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  1. Mountain Warriors Version 1.3 Updated 01/12/11 This package contains a ACE2 optimized Version, where ACE2 is required & the updated Standart Version, where no Addons are required. I recommend Jarheads JRS Soundmod for every version! Download: Armaholic:Mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12805 hey guys, since there arent many missions out there, in which you are the "Takiban", i thought i create one. Should be bugfree and fun to play! This is also my first mission released. Facts: You play in a Takistani Militia group which is attacking the US Outpost in Jalivur. Your not the squadleader so just enjoy to be lead by your Teamleader. Working Tasks, Taskhints and a small Intro. Hope you enjoy the mission! Feedback appreciated!:) Changelog of V 1.3 -Optimized for ACE2 -Added 2x PKM magazines for standart loadout -Simple First Aid Module now working correctly -Added Takiban Reinforcments on Motorcycles -Added enemy A-10 strafing Runs for US Army -Adjusted some Wp´s and behavior -Fixed Problem where AI is stuck on Waypoint ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Operation Skybreaker 1.0 Download: Armaholic Mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14327 Just finished my secound mission, which is a flight mission since those a more rare i think. Nothing big, but i hope you enjoy it;-). Feedback is appreciated, let me know if you think the difficulty should be adjustet or if you have suggestions! Facts: You are Pilot of a AV8 Bomber which is assigned to take out russian and ChdkZ AA Forces to prepare the Coastline for Operation Havest Red on Chernarus. Flightskills are required, specially landingskills;-)
  2. Coffeecat

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    i HATE the word soon.
  3. Coffeecat

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    BIS cry´s out for being attacked with this games, wouldnt surprise me if some people cant stand the pressure^^i like it cause we know alpha has to come soon!
  4. Coffeecat

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    see that ftp://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/
  5. Coffeecat

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    every time you safe that ofpd folder it generates a different name for it...
  6. Coffeecat

    Arma3 gameservers spotted

    One is for sure, they LOVE it to tease us.
  7. i just wanna try the new feature. i downloaded the converter from the biki page http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dialog_Control#Videos converted it to ogv and put it in my mission folder. this is in my desciption.ext: class MyVideoExample { /* ... same as the picture example, with addition of */ text = "myVideo.ogv"; autoplay = 1; loops = 10; }; how do i play the video now with a trigger?
  8. erm yea...if you think so it doesnt mean your right.
  9. Coffeecat

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I cant use NV Goggles at all, dont know whats the problem. I remember i had this once allready. The up/down brightness works, but even with the highest brightness i can barely see something. somebody got a idea? Works fine on UTES, but not on Chernrus?!?
  10. I want a trigger fired if -Unit with name Pavel (CIV) is not in the trigger -only when Cooper (Blufor) enters the triggerarea ("camp" is the trigger area). I tried: NOT pavel in thislist AND Cooper distance camp1<=5; Thx..!
  11. Coffeecat

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    So is this version for GC allready the Community Alpha or do we have to wait a little longer? Sadly i cant visit the GC this year;-(
  12. Detach works now thanks very much!
  13. I attached a object to the player, now if i try to remove it via "deleteVehicle" it doesnt work. Why? + Is it possible at @ll? ty!
  14. Coffeecat

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    We know. Everbody will be able to download and play the Alpha. Atleast thats what Ivan Buchta answered on my question when i send him a mail 3 weeks ago.
  15. Coffeecat

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I took the time and build Bystrica with townnames and ambient life for lazy people;-) http://www.sendspace.com/file/vpuaw6
  16. Coffeecat

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Want to have civilians and cars on the 2 new maps then this method works fine! http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/adding-ambient-civilians-vehicles-to-a-map
  17. Coffeecat

    ACR War Criminal

    same bug here. the guy is running confused around but isnt joining me and my team or bord the car. you might think it cant be that hard to script this without failures. and that in the first mission. sometimes im pretty sure i can code missions more bugfree then BIS stuff;-(
  18. Coffeecat

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Why are there no town names and with that no option to have civilian life;-(?
  19. Erm why are the islands in HD quality now? not that its bad, but mistake?^^
  20. Still enjoying your campaign but actually im stuck in mission 10 Scavengers, which is i think, way too hard. many enemys and tanks against 4 guys, seems pretty unbalanced i gave up for now on this point, maybe you balance that in your next update?
  21. quality campaign. very nice introduction, im only in the first mission so far but i allready love it. appreaciate your hard work! and finally someone who uses the fsm system for dialoges, hate the ugly big letters;-).
  22. Coffeecat

    Operation E3

    First time we heard something about AI improvments! He said "...will not be a revolutionary AI, but merge all the new OA beta fixes with new fixes for Arma 3". I hope that will be enough...Still nothing about AI handling C&Q better + moving in houses. i bet it will be not in the game. Still im exited as i was before, just hoped for a bigger step for the AI. Also he mentioned that Community Alpha will be released some time around August.
  23. Coffeecat

    Development Blog & Reveals

    moved post.
  24. Coffeecat

    Operation E3

    What about the radio chatter? i think its an important factor for the atmosphere...im pretty sure the arma 2 sounds are placeholders, but will there improvments to the system and something like dynamic combat voices? enjoyed the presentation, finally one in good quality, even if not the best.