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    Linux Mint dedicated server problems

    HEy i really put this thread in ARMA forum ? hahahah , really sorry . ANd thanks to mve it Mr Moderator. Well i try witn mint 9 Isadora again probably next year , i was working hard to learn and start it about 15 days and finally the server are up and running .. WITH WINDOWS heheh . But if you want to download addons ,and try to do some "dedicated mirror server" somwere and with a pc with better connection than mine and under linux .. you r welcome. thans for data again
  2. I have problems starting OFP dedicated server under Linux mint PC. When i run at first time following the Howto described in this forum >>> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:Dedicated_Server <<< i recieve the message as follow: I type ./server and the terminal show this >>> 13:22:14 Dedicated server created, memory used: 4052 KB Segmentation fault <<< I read some about libs and i dunno wath to do. Im using Linux mint 9 "Isadora" Thanks :confused: