/7. Twisted Few ACE warfare 32slot Connection Info: Hosted on badass hardware and 96MBps up/down, so if your in EU region you should stay below 50ping.