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  1. I hear you and tried to use the CLy healing script and got some weird random results where the scroll down menus on the left hand side would disappear. Last night I had my squad menu disappear and all menu options on the left disappeared. They came back when I respawned. I have to try turning on the logging or something to get some error reports.
  2. I added your script to a version of domination that I was playing with (v 2.60 anniversary) and noticed that the scroll down menus of some players were affected. If you ever played Domination and you scroll down on the mouse your left side options suchs as Call Artillery, Show Stauts, Call Drop, etc where affected. In one case the player's group HUD at te bottom disappeared. I just wanted to see if anyone came across this in the past?
  3. I have not had any luck with finding an array that states who can perfrom the medic healing on other units. I did however find this node in the code in x_client/x_setupplayer.sqf GVAR(player_is_medic) = false; if (GVAR(string_player) in GVAR(is_medic)) then { if (GVAR(with_medtent)) then { GVAR(player_is_medic) = true; __pSetVar [QGVAR(medtent), []]; __pSetVar [QGVAR(medicaction), _p addAction ["Build Mash" call FUNC(GreyText),"x_client\x_mash.sqf",[],-1,false,true,"","count (player getVariable 'd_medtent') == 0"]]; }; }; I am not good with code, but it looks like if the unit class has medic "(GVAR(is_medic)" in it then they can do the healing. If I changed this to lets say soldier would all of the units that have soldier in their class be able to heal? Yes I am reaching on this one, but in 2.60 anniversary edition norrins revie scripts are not used anymore.
  4. I am still not able to find the location for this one and no reply from Xeno as of yet on his Dev Heaven project site.
  5. I am using the 2.60 anniversary edition that is named DOM260mAE.7z at the following location. It appears that norrins revive script is no longer used or at least the 2.60 version does not have it. http://dev-heaven.net/projects/domination/files I looked in the x_revive folder for a files that contains medic, heal, or alpha wording so I could identify the location that I would alter the units that can heal, but no luck. I searched for alpha because default unit alpha_6 is a medic slot.
  6. Does the can build mash node in the i_client determine who can heal other players? I would like to have other units heal other players as the restrictions for the medic units on their inventory are counter productive to my goal. My goal is to use the CO_30 number of enemy, but reduce the number of playable units. They would be PMC units with previous SF training, so they all would have some medical experience. The units need to be able to carry large amounts of ammunition as we would not use the MHQ. This forces survival and teamwork against superior forces. // can build mash #ifndef __TT__ GVAR(is_medic) = ["alpha_6","bravo_6","charlie_6","echo_6"]; #else GVAR(is_medic) = ["west_6","east_6","west_17","east_17"]; #endif Edit: well this only allows players to build a mash, not have the heal scroll down option. Still searching, but my search of every file for MEDIC and HEAL did not yield anything positive. ---------- Post added at 05:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:02 PM ---------- I will try this tonight to see how it works, thanks.
  7. tangowrangler

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    AMRA 3 Wants: 1. Tunneling system - allows for a new dimension within ARMA for underground combat and tunnels and caves have been used by all forces for hundreds of years. 2. Customized weapon system - each mod for every weapon is given an ID and depending on the weapon there can X number of mods made. All of the mods for all systems are then universal for the game, so each player can customize and store their settings and join any server with those settings. a. Example: M4 with 2 picatinny rails on the hand guards - allows for 7 mod points Add tactical light right side for 3 points Add IR laser (an/paq-4c) for 4 points ***ARMA players are gear heads and would love to utilize accessories if they actually work. Do not implement this or anything else if it doesn’t work as this is not an Airsoft game. 3. Scuba diving for military use should be implemented within the game to add another way to infiltrate and assault objectives. 4. Alter the ammo create concept into a more realistic armory at the base locations. There should not be any interactions with AI to receive weapons, which would take too long. Each player should have a clipboard or kneeboard that contains requisition forms for gear and weapons as well as other items. These can be completed, saved, and submitted in order to obtain the gear at the armory. The form should have details and pictures of the gear like a catalog to add value for the player’s experience. 5. The use of a point system should be used for gear similar to the MOLLE system used widely today. The player could add pouches for their gear in the correct location on thigh rigs, chest harnesses, etc. The player could use their points to add a trauma plate to their chest rig and receive an armor value for chest area. The players could put a backup pistol on the back, so that another player could access it if they ran out of ammo. 6. Consider a generation system within the game, but this is a massive undertaking and would be ARMA 4 or 5. The game could consist of the various decades. 1960-1970, 1971-1980, 1981-1990, 1991-2000, 2001-2010, 2011-2020. Each decade has the correct gear and options available to soldiers during that timeframe. You enable a never ending game experience for the player as one day he could be in Vietnam experiencing malaria and exploring tunnels. The next mission he could be in Afghanistan shooting Taliban through a TV screen on a UAZ.
  8. I am slowly coming back to ARMA after a long break, so I start off small (sarcasm) by wanting to modify Domination 2.60 anniversary edition to have PMC units as the playable units. I am not looking for someone to do it for me rather a list of files that I need to modify to ensure I dont forget something. If there are some trade secrets associated with those files that could be nice to know. I am concerned about nodes being supressed somewhere within a file that would alter the gameplay as PMC is an Independent unit rather than a Bluefor. Question 1: What files are need to be altered so that PMC units can be playable units? Question2: Is there some special notes I should be aware of regarding those files and what I am trying to do? There are always hidden methods or challenges that impede success.
  9. tangowrangler

    Dslyecxi's MH-6 Practice Scenario

    Is there a reason that when I choose training mode: fly with and select a mission that has a starting point on the ground I end up spawning in 10 feet above the ground. The fall happens before my power kicks in and ends up damaging the helicopter. I can get out and get back in it to have full repair, but then the lead bird is already gone. Any thoughts?
  10. The sound file will be the default muslimprayer1 which is a trigger effect. I was sort of concerned that loop would have to be completed before it was stopped (well someone else told me that). I will try the options listed here and see what I come up with. Thanks for the input so far. ---------- Post added at 07:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:44 PM ---------- I just tested the ST Dux's method on the one trigger that is playing the effect and I put this in the field: Condition: this && (alive speaker1); ***I had to add ( ) around the statement to have it work*** I was able to place one satchel on the loudspeaker and once the satchel exploded the puslim prayer stopped. Thanks it was easy and effective. ---------- Post added at 07:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:56 PM ---------- The sound would continue playing as the trigger was not checking for the object's alive status.
  11. I already have a trigger setup to play an effect when there is presence within the trigger area (i.e. Muslim prayer). I would like to have a loudspeaker object placed on the map essentially playing the music. A task would be created for the teams to destroy the loudspeaker which would deactivate the trigger playing the effect. If the object is not functional then I could do replace the loudspeaker with a building. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.