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  1. Thank you. Fount some videos that I wanted. They should help. Thanks
  2. Do you have the join link for one. The last 2 I joined didn't give any help at all. So I left them.
  3. Thanks again. I run into that a lot. I have fount some videos on Arma 3 and 2. and I wanted to watch them to see if they would give me some kind of an idea on how to start. anyway. The links again still don't work, The link at the bottom marked as "3 Chapters of Scripting Tutotials" It just takes me to another forum where someone else was having an issue with scripting. The 4 links above are all broken. There has to be an easy way to get started on Arma. I know it's been a while for me. and I'm new to Arma 3. I have played Arma 2. and I have made missions in Arma 2. I lost that info like 6 years ago.
  4. Thanks for the info. How every all the links for the tutorials are all broken all so. Please check the link 1st. Before you post them. I run into this a lot on the game.
  5. I have looked and no luck finding any kind of downloadable samples of missions for Arma 3 with scripting samples. I'm new to Arma 3 and was hoping to find some easy samples with some scripting all so. I wanted to get some kind of an idea on what and how to make missions. I did find some videos. They all don't give details. Like setting way points and vehicles and so on. I'm on discord. here's my link for it if you rather voice. https://discord.gg/dQKwTC I do have plans in starting a Arma 3 server.
  6. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Z, Thanks for the info, How ever that link. The file that's attached to it. It only explains the mission editor. The problem I have is the scripts and my spelling. I download a crap load of scripts. Just nothing I can use. I'm sure I posted a message about wanting some samples and what I wanted. I wish I just had like 200 samples of scripts doing a little of every thing. With a good description at the top. I have a lot of mission samples with scripts. I just don't under stand a lot of it. So if you guys can and have the time. It would be great if I could get my wish list. lol, Thanks again Z, If there's any thing I can do for you. Let me know. Ice
  7. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Ok, thanks Z, I'll try and remember every thing have said. Does any one have some plans on making some samples. If you don't mined. I like to add the samples you gave me I would like to add them to my web site. and I would like to find some one to make some articles on tutorials on OFP too. So I can add them in all so. That way I'll have them. Z, you been great. Thanks and I will need more help as time goes on. ---------- Post added at 01:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:49 PM ---------- Oh, Z, I did forget one thing. Is there an option to add voices to my games. and not just text. Does OFP have a list of wave files used for voices and a sample on how to play them in missions.
  8. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    I did get the sample. and some questions. Was the problem my spelling or ?, any way it's Onthego = false not OntheMove. and I didn't know about the init.sqs file so thanks for telling me about that all so. and last is that you put a civ1 globalchat "Hello My Friend"; in the init of the civilian and then called the script. Is there a reason for this. why not just put it in the script civ1 globalchat "Hello My Friend"; [player, civ1] exec "talk.sqs";
  9. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Thanks Z, I didn't know that and I will try and watch my spelling. I tried downloading your sample and it doesn't seem to want to download. Any ideas.
  10. iceman11a

    Mod and Addon updater for OFP

    Thanks JdB.
  11. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Z, Thanks. That works. How ever I still can't get some things to work. and I know I'm not doing it right. The idea is that when the player trips that trigger. The player and a man, Civilian have a chat with each other. I can get the sidechat to work for the player, Nothing seems to work for the Civilian, Here's my code below. ; ***************************************************** ; ** Operation Flashpoint Script File ; ***************************************************** _Player = _this select 0 _SkoInformaer = _this select 1 ;s1 sideChat "Blue squad On the way -out" _Player sidechat "Ok, So what do you have for us." ~5 _SkoInformer globalChat "52 Miles East from here, There is a small house." ~5 _SkoInformer globalChat "You will find him there." ~5 _Player sidechat "What about guards and patrols." ~5 _SkoInformer globalChat "Very Heavy, and Armor." ~5 _Player sidechat "Thanks, For the info." ~5 _SkoInformer globalChat "Your welcome and good luck." ~10 OntheGo = true exit after the chat is done, The OntheGo trips a trigger and the men move out to a small house. I have it marked with a marker. The the other problem I have is there a way to mark the way the player goes. I need a way to show the player where to go when the get out of the hummer. Thanks Ice
  12. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Thanks Z, that works. I been adding on to it. I mite have a full SP mission soon, ? I hope. One question. How do I get nothing other then a player to trip a trigger. When the player enters the trigger The trigger trips and the script runs. Ice I all so some new commands in the scripts you made. I'll have to ask about them later on.
  13. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Z, You don't have to say sorry. I'm happy that your helping. That's why I wanted it in a script. That's easy to edit then sending the hole file and the script. I didn't under stand why it only work 1/2 way threw it. Like I said. I just didn't think it would be this hard. See if I can get a better PC and a better video card. I'll just go back to ArmA II.
  14. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Z, I'm sorry, Only part of it worked. They got down to the house. Nothing happen. We just sat there. When I got out on my own, My team leader just told me to get back in. and remember. I didn't want this is the units init field. I wanted it all in a script. The idea is for me to learn the scripts. So when the Truck and hummers got to the house where the target maker is. Then another script should run so they could get out. Like I said, It drives down to the house and we just sit there. Nothing happens. I would like all of it put in a script.
  15. iceman11a

    Convoy, Getting then in. ?

    Sure, here http://www.mediafire.com/download/8pdk4vvkofegrtz/weed_kills.eden.rar That's what I have so far. Let me know. and I won't do any thing until I get it back from you, any way the route is down the road. Until you come to a house. You should see a marker making the location of where the convoy should stop at and get out. and the Hummers and Truck leaves.