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  1. HMS Queen Elizabeth :$
  2. Hi, I'm trying to spawn an ArmA2 mod for the Queen Elizabeth Class on ArmA3 but each time I do, it says memory cannot be read. It works in the 2D editor (ctrl + o) still, and has worked in the past. But the moment I try to import to 3D editor or use the debug console to spawn it in, it crashes me out of the game with the error that the memory cannot be read. Any way to get around this?
  3. jamieb

    ArmA2 to ArmA3 QE Class

    That must be the right one, thank you, but when I tried that, it actually crashed my ArmA? Got the error "The memory could not be read". So it sounds like that's the right class name to go with the debug console, but doesn't want to load into ArmA3. Any other suggestions to fix this too?
  4. Before Eden Editor, it was possible to use the ArmA2 Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier on ArmA3 in the 2D editor (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12515), although since Eden, I'm not sure how I'm able to get it onto my games if it's possible? I know for the Atlas LHD mod, you can use this in the debug console: create3DENEntity ["Object","ATLAS_B_LHD_Helper",screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]]; Although I'm not too sure of the equivlent for this QE class if an option? Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Is there anyone that'd be able to modify the AAF Buzzard for me as a Blufor Aircraft? I'm just hoping to have it retextured into the below: http://www.fradu-hawks.co.uk/history/images/ixx178rn.jpg Thanks
  6. Me and a few friends are hoping to step up and get involved in creating a MilSim for ArmA3, but would like to produce something 'different', and here are the ideas that we came with: Royal Air Force -Be a Pilot, or join the RAF Regiment HMS Queen Elizabeth -This is to work on the new Queen Elizabeth Class for the Royal Navy, pilots, a detachment of Marines etc. Royal Tank Regiment -Clan dedicated to the operations of Challenger 2s and other armored vehicles. USS Nimitz -Like the HMS Queen Elizabeth but for a Nimitz Class, FA/18s, etc w/ a Marine Detachment Trying to divert a bit away from just an Infantry-based unit. Sorry if this is in the wrong area.
  7. jamieb


    Hey guys, Basically, my computer is utter **** - have to run ArmA2 on the lowest graphics to run it smoothly. However; on ArmA3 Alpha Lite, I am very much laggy, so slow etc and that's on what "lowest" graphics are. Will these graphics be bumped down when actual game is released (considering it is lowest) or is that finalized? Want to know if I'm gunna have to buy a better computer just to run it.. :P
  8. 4-2Commando 4-2Commando (Cdo) is a newly-established ArmA Series Clan which depend on the maturity, realism and professionalism of it's users. We take part in various Operations and Training Exercises on a regular basis - yes, even though we are a new clan, we still have things going. So, what makes us unique? We have slightly more of a training process then other clans, but this is to increase the realism in our knowledge - you don't require a microphone to join, you just need to have the will to show up, listen to what we say/type, and get on with it. We use our own techniques on finding out infomation about how the Royal Marine Commando's do it - weather this be speaking to Ex, or current serving personel or actually researching and studing it. Those who join will get a choice to go from a Pilot in our Naval Air Fleet, to been an Anti-Tank Operator on the ground. What does training entail? In the majority of ArmA:Clan's training involves some time on the range, breaching buildings and listening to orders, but we have 3training stages. Selection Selection is a small insight on how we work, this includes some work on the firing range, a Grenade test and some basic ArmA: Survival Tips. Phase One In Phase One, unlike real life, we divide it into Marines, and Pilots. Marines undergo further training on the ranges, breaching buildings effectively, patrols and their formations - we also threw in some CBRN Training. Within Phase 1 we have also included fastrope techniques - this involves fastroping onto a building and breaching it from the roof. One of the vital parts of Phase 1 is Beach-Assaults, we're Marines, it's what we do! Phase Two Phase Two Training is Optional, those who skip it will remain a standard Marine, or an Airtrooper. Those who go with it will be able to get further qualifications such as becoming a Pilot, a Naval Boat Operator, a Sniper, an Anti-Tank Missile Operator and more! This kind of training teaches the Recruit all they need to know about their selected qualifications. Do you have a Dedicated Server? No. Not every clan needs a dedicated server, some clan just need the determination to come on a few times a week, set up a server, and do training exercises and/or operations. We use various mods to make fighting AI more fun! Mods..? Yes.. Mods.. Modifications. We have 5 active mods which are required to begin training, these can be found on the Application page on our Website. Is there a way I can find more Infomation? Theres three ways to find out more infomation about our clan; 1.) Ask us, we're happy to answer any questions. 2.) Visit Our Forums (Link is at Bottom) 3.) Download our Welcome Package (3+ Documents about us) How does the Clan work without needing Microphones? These days, the majority of Clans require Microphones, we have invented a system which says otherwise. Using Military Terms, we have shortend them down to make typing easier, and more effective - meaning we can allow those without a microphone to join. Those who do have a microphone, and do use it, will have a far easier time. What is the Age Limit on Joining? We welcome anyone that can be three things; Mature, Professional, and Realistic. Ex-Serving Personel Those who join, and we're in the Armed Forces will receive further ranks, and less training. A member who once served would be a great asset to any clan, able to teach the higher ranks more about a Military lifestyle - because of this, those who have served previous, or still are, will receive higher attributes. Links: Website: http://42ndrmc.enjin.com/ Welcome Package link is on the Forum under the Application Section. Any Applications that are sent in should expect a reply up to 7days. Make sure to check the Website Regularly - we will contact you via the messaging system if you passed/failed the Application.
  9. jamieb

    Digital Download

    Hey, Anybody have a link so I can Digitally Download Private Military Company? I have searched in alot of places yet cannot find.