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  1. Can someone suggest me some sound settings to make Arma 3 sound much better with my G35 headsets?
  2. How can I test the Hu-H1 helicopter on the cherno map?
  3. AlienXXI

    How to go back to old patch

    I didn't make a backup. Guess I will just reinstall. At least I don't have to re-download the game as I still have the install setup files.
  4. So the server I play on hasn't updated to 1.62.. How do I go back to 1.60 so I can play on my favorite server until it gets updated?
  5. Arma 2 online has been disabled for maintenance. In all of my 2 years of playing this game, I've never seen that before...
  6. Haven't played Arma in about a week, came back and this error is crashing my game every time I attempt to join a server.. It was fine before.. What's going on?
  7. I reinstalled Arma 2 today and I am attempting to install the latest patch. It's telling me the file is corrupted every time I try to extract to. I am downloading the one from the official Arma 2 website.
  8. AlienXXI

    Can't see far.. HELP!

    Oh no, I know it has something to do with my graphics.. Because when I figure out where the enemy is (By following the bullet tracers) I still can't see the enemy body, just the tracers from his gun.
  9. AlienXXI

    Can't see far.. HELP!

    I guess I don't understand your question. I play in multiplayer and we will be in the air at about 400 altitude and he will come over the headset and tell me he sees another player on the ground while I can't see anyone. The only way I know where they are at is when they shoot at us and then I just follow the bullet tracers.
  10. AlienXXI

    Can't see far.. HELP!

    I would say about 400 altitude.
  11. Okay.. I am running into this issue when I am playing this game. If I am in a helicopter and my Pilot says that he sees someone running on the ground, I can't see anything. What do I need to adjust in my graphics options in order to see things at a further distance? I have a 560 TI graphics card.
  12. When I load the launcher, the icon on my task bar will show, but I don't see anything on the desktop. It was working before, but now it isn't. Any help? I tried to reinstall it, but it did not fix it.
  13. AlienXXI

    Best sound mod?

    Thanks. I'm trying out the JSRS.. So far it's decent, but the explosions sound like little firecrackers. I blew up a truck and all I could think of was baby firecrackers. lol
  14. AlienXXI

    Sound issues?

    I've been playing a lot lately with some friends and I ran into a issue. When my friends tell me they hear a car or gun shot, I don't hear anything. Or say there is a explosion 800 meters away, they can hear it, but I can't. I have my sample rate to 128 and I downloaded a sound mod that was suggested to me.. How can I fix this issue?
  15. What is the best sound mod out there? Just looking for a sound mod that gives me the most realistic experience.