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    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Ah yes, my apologies. The opiate meds I take really mess with my memory. I'd totally forgotten about that, but you are still not able to self heal minor wounds on your own like you are in Op Flashpoint and earlier games like Men of Valor
  2. whiterabbit

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    As others have said above I don't mind paying for extra content especially if it adds something different to the game; as has all of the recent ArmA II DLC releases so far, though I’m not as impressed with the latest Private Military Company DLC. Don't ask me why at this point, it just doesn't seem to be worth the extra cash that I’ve forked out. I’d much rather have seen a more expensive expansion with new areas to explore. Then again it was only released yesterday so I’ve hardly had time to assimilate the new content :) I'd like to know if the developers intend to continue developing the ArmA II game or are they planning a new ArmA III game? I love this game; have done ever since I purchased ArmA back when it was released in the UK in 2007. I tried to get a Russian copy because they got it late in 2006, but wasn’t able to secure a copy. (I think I’ve already registered with these forums back when I first purchased ArmA elsewhere, but I’ve lost a couple of emails so wasn’t able to retrieve my passwords etc). When ArmA was released it stopped me playing what was then my favourite open world shooter Battlefield 2 and sometimes the original Operation Flashpoint and the Novalogic games such as Op. Typhoon Rising and Escalation. Nothing's come close to this game apart from Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, but I much prefer ArmA II to OP: DR any day. I rarely play my other shooter games such as Call of Duty (even the latest release Black Ops), much preferring to play decent military simulations such as ArmA II and sometimes the original ArmA rather than arcade ‘run and gun’ type games; besides most other shooters don’t accommodate the Track IR apart from OP: Dragon Rising, which makes playing games like ArmA II so much more fun. I’d love to see ArmA II modded to play with the Novint Falcon as well. The force feedback from that great piece of kit would add even more realism to the already realistic military simulation. The only thing missing from ArmA II IMO that OP:DR has and that I’d love to see in this game is the ability to bandage and perform first aid on both yourself and team mates, plus the unenviable bleeding out if you don’t get your wounds seen to. I really love jungle environments and would love to see a Vietnam based game; (yeah I know Battlefield Bad Company are about to release a multiplayer Vietnam expansion to their game, but I think ArmA II would do it so much better), plus I’d get to play both Single player and Multiplayer (Coop) modes as opposed to only Multiplayer which the Battlefield Bad Company: Vietnam expansion has. It’s something I’ve hoped I’d seen in the ArmA franchise ever since I first started to play the game back in January 2007. I grew up during the Vietnam War and have always been fascinated by that particular war, (in as much as anyone can be fascinated by war). I've bought virtually every game related to it over the past several years starting with Vietnam: Line of Sight back in 2003 and Vietcong + Expansion around the same time; apart from the one that involved a medevac chopper. It would be brilliant to see a retro ArmA II expansion released, or if you’re not into doing retro you could consider doing a Crysis type game either in a tropical island or a rainforest area of the mainland, with rice paddies and mountainous regions included. That said a World war one expansion would also be a brilliant addition to this amazing game. There are no open world FPS WWI games that I know off. I’d hardly consider games like Necrovision having done the WWI thing as they are more like a horror game as opposed to a military simulation and the only mod to ever cover WWI (to my knowledge) in Battlefield 2 was never even near completed apart from an excellent video introduction plus a few bi planes and a Gatling gun, though a few mappers like Hayabusa (Mercenaries Mod) and another freelance mapper did try to create trench like maps. Is the game moddable with respect to adding new areas to explore, or is the editor only capable of creating custom missions? And if so has any modders created this type of environment yet? I apologise if any of the above has already been covered in these forums or if the questions are far removed from this particular thread. I find it hard to hold my attention for too long browsing the forums to find whether these questions have been mooted before due the relatively high dose of opiate meds that I have to take. Maybe it would be possible to create an index and/or contents page that lists every subject in alphabetical order, so that it is much simpler to find threads. :) I presume purchasing the PMC DLC overwrites the PMC lite version that came with the latest patch? Though I do see that you can still activate it via the window that pops up when starting the game. When I've clicked on it two PMC tags appear at the bottom of the game as it's starting up. Is there anyway to disable this or do i just make sure the lite version is unchecked? does anyone know which of the two is the lite version (i.e. the first or the second entry?)
  3. whiterabbit

    Pound of Ground @ STEAM Community

    Got this via my Steam account and though it was a worthwhile tongue in cheek zombie game.