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    Aircraft Instruments

    Thank you Mr. Forum Hall Monitor for your extremely enlightened and thoughtful misspelled response.
  2. Caustic

    Aircraft Instruments

    As an owner of all things Arma and the new Take On product, I was wondering if there were plans to include the instrument functionality in TakeOn Helicopters in future Arma releases? Some would say they aren't necessary for the context of Arma but for RL pilot types such as myself it's more natural to look down to see airspeed, etc. instead of looking all the way up to the top of the screen (Chinook, etc) at a false HUD. Caustic =7th-101st= CAB
  3. Can I get a down and dirty way of adding Pilots to Domi?
  4. Caustic

    A-10 tips

    The A-10A, which is modelled in A2:OA, does not have a laser designator. it arrived with the C model upgrades.
  5. The Runway markings are still very wrong... Zargabad - The numbers are on the wrong end of the runways. When facing 180, on the North end of the runway, (meaning you are sitting on the Arrival End of the runway, preparing for takeoff) it should show 18. It currently shows 00. (There is no such thing as a runway 00, btw... it would be 36) The other terrains follow suit. Please fix this... I can live with the utter lack of flight deck/cockpit functionality in the aircraft, but this is just so wrong it makes one wonder if BIS did ANY research on the basics...