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  1. Hi Ragtop, I used to have this problem in Arma2. If you go to task manager/processes and look for TrackIR5.exe32 there is sometimes a duplicate running. End the process on one of the duplicates. Hope this helps. Cheers, Splunk
  2. That would be freakin' awesome! :bounce3:
  3. I have a friend who recently bought CC via amazon and is awaiting shipment. He mentioned that he had heard of the glitchy AI and was considering not opening and re selling. I persuaded him not to and told him the game is good as it stands plus has lots of potential. This is a bit concerning as I'm sure that reports of the Walrus AI are feeding into the gaming community and will surely put people off of buying. I don't want to see this happening as I am finding it a blast to play..just needs the AI working on.
  4. Splunkjamma

    Carrier Deck Guns

    I've tried this and it doesn't work. This is playing the strategy game and as stated above it seems that the higher value weapons take priority.
  5. That's pretty cool! :) Looking forward to experiencing this...
  6. It is a very good game and brought back fond memories of the original. I'm looking forward to the mod support and seeing what the community has to offer. I wonder if it's possible to create a mod where you can walk around the carrier while waiting for supplies? Ooh and create a landing craft Walrus with a boarding party? :)
  7. Splunkjamma

    voice volume failure

    I agree, there needs to be a separate voice slider option.
  8. Splunkjamma

    Beta 3 Now?

    I've got a feeling that they won't release Beta 3 as the full release is scheduled in just over a weeks time
  9. Splunkjamma

    Download size of Beta?

    Ahh the calm voice of reason prevails :)
  10. It is a good game but maybe that's because I'm biased as I loved the original. I showed my mate the carrier command then and now video and he instantly asked when is the game released. He too was a big Carrier Command fan and thought the remake looked awesome.
  11. Splunkjamma

    Download size of Beta?

    Same here :p:D:D
  12. Splunkjamma

    Having trouble starting

    I believe you can't get access to the beta via steam as I thought you could, so I ended up buying another copy from the BI store. I posted this thread on the subject http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?139446-Pre-ordered-on-steam-Do-I-qualify-for-the-beta Cheers, Splunk
  13. I have to admit that I'm addicted too now. Even with the small amount of islands available in the beta I keep replaying and finding new tactics (The manta hook!). I love the dynamic weather system as it adds a whole new aspect to each encounter. Looking forward to the release with a whopping 33 islands to explore. This will keep me entertained for a hell of a long time.
  14. I 100% agree with this. It never gets old.
  15. Splunkjamma

    Download size of Beta?

    Thanks for the heads up Dram. Very much appreciated and thanks for all the hard work Cheers, Splunk